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  1. I would started at 0400 just in case I encountered a Long Stall .. Temperature well as Harry Soo says that is a 3hr Debate 250 or Higher will work you have to Pay more attention to Spritzing to help set the bark and not dry it out . Enjoy WoodyT
  2. q1 ... No just the Top q2 ... Up to 3 hours q3 ... You can use what you have q4 ... Pecan or Apple.. Be sure to Place your Wood Chunks under the Charcoal q5 . Spritz every 30 mins with Apple Juice or Water until Bark Sets (passes the Scratch test) then wrap cook until toothpick tender q6 ... Yes. Everyone has their Secret Recipe to Cook Brisket and you will have to Find what you Like Taste and Cooking Wise and Every Cook is different. Competition Brisket is Different from Back Yard Brisket Have Fun an Enjoy . Toyse
  3. Welcome Mike, Nice Patio, Looking to seeing what you cook ..
  4. I went to Costco and a Classic Joe Followed me Home . It has been a Long time since I used Charcoal so I look forward to Learning and having fun . I Decided to Make Smoked Meatloaf as one of my 1st Cooks . Here is the Finished Plate .
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