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  1. @Soccer9542 The inside doesn't look bad at all from the pictures. I am by no means an expert on this. I would say if you're into projects give it a go. For a more honest answer, I would definitely ask Addertooth or Marauders
  2. He @endou_kenji! Sorry I'm just getting back to everybody. This is the one I used. I had bought another one but it was way too small. I just scraped the old gasket off and made sure the surface was good and clean. I actually found this in one of the earlier posts but I believe that link didn't work anymore. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TLB75MA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Good afternoon Addertooth! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you! It is in very good condition. I bought this from its original owner last year and he did not have the tables. I'm not sure if he ever did to be honest. Back when I purchased it, I wasn't even aware that side tables were an option. I live down here in Florida and he kept this on an enclosed screened in patio. He told me he bought it new in 2004, but only used it ever so often because his wife didn't like smoked food. He only ever cooked on it when they had family gatherings or friends over. I may reach out to him about the tables though, just to see. He only lives about 25 minutes from me. I ended up removing the top gasket so now I just have the bottom one. I'm not sure if I got them too thick but it wasn't closing properly. Seems to get a pretty good seal. I also moved the smoker under my car port. I was in the middle of a pork butt and our lovely unannounced afternoon thunderstorms almost ruined my cook! Ha.
  4. So I replaced the gaskets on my K7 today and it's MUCH better. I used to have to fight it a little to stay within temp. I ended up having to take the lid gasket off because the lid didn't want to close properly and smoke was leaking out the front by the handle. It also spiked a little when I was messing with the inlet and outlet but after that it has stayed dialed right in. Didn't smoke anything today, just testing it out. I plan to do Chuck roast and chicken for pulled beef and chicken tacos so I'll let you guys know how it comes out. I must say, I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate this forum and thread. It has provided a plethora of information and has helped me immensely. Thank you all so much. I refer back to this all the time. I'd be very interested to see some updated photos of your Kamados! Have a great night and the rest of your weekend!
  5. Good morning everyone and Happy New Year! I am thinking of moving my Kamado from the carport to the deck (so I can pull our vehicles in more) and was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a cover? I live in Florida so the heat and humidity can be brutal sometimes. Also, I am going to replace the seal around the grill area as my lid is not getting a good seal anymore. I bought the Lavalock self stick seal off of Amazon that I saw people mentioned in this thread. Is there an ideal way to remove the old seal without damaging the smoker?
  6. Well, yesterday was finally the day! My friend and his brothers were over at the house with their families, along with my wife and son so we figured it was a perfect day to break her in. Ended up doing three racks of ribs and they came out great. K_sqrd - Thank you very much for the tips my friend, they worked perfectly. I ended up using some hickory lump charcoal with a couple of cherry wood chunks. I got it up to around 250 then locked it in and it barely moved up or down a few degrees after that. Coming from my pellet smoker there were a couple of things I noticed right off the bat. 1. This smoker is very efficient. We started these ribs at 2 pm and they were done by 5:30 pm. I monitored temps the entire time because I was so nervous about messing them up. I checked with the previous owner about a head deflector and he said he never purchased one. I was going to use an aluminium pan filled with water but remembered that I had a ceramic pizza stone so we used that and it worked perfectly. After really getting to look at this thing in the bright Florida sun, I did notice a couple of other little things Not really too concerned now, but will definitely have to keep an eye on them. In the first picture, you'll notice the six tiles dead center right below the top look a little different. Those have been repaired, or at least look that way. Not too big of a deal, I'll just have to keep an eye on it. The interior doesn't look bad at all so I'm happy about that, but the firebox definitely has some cracking. I'm going to leave it alone for as long as possible but I think I'm eventually going to have to replace it with something. Everything else looks to be in fairly good shape. Steve1Ski - I can't wait to see what you do with that thing! I love the blue! I'm hoping as summer approaches to get a lot more cooks on it! It's a smoker, but definitely a conversation piece as well. I've had people already offering to buy it. Can't do it, this is too unique to just sell off. Have a great rest of your weekend! Raymond
  7. Thank you philpom and Jebber! I definitely will post something as soon as I do. K_sqrd - Thank you very much for tips, and warm welcome! That is very helpful! I'm going to hopefully get in over there this week or next to smoke something on it. I think I'll do something relatively easy to start just so I can get the hang of it first. I'm coming from a pellet smoker (which I still have) and that thing is very forgiving. If I'm understanding, you don't really need to open the top or bottom vents hardly at all to get good airflow correct? I have all but one tile so I should be able to get most of them back on. I'll leave that one for the back of the cart where no one will see it until I can get another tile. Maybe I'll go to a couple places this weekend while I have them off so I can get an accurate comparison. Being down here in Florida, there's no shortage of pool supply places lol. When I was inquiring before buying it, the owner actually bought up the temperature as well. He said he only had it over 400 degrees F. once and kept the majority of his smoking/grilling to 250-300 degrees F. I was hoping to get over there last weekend to mess around with it but we just had a lot going on, so peeling away from the wife wasn't happening ha-ha.
  8. Good morning everyone! I just purchased this Kamado a few days ago from a guy here in Florida. I only paid $375 and based on my initial inspection of the unit, it appeared to be in pretty good condition. He said he purchased it new in 2004. There were a couple of tiles missing on the base near the casters, and we lost two more in transit (all on the bottom cart area) but over all it is in pretty good condition. He said he only used it about 30 times because after purchasing it his wife decided she didn't like smoked meat/food, so he only cooked for himself or family/friends when they came over. He finally got sick of it just sitting there not being used. My wife and I live in an apartment right now but are in the process of purchasing our home so I have it over there right because I only wanted to move this beast once. I'm hoping I can get over there sometime this weekend to take some better pictures of it out in the sun. Any advice, suggestions, or general input is welcomed and greatly appreciated! I've been reading through this forum and the work you all have done is nothing short of spectacular! Have a great weekend, Raymond
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