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  1. dathzo

    Top Vent - Akorn

    This is awesome. Indeed great PID control. Thanks a lot for sharing. More extra points for the Fireboard. Cannot wait to get mine.
  2. dathzo

    Top Vent - Akorn

    Hi @GrillinVillain, do you mind posting the Fireboard graphs you have obtained? I am curious to see how tight the temperature control is. Thanks!
  3. dathzo

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    All right. Will keep it in mind and avoid going so high
  4. dathzo

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Thank you guys for the good replies so far. @John Setzler I did learned to cook pizza on the BG with your "Kamado Joe - Pizza 101" video where you go to 925 F before inserting your pie. I understand you will lose heat when opening the done, and indeed, the pizza will be ready within 90s. In any case, I am very pleased with the results so far. After your comments, I am a bit worried to try that again. Are you concerned about components of the BG suffering at those high temperatures? Any specifics? Thanks!
  5. dathzo

    Thoughts on the upcoming "DoJoe"

    Hi John, I make Neapolitan pizza in my Big Joe pretty often. The first 2-3 pizzas turn out great, with temperatures around 900-1000 F. Thereafter starts dropping. Is the DoJoe designed for Neapolitan pizza? I see that people speak about temperatures on the 600-700 F domain, which may be low for such kind. Thanks, José Rafael