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  1. Dang, missed out on this otherwise I would try as well. I think legally they own the mistake and you might just have got yourself a deal of the century
  2. I am not able to repurpose my previous egg table as the dimensions aren’t directly comparable for the S3 KJ and the air lift hinge is pretty different than the egg setup. wondering if anyone has found plans for the taller series three that I could use? Old table pic below
  3. Right on, nice details you shared there John! 100% agree, I just got the III but have helped friends get the second gen and I have had 4 Eggs prior so despite only having the new KJ Classic III for a short while can attest to the points you highlight as valuable. - The SloRoller is a game changer - Having had bought a basket for every grill after the fact, once you have it you will never want one without it is killer. - Shelf space that can deal with hot accessories - The cooking space, being deeper and wider in the base gains you real estate
  4. has everything else inside like SloRoller and D&C etc? If it wasn't a 9 hour drive i'd be tempted to add a second
  5. Yes I’ve had lots of messages on this, will do a video or something like that soon
  6. I realized looking back at my instagram page that it might be possible for a doctor to predict health problems without even meeting me based on the number of red fatty proteins we cook lol. I'm comfortable with shrimp, scallops and lobster etc. but don't do as much as I'd like on fish (either fillets or whole fish). Costco has fresh full fish in stock regularly and I am itching to grill it like I see Eric Gephart on Instagram do but haven't found much in the way of tips. I have the laser grid and the CI reversible, any tips on seasoning, surface, temps, smoke etc that you can share would be much appreciated
  7. thanks. Second cook in the books and it’s not to early to say this thing is awesome
  8. Thanks! Quickly finding a new favourite
  9. Congrats on the new Egg. I don’t think I could lift my large assembled by myself. If you moved an XL solo remind me to never pick a fight with you
  10. Just did our first cook. Really impressed
  11. After doing a warm up burn in before the weekend when we were away I was excited to get home and do my first cook on my new kamado Joe 3. I reverse seared the tomahawk with the SloRoller at 250 until the IT hit 114 and then set it aside under foil while I change the setup for searing the steak and cast iron frying the shrimp. couldn’t be happier with the cook, it was also my first time using one of the two bags I picked up on the weekend of KJ charcoal, not sure how much of the awesome is the coal vs the grill but it all worked together to make a meal our guests will remember. Can’t wait to try more cooks. Posting a sneak peek before this hits my instagram page https://www.instagram.com/smokingdadbbq/
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