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  1. Welp #2 was semi successful. Very, very semi. Grill started at 230 or 3am, brisket on at 4ish. I fell asleep with my thermometer alarm set for 230. It steadied for awhile. Around 7am, I noticed the temp creeped up to 270ish. I shut it down slightly. Around 10 or 11am, it dropped to 230, 210, 200, 190....at 175, I took a closer look and I was out of coal. Wtfff...I thought I was keeping the air flow nice and low. I did a quick transplant and refilled the firebox, added a couple more pieces of smoking wood and let it get back to 230ish for a few more hours. Meat was sitting at 150ish for awhile and actually fell to 149 a couple of times. In a panic, I decided to wrap early with foil. Heck the Super Bowl starts at 430 and the bark was decent as it was. Wrapped tight, added half a cup of the fatty drippings and put it back on the Joe. I pulled at 200 and probe tender all around (just probed through the foil). Let the bad boy sit uncovered for 10 mins of so, rewrapped and put in the cooler for an hour while I made mac and cheese. Everyone ate it. Everyone complimented. But I felt I let my people down. Tinyyyy smoke ring, juicy but not quite as juicy as I wanted and a smidge too salty on the S&P bark. Overall, would say a 6/10. First one was a 4 or 5. Baby steps! Next up, steaks on the Joe for Valentine's Day.
  2. Thank you so much! I'm pretty sure my big issue with #01 was that I was over-eager and didn't let it take it's time. I was also in awe of the bark, so I kept opening the grill to show it off. In comparison, I put the brisket on this morning at 4 and haven't opened the grill yet.
  3. Thanks Bob - Fingers crossed. This is my second brisket on the Joe. The first one was a LITTLE too dry, but I didn't let it rest in the cooler for very long after cooking. It also helps it's the same group that was here for Brisket #1. Hopefully they leave impressed, not dissapointed.
  4. Thanks Jack! Stoked to be here.
  5. Will definitely do. Here's my last shoulder from the Joe.
  6. Thank you! Seems like a good group of meat loving, like minded friends!
  7. After trimming - then Salt and Pepper - I'm sitting until early AM. Going to fire it at 6am. Unless I get too antsy before then.
  8. Thank you! At least it's not snowing this weekend.
  9. Wow, that looks incredible. I'm putting mine in tonight. If it turns out like that, I'll feel accomplished.
  10. Hey all - long time lurker. Have a classic Joe with all of the original accessories. About to put a super bowl brisket on tonight. We'll see. 15# from Costco.
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