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  1. I wonder why all the BBQ retailers have the same text which says its coated in teflon? https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/slo-roller-hyperbolic-insert-for-24-inch-big-joe-grills-bj-hyper Enhance your smoking and grilling capability with the SloRoller Hyperbolic Insert for Kamado Joe Big Joe III series kamados. The SloRoller hyperbolic insert fits inside your kamado in place of a heat deflector and is constructed of Teflon coated cast aluminum offering incredible durability. The hyperbolic design of this insert allows smoke and heat to be distributed through the kamado in roll
  2. I've been wanting to try this for a while where doing ribs without needing to cut them in half so that I could present a full rack like normal when the cook is done and it worked perfectly. So happy with how this turns out I will be doing it again and trying to fit a third rack next time. In short the method I used was to roll and skewer together so that we cooked them with space for smoke to pass through all surface areas. Here is the video I did if you want to see the magic happen
  3. It’s coated in Teflon which becomes unsafe around 600f
  4. Hope this helps, after a decade of trial and mostly error this is how i get the right result every time
  5. I ran out of starters for a month so did the same thing in August lol
  6. I like the starters, they feel more campfire to me than some of the other methods. my one grill torch makes me giggle so we can have some fun with that (and I suspect it will be the fastest to come up to temp)
  7. I have two or three other videos recorded and edited that will come out first.... I have some content for torches and fans to record next. What I am thinking is - starter cube in coal - cube in chimney - looft lighter - JJGeorge torch - Grill gun See pro's and con's and results starting the fire for each
  8. There is also real science behind the airflow rather than a brand replicating a half basket kamado as somehow better because its a less efficient fire (smaller/hotter fire) which i do every day in my joe with a half basket and defuser plates lol I wish I had more science stuff / tools to validate what I experience when I cook with it ... there is a difference
  9. and competitively thats the size range kettles from Weber and SNS and others are aiming... an 18" would be too small against the volume kettle market so in addition to what John said this would be a bad idea in light of the sales
  10. that looks sweet. Interesting to see what a built in slo roller is like
  11. For all the peeps who have been waiting all summer and now grills are starting to arrive in yards across the country I did a quick video on how I setup a new joe -
  12. I’ve never tried it before, but the dome being the closest to the toppings sounds promising for an amazing broiling effect (in theory) ... find out how that played out in my new video - https://youtu.be/hok0KJ0rNq0
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