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  1. What are the basics for smoking a precooked ham? By basics, I mostly mean at what temperature and for how long? It's already cooked, but I know it's got to smoke for a certain amount of time to get that AWESOME smoke flavor! Oh, and what wood is going to give the best flavor? I'm thinking hickory...??
  2. Are the top and bottom damper settings always going to vary, whether is be slight or major, from the damper setting recommendations given in the Akorn Kamado?? I'm sure I know the answer, but I had to ask. LOL The reason I'm asking is because the damper setting table in the manual shows for smoking to close the top damper and open the bottom around the 1 to 1-1/2 setting. However, I've tried this a couple of times and each time it completely kills my fire. If I leave the top damper cracked just enough to where the small "half moon" shapes on the damper are opened that seems to always keep my fire going good. Sometimes I even have to open the top damper to the halfway setting between closed and the "1" setting. Though, I realize that the outside temperature will affect the settings for the top and bottom dampers. Other than that, I have a 2nd question. As long as I start by putting some big chunks of lump charcoal on the bottom grate in order to keep the smaller pieces from blocking air flow, does it matter how much lump charcoal I fill the smoker up with? Also, does it matter if I just pour it out of the bag and "what comes out, comes out"? Or should I "hand select" all of the pieces that I put into the smoker? My only fear is not putting enough or putting too many small pieces in there to block air flow and my fire dying out way before the cook is done. Thanks for any help!
  3. Pic from the rib smoke yesterday.....
  4. Great tips, y'all!! After starting to fire the grill up a little earlier than usual when cooking, it's helped! I've smoked 3 or 4 times since this post and each time I'm using the same settings for temps. The Smoke temp probe is a *REALLY* nice addition! Anyways, I did my first long 5 hour smoke yesterday with some ribs and they came out friggin' awesome! Then, I threw on some chicken afterwards for another (almost) 2 hours. The whole time it maintained a 245 to 260'ish temperature range. Y'all are right.... it just takes some patience. I'm not 100% there yet, but I'm getting there. Thanks again!
  5. alright, y'all.... last night i smoke a couple of pork tenderloins and they came out perfect! no problems getting the temperature to stabilize... i statede around the 250 degree mark. i took my time, was patient and it worked out for me.. lol thanks for all the tips and advice! now I want to try and smoke some ribs this weekend. Is there a certain amount of time per pound? or, is it just smoke until the internal temperature is reached? Looking forward to this! Thanks!
  6. Some more good info and replies, thanks guys! I did some burgers a couple of nights ago. Even though I had to readjust the dampers to get the temp back to where I needed it after opening the lid, I was able to get it stable in a desirable range. I guess I shouldn't be too irritated that I have to readjust after opening the lid, as long as I'm able to get it to stabilize afterwards. I've been making sure to use plenty of lump charcoal for every cook. I had been using a little less because I had read some other forums where folks were saying that if you used too much lump charcoal that the fire would burn way too hot regardless of the damper settings. So I don't know how true that is or is not? There's no indicator "fill" line to use as a general guideline. Any hints or tips on how to know when I've got a good amount of lump charcoal? I'm going to be smoking a couple of pork tenderloins tomorrow night, so I'm excited to get to use my Smoke thermometer and see if there are any temp differences between it and the dome thermometer (which I'm sure there will be!) Again, thanks guys!
  7. I appreciate all of the replies and advice! However, can anyone say for sure if I should have to readjust my top and bottom dampers to get the heat to rise back up after I've opened and closed the lid? Without touching the damper settings, shouldn't the temperature had (eventually) gotten back up to the 270 where it was before opening the lid? Or is it normal to have to readjust the dampers to bring the temp back up to where it was after I've opened and closed the lid? I was able to get the temp back to where I needed it (and keep it stable), I just had to open the dampers up a little more. Thanks again!
  8. Yeah, while the chicken was smoking last night, I ordered the Thermoworks Smoke digital thermometer. I'm hoping this helps me keep my sanity when smoking in the future!
  9. I put a decent amount of lump charcoal in there. I put the bigger pieces on the fire grate first, then put the smaller pieces on top. I didn't pour them out of the bag onto the larger pieces, but I scooped my hand down in the bag and "selected" them so that I made sure I didn't get any small pieces down in there to block air flow.
  10. Nice! It's the Akorn Kamado 6520. I've been reading a few forums since I got this thing, and I've picked up some tips! But this temperature thing when opening and closing the lid is throwing me for a loop. Thanks!
  11. Hey, y'all! First off, I'm new to grilling this way and it's even opened up the door to smoking now! I used to hate to grill but now that I have my Kamado, I honestly get excited about cooking on it! I've discovered a lost love I didn't know I had for smoking! LOL Anyways, while this thing is so friggin awesome to cook/smoke on I'm racking my brain at this thing being consistent with the temperature. Here's what's got me..... Right now, I'm smoking some chicken, but this happens whether I'm smoking or plain grilling. So, I light my lump coal and let it burn for about 10 minutes with the bottom damper wide open and the lid open. Then I shut the lid and bring the Kamado up to 270 (going by the thermometer on the dome). At this point I'm ready to start cooking! I open the lid to throw my applewood chunks in, put the heat deflector in and then the cooking grate. I close the lid and run in to get the chicken. I come back outside, open the lid to put the chicken on and close the lid again. At this point, the thermometer on the dome has cooled down to about 125 or so. I never messed with the to or bottom damper settings, so I figured the temperature would eventually catch back up to the 270'ish range. But it never did! I let it sit for like 30 minutes and the temp never rose about 120'ish range. I was hardly getting any smoke so I opened my top and bottom dampers all the way to get the fire back up again. Finally, the temps started to rise again and I closed the dampers down, but I had to keep the top and bottom dampers open more than what I had them at before just to keep it at the temperature I needed. Shouldn't the same, initial damper settings I used to get it to 270 when I first fired it up, put me right back to 270 (eventually) after I've opened and closed the dome to put the meat on? Maybe there is more science going on here than just keeping the same air flow settings?? Any help or advice is GREATLY appreciated! BTW, I've ordered a digital thermometer that comes with 2 probes (1 for meat / 1 for grill temp). I'm hoping this will give me a much better clue as to what's going on inside after I've opened and closed the lid to put on the meat. Looking forward to the help! Thanks y'all!
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