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  1. Here is my entry for the Just Stuff it June 2019 Challenge . Stuffed Cabbage Core the Center of the Cabbage out to about 3/4 ways down . Dice up 5 slices of your Favorite Bacon . 1 or 2 Sticks of Your Favorite Butter . Layer between the bacon and Butter in the Center and pack as much butter as you can . Place in a Foiled pan . Cook at 275 to 325 Degrees Cook until you until you get the amount of char on the outside then wrap with foil and Cook until tender .. Money Shot Enjoy
  2. Happy Father's Day Everyone !!
  3. I decided I wanted to have a Cook off between my Kamado Joe Classic II and my Smoking-It 3.5d Electric Smoker . Kroger's had Brisket's on sale for $1.69 a pound so I bought two about the same weight . I trimmed them about the same and used just salt and pepper for seasonings . Ran both Grills at 275 degrees ..Bark is Set and it is time to wrap . And Here are the Finished Briskets Brisket A Brisket B Only I knew which one were cooked in which smoker and I served them as brisket A and B for them to try . The tasting Crew comprised of My Wife and Both our Daughter's and their Husbands . I was surprised by the results . With my Vote it was a Dead Heat with 3 for the Kamado and 3 for the Electric .. Can you tell which is which ?
  4. It was $6.00 for the Package that is why I brought and used it ..
  5. H-E-B had Mishima Reserve Ground Wagyu Beef package on sale so I thought I would try it for Smashed Burgers . I chopped up a red onion, mixed it in and formed my hamburger balls . The meat was real soft so I stuck them in the frige while I got the Classic II fire burning. I had fried some bacon with butter and left the goodness in the cast iron skillet to fry the smashed Burgers . Over all the taste was good but I will have to use regular ground beef next time to see if it was that Much Better .
  6. Harry Soo does add beef broth to his in the Foil and I did on mine in the Pink Butcher paper to see if it made a differance . I do not have a good answer if it helped or not because 2 briskets I did that day the 6 people were split on the one they liked better . You will have to try for yourself . Alot of this is what You are Looking for in taste, looks and texture as it is all subjective .
  7. Welcome to the Guru .. I would go Big Joe but a Classic 2 works just fine too . I have a Classic II and it works just fine but I do have to watch the size on some things I cook where a Big Joe I would not . Yes they have the same amount of accessories and the Factory Cover will work well . Enjoy your Kamado when buy one .
  8. Everyone will have their Secert Sauce on Cooking Brisket but here is Mine at this moment . I have stopped using set tempetures for Brisket's .. I have Also produced Great and Not So Great Brisket's with Several different Cooking Methods . I cook unwrapped until the Bark is Set and Passes the Scratch test, (Rub is semi-ridgid) then I wrap and Cook until Probe Tender . I also am using a Grill Dome Temperature of 275-325 to fight the stall .. Take the Brisket off the Grill wrap with Saran Wrap place in Cooler with a towel over it for 2 hours .. Slice and Serve
  9. Yum ... I will have to try your temps next Chicken I do ..
  10. I brine my chickens, turkeys and pork belly .. 275 - 300 on your spatchcock Chicken
  11. Here is my BBQ Area before I got my Kamado .
  12. Is part of the Fun process .. Make alot of bad food to learn to make Good food .
  13. Yum.. I am going to have to make this one, thank you for sharing .
  14. Welcome to the Forum and it looks yummy .. Great Job !!
  15. Looks Tasty.. I am not much a Drumstick fan but the Mrs. is so I will have to make this for her .
  16. Welcome to the Forum
  17. My Son-in-Law has one in his freezer that he has not cooked yet .. I would treat it like a Boston butt ...slap mustard on it your favorite rub and cook at 275 until falling apart ..
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