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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys and thanks for the tip with fuel. The firebowl seemed massive so i stuck in roughly a chimneys worth like with the weber.. Didnt realise a full bowl was best.. Makes sense though will try tomorrow with a pork shoulder. Do you still only use a single lighter in the middle with a full bowl? @keepovdeflame: will measure it tomorrow.. I think its the same as the pit boss as costco uk sold them last year and it seems identical from memory. The deflector is a nice design.. Although i cant work out a situation when legs down would be best as it puts the grate in a weird position, all but sat on the top of the deflector. Any ideas for the usage legs down? Chicken came out real nice, didnt have any wood chunks to hand so just the smoke from the lump. Unreal how juicy it was compared to previous. I can see the weber gathering dust at this rate!
  2. After 2 years of waiting (money reasons!) I finally got a louisiana grill K24 yesterday and get to move away from my weber. After loads of reading and seeing the issues that come over the years with these grills.. the felt around the chimney is no way near thick enough, no compression between the chimney and vent.. had hoped they would of fixed for this year. The air inlet doors are a tad loose, nothing major but i cant see it being near enough airtight to shut down the coals.. time will tell. After research on where in the UK to get a heat deflector.. it arrived with the LG branded one and an LG cover as well.. couldn't believe it as i thought these were extras. Might be a UK thing,though as getting a right sized one over here is looking difficult and shipping weight from US is not cheap. The dome thermometer was nearly spot on in boiling water, maybe they have fixed this! All in all.. the stand, side tables, bands and hardware seem nicely robust, the powder coating is done very well also. For assemble the included spanners are a little less than ideal and the wrench didnt fit the supplied bolts! 1 socket set later and a grill mounted into the stand (for some reason i wasnt expecting the weight .. unreal). Seasoning according to the guide was done this morning and a chicken now on for tonight.. temps holding nicely with Big K Boxed charcoal (first time i ever used this stuff in the box rather than the bagged stuff from store.. £15 for 15kg) at 130c (~260f) with a grate thermometer. Anyway a few pictures for those that are interested.
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