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  1. Welcome to the forum . Browse around Plenty of information on here . We look forward to see what you cook
  2. Yes burp the Grill before raising the Lid all the way . Meaning to open the lid a little to let the air slowly come back in balance then raise the lid .
  3. Don't be .. Just like everything these days is outdated when you buy it . It is more how you Cook vesus the flashy tools you cook on .
  4. Congratulations on your 1st cook in your Vision it looks delicious !! Now your fun begins as you decide what to cook next The temperatures will dip and recover when the Lid is opened up . Enjoy Cooking on your VIsion
  5. WoodyT


    Welcome to the Guru and enjoy
  6. Thank you . Yes I had the Heat Deflectors in the lower position with a drip pan on top of them. I cooked the ham until the internal temperature reached 140 which took about 3 hours .
  7. Made corn bread for the navy beans I cooked with the bone and ham scraps .
  8. Cooked a 13lbs Ham Shank at 275-300 degrees this weekend . Injected with apple juice a day before cooking it . Turn out Great.
  9. I now just use the Caulipower Cauliflower Pizza Crust that I can pick up at local grocery store . I have made a recipe before and it is just as labor intensive as making a real dough pizza . https://detoxinista.com/the-secret-to-perfect-cauliflower-pizza-crust/ I love to Cook and Love to eat so it's battle ..
  10. My Set-up with the Califlower pizza crust is: Grates in top Position Deflectors on top of Grates 3 wooden blocks on top of the Deflectors to set my metal wired pizza pan on . I cooked them at 450 and have to spin them around to cook evenly . I have all the ingredients to make the high temp just not the time yet for all the proofing .
  11. I cooked a ham Sunday and left the grill temperature probe running to see how long my Classic II took to cool down . Here is the shorten version of the temps Time Temp 9:08 471 10:00 313.7 11:00 251.3 12:00 207.2 13:00 174.1 14:00 154 16:00 122.6 16:24 114.9
  12. https://www.pkgrills.com/the-new-silver-pk360-grill-smoker-with-teak-shelf-kit/ His is an older version of this Grill that is pictured in the Book
  13. I ordered both the Steak and his Barbcue Book from Amazon . Interesting Reading in both and I plan to try some of his ideas out .
  14. 275 - 315 degrees is what is written Franklin's BBQ book and I have had another BBQ Guru tell me he uses higher cooking temperatures also . I am going to use a higher temperature on a ham shank this weekend .
  15. Another Good Looking Cook .. Thank you for Sharing. It is interesting to me to see what food, spices and other thing you do across the pond . Have a Great Day
  16. Happy Anniversary .. That is a good looking burger and that is an Awesome Menu for your Anniversary. Can't wait to see the pictures .
  17. Welcome to the Forum . That is some tasty looking Boston Butt
  18. Yes I am a Food Snob but I love food and like trying new places. I tend to analyze the food I am tasting to see how they did it and could I duplicate it in my cooking. I tend to go to Mom and Pop restaurants any more as they put more love into their food . I agree with alot that has been stated already . Woody
  19. Good Looking Ribs .. Here is a good Video by Harry Soo :
  20. Got love Costco pork bellies.. I generally brine my pork belly and turn it into bacon but I might have try making the braided knots next time with the slices .. My pork belly bites from Friday
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