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  1. Oh I didn't know Lowe's sold them. I'll check there for sure. And it's a good point about the airlift hinge. The last time I saw a KJ in person was before the airlift hinge I think. I recall the lid being on the heavy side. The videos I've seen of the airlift hinge look really cool though. It'll really come down to price. I think the 24" BGE I found had a package where for $1200 you got some necessary accessories. I don't think it's anywhere close to what all comes with a KJ. That's good to hear about the customer service on the BGE. I have another expensive hobby (mountain biking) and frequently deal with warranty stuff. The customer service makes such a huge difference in the perceived value of the brand. Interesting about the hinge. I guess I thought from my reading the new hinge was redesigned and addressed those types of issues. I'll more closely compare the XL and Large hinges and the movement to see the difference. Agreed about the build between the 3 big brands. They all seem high quality. It's going to come down to value and customer service for the most part for me. Doesn't seem like there's a wrong move though. Thanks for the info guys!
  2. Hey everyone. I recently joined this site doing research on Kamado grills. I currently have a Traeger Pro 22 wood pellet grill I really like overall and use near daily. However I don't like its max temperature options or the fact that it requires power to run. Looking to add a kamado cooker of some sort. I've been doing a lot of research on them and came here to try and learn more. Seems like my best option is the XL Big Green Egg which I've been able to find around $1100. I want something big enough to cook for the family and big enough to accommodate an 18-20 lbs brisket. I also like the Kamado Joe and Primo XL 400, but both seem to be more expensive than the BGE from what I've found online. I do need to go to Costco when the road show for Kamado Joe is there and check out the prices to compare though. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it. Also if you remember what you paid for a Big Joe at Costco, that would be helpful.
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