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  1. Hi guys, I changed my gasket yesterday. I used high temperature silicon as well. How long time should I wait before attempting a cook? Any guidance for a max temperature for a given time? Kamado Joe suggests to bring the temp to 350F and immediately cool down. If course, this is without Permatex. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. dathzo

    iKamand v2

    You are invited to share your experience in this thread: Cheers
  3. dathzo

    iKamand v2

    Pork butt, very forgiving and great to check control
  4. dathzo

    iKamand v2

    Good luck, let u.s.s know your experience. Cheers!
  5. dathzo

    iKamand v2

    As I said, I'm basing my answer on the Facebook ikamand forum. More often than what I would like to, I read posts of units that stop functioning all of a sudden. That's the reliability piece I was referring to. I'm afraid this is more hardware than software related. Software and control issues seem to have been properly addressed
  6. dathzo

    iKamand v2

    No, they have not. I am part of Facebook forums and although there is definitely a lot of improvement, there is still a gap from reliability perspective
  7. I second Vanole's comments: 1. Newest generation of Smobot does have a rain protector. I live in the Netherlands and rain is our bread and butter. No issues whatsoever with the Smobot. In that sense, fans can be more sensitive towards heavy rain (e.g., Pit Viper). Having said that, you will get some rain in the pit when long periods of rain occur, not a big deal. 2. I would also be tempted to wipe off the soot, but the best is to use a torch (heat) if stucked. This can happen when cold, but unlikely to happen during a cook. 3. As Vanole pointed out, direct mode is available I own both Fireboard/Pit Viper combo and Smobot. As Vanole, I use the latter with more frequency (less wiring/less messy around the grill), but both systems give you great temperature control and most importantly, help you cook great food. Cheers
  8. -Fireboard/Pit Viper is an excellent combo. It will definitely get you in control. The Fireboard is probably the app that has most potential to be developed, and the updates so far have been substantial. -It is true the iKamand started plagued with issues, but most of them seem resolved now with firmware upgrades. Probably it is smart to wait for the next hardware upgrade as it should be more reliable -Flame Boss is sturdy, basic and reliable. Options in the app are less than the Fireboard -Smobot is probably the most differentiating controller of these four as it does not have a blower. Works well, gets you quickly to temperature, and uses little coal. The app, on the other hand, is rather basic and could use some upgrade Between Fireboard and iKamand, I personally would go for the former I hope this helps
  9. Thanks for the extra data. Interesting to see how the temperature does not drop when opening the dome. Good stuff the fireboard
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience, it looks great! I have the Pit Viper fan and I'm happy with it. I find it a better built quality than the native Fireboard. Referring to your plot, I'm curious to know what happened between 7am and 12pm with the temperature spike. Can you share the fan data as well?
  11. I would second that. Lately I have been lighting my fire and starting the controller right away (even with the target temperature). Experience tells me the more you play and tweak this thing, the longer it takes to reach a set target, and you will likely get longer overshoots. These controllers are meant to be set and forget, and I have learned they work best in that way.
  12. Soot does build up in the surface of the Smobot after some cooks, but this does not seem to be an issue for it to perform well. Some people suggest that in the event of blocking, a butane torch helps. The surface of the device is very well polished, so any degreaser, e.g., rubbing alcohol, would be able to help
  13. It has been a while, but in the meantime, I managed to get my hands at a Smobot. Here are my findings: 1. What Kamado cooker you are using? Big Joe 2. What temperature controller do you have? Smobot 3. What are your vent and fan settings on your Kamado? Bottom vent open 3.5cm. Top vent controlled by the Smobot. This is an important point, basically the bottom vent opening needs to be the similar as the one you would use without a controller 4. Where do you place your ambient probe for temperature control? Not too close to the edges, not too close to the food 5. At what point on your cook you let the controller to take over. I lit the fire in the middle of the coals and activated immediately the Smobot 6. Please share the graph from your temperature control with eventual fan output. The plot is below. At the beginning, the temperature went higher than the setpoint and around 20:00 I found out there was a leakage on the Smobot (not fitted properly). Thereafter, the control was spot on for the following 12 hours. It is a pity that the damper position is not recorded though... 7. What do you love about your controller? -Uses natural draft instead of a blower -It is truly set and forget -Best temperature control I have seen so far -Less coal consumption compared to controllers with fans -Quicker reach of setpoint compared to controllers with fans (yes, this is counter intuitive, but the controllers with fans tend to overshoot, while the Smobot just gets you where you want to be) -If the right batter pack is used, no need of electrical plug (Important not to use a smart power bank since these may shut down) 8. What would you improve about your controller? -The app is pretty basic -Probe calibration would be welcome -Possibility of naming the foods would be welcome -Toggling auto/manual from the app would be useful -Visualization and logging of the damper -Internal battery 9. Anything else you want to share I am super impressed with the control provided by the Smobot. Most of the things I would like to see improving are on the app, which I am sure can be done 10. And last but not least, share pictures of your cook It was a test run with no food
  14. Thanks ckreef, good stuff. I see temperature dropping after it became stable for a while. Are you using a controller on this one?
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