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  1. Without the sloroller i get better results than any of my old eggs which are more similar in shape to series 1 and 2. The height seems to help reduce grill efficiency and improve fire efficiency which improves smoke / airflow / smoke ring etc
  2. Thanks for checking it out. I normally do but didn’t multitask well while also trying to look at the camera
  3. I am in the same camp. If you’re the person who was tempted to add a pizza oven even though you already have a Joe this is the most economical way to get the pizza experience leveraging more of what you already have. I really like mine... but the pizza doesn’t taste 300 better.
  4. In my Kamado Joe DoJoe accessory review video you guys asked for a head to head review against pizza cooked normally on the Kamado Joe pizza stone. In today’s video (posted "over there" lol) we compare pizza cooked on the Kamado Joe DoJoe vs. pizza cooked on the Kamado Joe Classic 3 using a pizza stone side by side.
  5. John already covered the key points, but what I would add that helps - Less charcoal in your basket, smaller amounts of coal burning cleaner helps - 250-270f is a really happy temp for a joe. I can do 225f but the smoke is easier to have clean a little hotter and faster if you're not comfortable with low and slow setup - I like a piece or two of wood chunks under the charcoal and then start the fire right above it so the hot coals are burning down onto the wood
  6. I tried a few years ago to sell my neighbour on a Kamado but he got a weber kettle instead. This month he sold the kettle and setup his new KJ 3. Assuming others might be on the fence about what the advantages of each style of grill are so I made a video
  7. He might have mentioned it.. use cold water not hot water. Hot makes it cure even faster
  8. are you not able to print them from the first post? The image with dimensions is what I drew out on my computer and used
  9. Thanks so much.... Came out of nowhere lol. Tried to zoom as much as I can
  10. I know RRP on the egghead forum sells them pre-measured with everything you need. The large egg and the series one joe are the same size
  11. The air lift hinge removes the weight from the gasket. When not in use the website says to leave unlocked so that your gasket isn't constantly under pressure. A series 1 will always be under pressure since there is no air lift hinge so I am not sure it will last as long
  12. It can but it is meant to not leave the air lift hinge locked to extend the gasket life.... I would maybe look at the Rutland gasket. I know lots of people with eggs that use that
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