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  1. For What it is Worth here is my .02 cents that will cause a 3hr debate . I did not see what temperature you cooked at . ? I did see that you have a Ambient air Probe on the Grate depending on placement will cause false readings . I would recommend learning to trust the Dome Temperature after you insure it is correct and if you want to use a grate temperature clip it to the Dome's temperature stem . Your flat was appeared to be hang past the edges on the deflector plates which would allow the ends to burn . Place wood blocks under the brisket to help pull it away from the edges which will also stop any pooling of your mop or spray . Wrap, no wrap, or foil eveyone has their take on this but if wrapping and mopping was working for you on MES then no reason to change it on the Kamado .. My choice is to cook until the bark will pass the scratch test then wrap and cook to probe tender .. Wow $7 a pound .. Generally they run $3.29 a pound for a Prime and see that a choice is on sale for $1.69 for a packer brisket . I did pay $7.86 a pound for a American Waygu packer in December .. If your probe is correct in Temperature then no reason to replace it .. It appears to a Thermoworks probe I have had one go bad so check it out ..
  2. It Depends on what I am cooking, joetissire, pizza, reverse sear, grill grates, hambugers and wether I am just using a drip pan . I have a Adjustable Rig Grid/Hanger Combo and a Deep Drop Spider from the CERAMIC GRILL STORE that I can hang them in many positions . I like mine to be as low as I can go for most cooks .
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  7. What were the Top and Bottom Vent positions ?
  8. There is a Section here for Rubs and Sauces that you can Look at and Modify for Keto : https://www.kamadoguru.com/forum/24-rubs-marinades-brines-mops-sauces/
  9. Congratulations on making a lifestyle change to better yourself . You will have to make your own Rubs and Sauces in order to control the ingredients and know what really is in there .. In my experience I have found that anything Labeled "Diet" "Keto Freindly" are code words to stay away as they are worse than eating the real stuff . I would make a Rub to your Taste and Buy Sweet Baby Ray's and take the Carb Hit .. All rubs start off with the Same Basic Ingredients : Salt, Pepper,Onion and Garlic Then you add your flavor enhancers . Here is you a Basic Rub : 1 T Salt 2 T Pepper 1 T Onion Powder 1 T Garlic Powder Here is a Basic BBQ Sauce: 12 oz tomato paste 1/2 C Apple cider vinegar 3 T sugar substitute (i prefer less sweet) 2 T Worcestershire sauce 2 T liquid smoke (hickery is what I have in the local store) 2 t Smoked paprika 1.5 t garlic powder 1 t onion powder 1/2 t kosher salt 1/4 t cayenne powder 1 t Chipolte powder 1 to 1.5 C water Mix all but water together and then add 1 cup water. simmer for 20-40 minutes and add the last .5 cup water to get to desired consistency. I also have used this recipe and substitute 1/4 C bourbon or whiskey instead of all the water. I flame off the alcohol first and then mix it in. Simmer for almost 1 hr to ensure the alcohol is gone and for it to thicken up. Enjoy
  10. I had a Big Mess with sticky dough when making King Arthur No knead Pizza Crust .. lol I will have to get one of these ..
  11. Yes .bmp is a Bitmap Image I can see them on my iPhone but had to download them for my windows base computer to see them .
  12. It lets the brisket breath, still taking in the smoke and heat while being wrapped in a blanket of fat soaked paper so that it will not dry out . I am still playing around with spritzing with apple juice to help set the bark before the wrap . All in the Quest for my perfect brisket taste that I like .
  13. Yes I have a problem too, I rinse my chicken .. I also brine my chicken so I have a Nitrates issue too And according to this article: https://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/cooking-tips/article/is-grilling-good-for-you-or-bad-here-s-what-science-says I have a heterocyclic amines (HCA) issue too . In all seriously I wear glove and clean eveything with bleach wipes and put all untinsels in the dishwasher after prepping chicken .
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