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  1. Thanks! Can never have enough storage space
  2. Had a few people who follow my Instagram ask for more information on the table shown in some of my pictures. This is the cedar table work station I built to house my large and minimax big green eggs so far pretty happy with it
  3. Interesting grill, at times I find the draw of the pellet grills set it and forget it operation attractive. On the other had the purist side of me sees only a stick burner or a kamado as viable backyard grills leaving the pellet grill orphaned in between. It can't compete with the smoke profile of the stick burner nor can it compete with the energy efficiency and year round consistency in colder climates as a ceramic grill nor can it replicate the searing power, baking or smoking ability of a kamado I recommend them only to people fixated on buying a propane bbq... the ease of operation, better flavour vs. propane and price points make them a much better alternative than a gaser if you could only have one grill IMO. Do you agree or do you see more redeeming qualities in the pellet grill slotting between a stick burner and a Kamado than what I've listed? I am not saying that if a Yoder Ys640 showed up at my door I wouldn't keep it
  4. What John said... unlike other appliances that might have a coating from the factory that needs to burn off before using the ceramic is safe and ready to go out of the box. I’d echo John about washing the food grate if you are going to put food on it right away but if your first cook is a pizza I wouldn’t even bother as 600 degrees will take care of anything soap and water would
  5. I've completely dropped injecting, brining and braising from my pork but routine and now go with what for me produces the most consistent, full flavour, moist and all around awesome butts my guests have ever tasted. Step 1) 24-36 hrs before hand, liberally salt the exterior with diamond kosher sea salt. Leave uncovered in the fridge Step 2) Smoke between 250-275 4-6 hours until you're happy with the bark. After the first hour I spritz with water (ft cap down) Step 3) Wrap in foil or butchers paper until probe tender (IT range 190-205, go by feel) Step 4) FTC two hours ideal Step 5) shred, add in a little of the vinegar based serving sauce if you're so inclined Step 6) enjoy the applause
  6. Don’t give up, this is part of the fun learning to master kamado cooking. There are two different camps on controlling airflow. (1) like the bottom vent to be open so that you don’t find out in the middle of the night your fire has gone out once the wind dies down. The disadvantage in my opinion is the smoke flavour, a fire being choked tastes different to me than a small well breathing fire (2) control temp with the bottom vent and use a more open top vent to create up draft. They both or any combination in between can get to the same result so it’s reslly a matter of what works best for you. For me over time I started on number 1 but have shifted towards the second style
  7. Just did two that size. I suggest salting them the day before and then smoking until the bark is set (4 hours) and then braising for 4 hours and rest for two if you want crazy fork tender for pulled beef
  8. I have definitely moved warmer the longer I've been at it, I spent my first few years learning to get my large egg to hold 195-210 for ~18 hours at a time without intervention in the middle of the night but after all that frustration building the fire the right way and setting up vents it was frustrating how unpredictable the stall could be and how little smoke ring / good smoke flavour I was getting. After visiting a few BBQ competitions I noticed the cookers I could see were all around 272, also started getting into the Harry Soo videos like the one you shared and from then on I've adopted dry wood chunks in the bottom of the coal and a higher cooking temp. The benefits have been a much better smoke ring, smoke flavour, more predictable cooking times, can start early morning vs midnight and have to manage the cook in the middle of sleeping time and less time waiting to enjoy the delicious food you're cooking. I've tried his hot and fast method a few times and while its been great on a day when I wasn't planning to do a brisket and wake up feeling like having one I can't say its ever been as good let alone better than the 272 range cooks I've done. Prime to Waygu performs better on the hot and fast method, anything other than very marbled will come out drier IMO.
  9. I do have several shirts/jackets with holes burnt in them from an airborne spark flying out of the grill so I definitely agree that in any circumstance where the surrounding environment / property is at risk of catching fire that a chimney in the kamado or the method in the video with the starter cubes significantly reduces the risk of creating a fire outside of your intended location inside the grill
  10. Fair enough. For me I’ve found that with the lighter you can more clearly create a burn path. I light a small but hot circle in the middle of the charcoal and let the egg come up to temperature which I’ve found for long low and slow cooks keeps the fire in the centre burning straight down which self feeds it’s self with the coal from the sides as the fire drops down. Helps not have a wandering fire that sneaks around the protection of your heat deflector potentially creating a hot spot that could burn longer meats like ribs or brisket etc.
  11. I cut off the stem and then use a jalapeño core tool which comes with the stand. I then use a regular steak knife and spin it around inside to clean then out. Blanch in salt water for 60 seconds, ice bath, dry, pipe in filling and wrap with bacon and you’re good to go
  12. I have always used looft lighters and this seemed very slow to get hot vs what I am used to using the lighter.
  13. Thanks. They went really quickly .... great when the food tastes as good as it looks
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