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  1. I agree, but I would add the PS Woo or the EGGspander to the list as two half moons gives more options than one convEGGtor IMO
  2. It's definitely finished differently, hopefully stands up to the elements better over the long haul. So far so good Agree 100%, I used up all my bar tenders friend trying to restore the finish to keep the SS cap looking great and functioning properly. Not going to lie I am not missing that ritual of maintenance so far. Again, from my experience this was limited to my larger eggs and the interval of cleaning my MiniMax ss cap was significantly longer as it often does smaller mid week cooks like chicken, steak, dogs or sausages etc. and doesn't often get tasked with the 8 hour cooks that are prone to exasperating the SS gumming up issue
  3. thank-you. I wish I had invited more people over to enjoy and be part of the story as these things were next level for sure
  4. This was unexpected, on Saturday a grocery store had Tomahawks in for $16/lbs vs 28 at my local butcher so I thought I would give them a try. I used the Jess Pryles dry brine method (link) and left them uncovered in the fridge for three days flipping and drying once a day before cooking last night when I seasoned them with hardcore carnivores black rub set the egg up for a reverse sear and eventually sliced into pure magic. Easily top 3 ever which was unexpected given their grocery store pedigree
  5. Agree with everything you said. I forgot to mention about the daisy wheel on the first large egg I bought there were some irregularities in the air cut outs vs my other ones... the manufacturing tolerances seem way more precise on the new model
  6. Nice, should have just added my review here lol. As I have all three just shared my $0.02 on the product review page -
  7. I think the number one question I get when hosting a fellow Egghead over and they see my array of vent caps is which one I like best and why so I thought I would share my thoughts now that I have all of the above and have been using the (1) original equipment daisy wheel, (2) the Smokeware chimney cap and (3) the new Egg rEGGulator by giving you a review of what I like/dislike most about each of the three options. This is my first product review thread so let me know if you like/dislike these types of posts, hope it helps you find the right cap for your needs. The daisy wheel I’ve purchased two large eggs, a minimax and I was gifted a mini so to say that I have a soft spot in my heart for the daisy wheel is an understatement. I read somewhere that a reviewer should state their basis upfront so I thought I’d lead off with my long standing relationship with the daisy wheel. I think most of the gripes about the daisy wheel are slightly exaggerated once you learn how to position it properly so that it doesn’t slide to a different setting when you open and close the lid but despite how simple this seems now I struggled as new Kamado user to get my temps dialled in and was often frustrated by rocketing temps or snuffing out my fire or any combination in between so it is worth pointing out this limitation. Pro’s - Easy to remove without burning your fingers - Resistant to gumming up after cooking greasy foods Con’s - Can be tricky for new users to not have your settings reset every time you open the grill - Doesn’t complexly snuff the fire great on its own, requires separate ceramic cap - Limiting airflow, you’ll want to remove it completely for Pizza or searing steaks as it limits max temp or slows down the lighting process - Rusts (although very easy to fix and re-season) - Rain can get into the egg (although you’d need the type of rain I wouldn’t want to be outside in for this to happen its possible) ___________________________________________________________ The Smokeware Chimney Cap I’ve now purchased three Smokeware Chimney caps, a grate stacker and two 3” temp dials and have been really impressed with the customer service and quality of product from the Smokeware team. Up until this spring, my home based Eggs (large and minimax) both rocked a Smokeware cap while the daisy wheels and ceramic caps got relegated to storage. Before I built a pergola with rain protection the added shelter of the Smokeware cap was killer when grilling 365 days a year in Canada; add in the fact that Stainless steel is easy to clean, doesn’t rust, doesn’t move positions when opening/closing the egg and looks more modern than the traditional daisy wheel vintage look I found lots to love about the SS cap. That being said there are draw backs, after a few cooks it can become very attached to the egg which makes removing it regularly not practical and while its sufficient at snuffing out the fire it's not comparable to the ceramic cap in terms of efficiency. Not only is the stickiness a deterrent to removing the SS cap, the temp itself can burn through all but the most industrial of gloves. Speaking of stickiness the deterioration of the sliding movement after cooking fatty foods like pork belly, ribs etc. quickly gums up the operation and while its possible to clean its frustrating to be back to all gummed up after a single big cook (my minimax doesn’t get as sticky since I don’t cook as many pork shoulders, ribs etc. in it as my large and it operates like new for months at a time). Pro’s - Rain protection superior to daisy wheel - Stability for settings when opening/closing the dome - Looks good, for a while I preferred the daisy wheel but it grew on me over time - Supports local / small business - Low maintenance (Dishwasher safe, no re-seasoning of cast iron, doesn’t rust) Con’s - For some (not me) the look goes against the OEM Egg feel - Warranty concerns for using non OEM accessories, doesn’t seem strictly enforced but it is in the policy. (I haven’t had an issue) - Quickly becomes sticky and difficult to adjust the dial as it seizes into place (on my large only where I do most of my pork shoulders, ribs, burnt ends etc.) - Doesn’t extinguish the fire as well as the ceramic cap - Limiting airflow, you’ll want to remove it completely for Pizza or searing steaks as it limits max temp or slows down the lighting process a little (better than the daisy wheel) but do it before it gets to hot to touch - Rubber heat protector can still burn fingers, wears out over time and easy to lose if you’re not careful. ___________________________________________________________ The rEGGulator By the way, this reviewing thing only works out if you all don’t point out to my wife that I own multiple solutions to a single problem :) The most recent addition to the Egg family of accessories is the new cap from BGE released a few months back; the rEGGulator fits XXL, XL, Large, Medium size Big Green EGG sizes and I also got the rain cap to play with. I’ve been happy with my SS caps for the past few seasons despite its shortcomings so I doubt that I am the true target market for BGE vs people looking to upgrade their original daisy wheel but nonetheless I have now cooked pork belly burnt ends, pork shoulders, ribs and steaks with the new cap to form my opinion for this review. It might be petty but I like the look of it; but as this isn’t high school, let me share some of the real reasons I really like this cap. The amount of greasy large meats I’ve cooked thus far would have me scrubbing my SS caps trying to unglue them back to normal easy to use operation; the fact I haven’t had to do this yet nor does it seem remotely imminent is a big win for me. I also really like the airflow options, I don’t have the equipment to measure flow rates between the three but this thing allows a lot more air than either the daisy or the SS cap. I also think BGE did a much better job on the rubber finger burn protection for adjusting temps mid cook than the SS cap or original daisy wheel. Adjusting the temperature is definitely more deliberate effort wise than the daisy wheel or a brand new / just cleaned SS cap but it has a mechanical satisfaction to it that I appreciate let alone this is in part how getting no setting misalignment when opening or closing the doom is achieved. I like being able to add and remove the rain cap, I haven’t fully decided if I like the look of it the most with or without it but having the option and the added protection is nice to have. Finally, and again without the equipment to scientifically prove it, outside of the ceramic cap this is hands down the best cap at getting the fire out quickly and keeping the most amount of lump for future cooks. Pro’s - Best of daisy wheel, ceramic cap and Smokeware cap products combined into one…. like a mix tape of your favourite songs but in this case the tape helps make magical smoked food. - Weather protection with the cap - More air = more heat than daisy or SS cap; there’s no need to remove this cap at any point I’ve found so far - Temp control feels very precise, doesn’t move once set - Hands down the best design for fingers to adjust mid cook - Best at shutting down the egg - Time will tell, but the new coating seems like it will hold up to the elements better than the original daisy wheel seasoned cast iron. Con’s - It feels like a premium product and its priced accordingly - Time will tell, but the new coating seems like it will hold up to the elements better than the original daisy wheel seasoned cast iron. - While it fits medium to XXL, my Minimax and Mini can’t use the same cap like a gasket on the SS allows you to do so you’re going to want more than one ___________________________________________________________ Conclusions & Recommendations When I bought my Smokeware Cap the rEGGulator didn’t exist and it was significantly better in almost every way to the daisy wheel. At times I was frustrated seeing new product innovations come out year after year on other Kamado brands while the Egg that you could buy at that point was a lot like the Egg 5 years before that and BGE wasn’t innovating on the accessories either to help get more enjoyment out of the product. Small businesses like Smokeware recognized this gap and helped create some great products I’m proud to have purchased along the way. Perhaps it was competitors, perhaps it was small businesses innovating… in either case competition makes things better for the end user customer and BGE showed up to play with this product. Hands down, in my opinion the rEGGulator is the best mouse trap on the market today and I give it a thumbs up recommendation to anyone looking to upgrade their Egg.
  8. Neighbours hosted a backyard bbq where everyone brought a dish, this combo was on the money last time so I thought it’d make the perfect lead off hitter to conserve my black seasoning I didn’t season the shoulders with it, just the burnt ends and in hindsight I wish I had done that for flavour but the tenderness was spot on so nothing a little smoked salt at the end couldn’t fix burnt ends smoked for 4 hours, covered in foil for an hour with coke, brown sugar, butter and honey and then glazed them up uncovered in bbq sauce where I mixed some ghost pepper and sweet baby rays
  9. Some ideas for you (1) season with diamond crystal kosher salt 24 hours ahead of time as this helps the meat hold moisture. Leave in the fridge uncovered, just don’t use a high sodium rub after salting it already. I make my own with course back pepper, garlic, paprika, celery seed, cyan and some onion (2) after an hour spray with water starting at once an hour, then 45 then 30 until your bark passes the scratch test. Once you have a bark your not imparting any more smoke so don’t be afraid to wrap with either butcher pepper (brisket) or foil (either). I drop a little bit of apple cider vinegar in the foil and double wrap it tightly. Agree with others on size of meat and FTC rest for at least two hours Guaranteed juicy
  10. Thanks. Going to hit the repeat in two weeks it was so good lol
  11. Lol I wanted to take the minivan but my wife needed it with our kids as I was on a boys weekend thus it had to fit in the car I convinced my wife was a practical family vehicle (rx8)... she must never know how difficult it was lol
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