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  1. This may sound like a dumb girl question, but I am not sure how exactly to accomplish this. Friday I am planning on smoking a turkey breast and really want to use the JoeTisserie to do so. Additionally I want to use the iKamand to regulate/monitor the temperature. I realize that I can’t use a food probe since it would get wrapped up in the JoeTisserie pretty quick so I will just periodically check the temp with my manual meat thermometer. Without putting in any of the grill grates, how would you attach the temperature probe to at least monitor the grill temp? Thanks guys!
  2. Did the Costco thing, you go in to spend no more than $100 on stuff to get you through the week, you come home with a brand new Kamado Joe Classic II with a Joetisserie and a huge bag of lump charcoal. And then when you get home you order the iKamand off Amazon. This was a major upgrade for me as I had an akorn and I had been using it all wrong! I used the Joetisserie on Saturday to make a Ribeye Roast. I have never eaten so good! I just found this this place and look forward to all the resources.
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