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  1. Thank you. I have already used it. Fantastic piece!
  2. Hello @kurwaslobo. I ordered the biscotto di sorrento from https://www.fornostenugnar.se/ and it will arrive this week, exciting! Before attempting a cook at 450-500C, do I need to do something with the stone? Maybe "cook" it al lower temperatures gradually? Any tip is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. thanks a lot! A couple of questions regarding the dought: What about the amount of yeast? And fermenting times/temperature? I supposed RT in the water stands for room temperature? I have contacted https://www.fornostenugnar.se/ and they are able to ship to NL, which is great! Thanks again
  4. This is a fantastic thread, thanks for starting it @kurwaslobo. 1. what dough recipe are you using? 2. Besides not needing the heat deflectors, any other benefit of the biscotto di sorrento? 3. I have a Big Joe, and although I can get to pretty hot temperatures, my gasket suffers, any tip? 4. I am very interested in you method of heating: first 350, then wait until stone reaches same temp as dome, close vents and then fully opening again? kiitos!
  5. @nephipower I understand about the shipping, it's not cool, but trust me, 30$ is a little price to pay for peace of mind... See attached the picture, where you will see that the adapter needs to sit with the longer side in a vertical position. The metal insert can be moved up and down to fit it to the size of the bottom vent. Finally, when you slide the Big Joe door towards the left, you have no air inlet besides the fan itself. Let me know if this helps.
  6. All adapters are flat, but they will bend a little when placed in the Kamado. The adapter for the Pit Viper I have is smaller than the Big Joe bottom slider, so its easy to place/remove. It has a second piece of metal which is movable to achieve the correct fit. The website of bbqguru shows this well: https://bbqguru.com/storenav/Index?categoryId=&&productId=14 The key difference here is that the Pit Viper blows through a circular opening and such opening fits perfectly on the adapter from the link above. Even when the plate is in place and slightly blended, the fit will be spot on through the inlet cylinder. On the other hand, the Fireboard fan has a square opening for blowing air. This opening is directly connected to the adapter plate. Even when the adapter plate would flex a bit, the Fireboard fan is a pretty sturdy one and will not adapt to the curvature perfectly, so the fit will be worst compared to the Pit Viper one. So basically the same as what @Vanole is saying. Listen to the man, he has almost every possible controller that is out there. I know you want to go with the Fireboard, but the Pit Viper is a fantastic choice and again, it has a better fit in the Big Joe. I also second Vanole with the statement that 10 cfm is more suited for a Kamado than the bigger 20 cfm one. Cheers!
  7. @nephipower, Fully agree with John here. Reading your comments/concerns, you won't be happy with the fit of the Fireboard fan in your BJ. Get a Pit Viper and its adapter as it fits perfectly on the Big Joe. I am attaching a picture of this configuration for your reference. Regarding the power (10 cfm), it is certainly plenty for maintaining temperature in a Kamado grill (also see attached).
  8. No worries Chris, this is relevant for this thread. The Fireboard 2 comes with some nice improvements over v1, and the fan is one of them. Keep in mind that air leaks are the worst enemy for tight control, but as John rightfully mentions, anything would be good enough for making great food. One conclusion from this thread is that all controllers out there would do the job when used properly. It all boils down to personal preferences. For what is worth, I have the Pit Viper fan (older version) and Fireboard and the combo works perfectly fine. I have a Big Joe and the seal is good with the corresponding adapter.
  9. Hi guys, I changed my gasket yesterday. I used high temperature silicon as well. How long time should I wait before attempting a cook? Any guidance for a max temperature for a given time? Kamado Joe suggests to bring the temp to 350F and immediately cool down. If course, this is without Permatex. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. You are invited to share your experience in this thread: Cheers
  11. Pork butt, very forgiving and great to check control
  12. Good luck, let u.s.s know your experience. Cheers!
  13. As I said, I'm basing my answer on the Facebook ikamand forum. More often than what I would like to, I read posts of units that stop functioning all of a sudden. That's the reliability piece I was referring to. I'm afraid this is more hardware than software related. Software and control issues seem to have been properly addressed
  14. No, they have not. I am part of Facebook forums and although there is definitely a lot of improvement, there is still a gap from reliability perspective
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