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  1. Thank you philpom and Jebber! I definitely will post something as soon as I do. K_sqrd - Thank you very much for tips, and warm welcome! That is very helpful! I'm going to hopefully get in over there this week or next to smoke something on it. I think I'll do something relatively easy to start just so I can get the hang of it first. I'm coming from a pellet smoker (which I still have) and that thing is very forgiving. If I'm understanding, you don't really need to open the top or bottom vents hardly at all to get good airflow correct? I have all but one tile so I should be able to get most of them back on. I'll leave that one for the back of the cart where no one will see it until I can get another tile. Maybe I'll go to a couple places this weekend while I have them off so I can get an accurate comparison. Being down here in Florida, there's no shortage of pool supply places lol. When I was inquiring before buying it, the owner actually bought up the temperature as well. He said he only had it over 400 degrees F. once and kept the majority of his smoking/grilling to 250-300 degrees F. I was hoping to get over there last weekend to mess around with it but we just had a lot going on, so peeling away from the wife wasn't happening ha-ha.
  2. Good morning everyone! I just purchased this Kamado a few days ago from a guy here in Florida. I only paid $375 and based on my initial inspection of the unit, it appeared to be in pretty good condition. He said he purchased it new in 2004. There were a couple of tiles missing on the base near the casters, and we lost two more in transit (all on the bottom cart area) but over all it is in pretty good condition. He said he only used it about 30 times because after purchasing it his wife decided she didn't like smoked meat/food, so he only cooked for himself or family/friends when they came over. He finally got sick of it just sitting there not being used. My wife and I live in an apartment right now but are in the process of purchasing our home so I have it over there right because I only wanted to move this beast once. I'm hoping I can get over there sometime this weekend to take some better pictures of it out in the sun. Any advice, suggestions, or general input is welcomed and greatly appreciated! I've been reading through this forum and the work you all have done is nothing short of spectacular! Have a great weekend, Raymond
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