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  1. Thanks. No that’s the only thing that wasn’t in the egg. I’ve done it before and it’s been great. With the ribs, chicken and Mac and cheese going my lovely wife took on the bread and salad
  2. Not sure why this cook didn’t happen sooner in life, but now that it has there is no going back lol did ribs, pork panko Mac and cheese along with cornbread and some chicken breasts for a party we hosted this weekend
  3. Not sure, this happened in summer weather ... cooking a pizza got it
  4. Sure, sorry for the delay missed this update. Happy to take some measurements. All cedar Home Depot. Took lots of sanding and sealing to get that finish but happy with it
  5. lol thanks. About 10 seconds after this shot I realized my error Ya should have trusted our instincts lol
  6. Tried out a new recipe for dough this weekend that said it should be spread on a cold stone well covered in oil so we decided to give it a try when hosting a family over for lunch what we ended up making was BBQ pulled pizza lol as the crust became so attached to the stone there was no getting them off at least up to this point they looked good ... tell me I’m not alone with big fails lol
  7. Thanks, I love having the second level... id vote get it
  8. Ya this would be a nice addition for occasions like this lol
  9. Loaded up both grills and even got the Minimax a second level by reversing the ps woo ring for a party we had yesterday. Dry brined, smoked then fried these before tossing back on the grill to glaze the sauce
  10. the slow roller takes up some vertical space so from playing with it in the store briefly I think only the middle and the top grid positions on the divide and conquer are available for cooking and the clearance would only allow for something like ribs to fit vs. a brisket or a pork shoulder (haven't tried, just looking in the store). So the grid extender looks like a great option as it has 4" clearance and I know fits in the KJ CIII to have true multi level cooking for larger proteins. To my knowledge the CGS AR or Woo haven't been updated post Slo Roller release and I'm having a hard time seeing what problem they would solve outside of the stock D&C system with the extended grid added. The sliding grids would be nice, but not sure there is a good way to find out other than having both the grill and the AR in hand to find out what fits etc.
  11. Thanks, much appreciated Lol exactly Thanks
  12. The classic II and large BGE are the same size so like others said get the extender for additional capacity. Here is my egg loaded up, it can hold a fair bit the only downfall is long meats like ribs or brisket won’t have as much protection as they would in a big joe
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