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  1. Yeah, but compared to the original AKORN, an extra $30 doesn't seem to bad
  2. I havn't been on here in quite awhile, and don't know if this has been brought up, but I was looking at grills on home depot's website today and ran across this. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Char-Griller ... d3nXn7D-Uk For only an extra $30, it comes with a nice cart like the Weber Performers, seems like an awesome deal to me:) Unfortunately theres no stock showing right now.
  3. I tried this last night, but used some left over Kielbasa that I had smoked and cooked it in the oven as my charcoal grill does not regulate temps. good enough to try baking something for an extended period of time. It was awesome, I can only imagine how it would taste with a little bit of smoke.
  4. I'd like to get some catfish this weekend and try making blackened catfish. I've never grilled fresh fish of any kind, so I'm hoping to get some suggestions from you guys. What kind of seasoning do I need to make it "blackened", and then, how do I go about grilling it? Thanks.
  5. I had some left over pulled pork and decided to make tacos with it last night. I tryed my on mix of seasonings and they weren't bad, just didn't have that "mexican" flavor to them that I was after. How would you guys recommend I season the pork next time around? thanks.
  6. When I made them, some of the people I had over were spooning the beer and onions onto their dogs in the bun.
  7. When I tried making these, I used Bass Ale. I was tempted to try Magic Hat #9, has some apricot in it, but I wasn't to sure how well that would go with hotdogs.
  8. I tried this last weekend when we had some friends over, they were a huge hit:)
  9. I love 4wheeling, but unfortunately, I had to sell my Jeep. I got married back in october and we bought our first house. We also have a 8yr. old boy, so needless to say, we needed the extra money, so I got rid of the Jeep and bought something smaller and better on gas to commute in. I miss loading up the Jeep and going up to Rausch Creek Offroad Park. I still ride with my buddy when he goes, but its not the same. Other than that, I'm an avid Nascar fan, dable with RC rockcrawlers a bit, and enjoy camping, although I don't get to do that much lately either.
  10. yes, unfortunately my kenmore charcoal grill and brinkman smoker let so much air in at other places, its hard to "get to know them" and be able to control the temps. in them with the air inlets and outlets. I have smoked chicken legs on the charcoal grill before, but I'm afraid to try anything more substantial on it. The brinkman I can get the temp. where I want it, but then maintaining it is a pain...it lets so much heat out I have to add more charcoal to it about every 45mins., but that was basically just a $70 dollar experiment to see how I would like smoking.
  11. If I go with a kamado style grill, it will definately be the Chargriller AKORN. That was one of my thoughts as well, go with the AKORN, and then another charcoal or small gas grill for when we have a bunch of guests over. I do like the "set it and forget it" ability of the pellet grills, but to me, theres just something about the "romance" of getting to know your charcoal grill or smoker and its quirks. And the AKORNs ability to hold steady temps. is what kind of has my intrests peaked with it, hopefully allowing me to go for a few hours at a shot without having to look after it while smoking. That and the price is right:)
  12. Hi everyone. Little story about how I found this site. I belong to a pellet grill forum, and a member on there had asked whether he should go with a AKORN grill or a Green Mountain pellet grill for his type of grilling. Having never heard of the AKORN, I checked it out and stumbled upon JMSetzlers youtube videos, and thus, this site:) Now I have the same quandry:) Before deciding to get a pellet grill, I had my heart set on a BGE, but could not afford one, so I gave up on a kamado style grill and started looking at the wood pellet grills. I love smoking meat and my primary goals are something I can still grill steaks and burgers on, but something I can also smoke with that i don't have to keep tabs on every 30mins. to an hour as my busy schedule doesn't usually allow me to do this. Seeing this AKORN grill, its certainly in my price rang and seems like it would work just as well as a BGE for less than half the price. Maybe the only thing keeping me from going this route is grilling space. I want to be able to do burgers, dogs, and brats for up to 10 people at times, not to mention theres times where I like to do a tin pan full of garlic parmeasan potatos at the same time as well. right now I have the dual Kenmore set up with a gas grill and charcoal grill for grilling and a cheap Brinkman smoker for the low and slow stuff, both of which are the worse money I've ever spent, so I'm definately looking to upgrade soon. Pellet grill wise I was looking into the Traeger Junior with an aftermarket controler, about the cheapest, descent pellet grill you can get and I was leaning that way just to see how I like it. Buddy at work has one and loves it, but hes not into grilling quite like I am. Hes thinking about moving up in size though and said he would sell it to me if he does go bigger. So, do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks.
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