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  1. Joe Jr got jealous... making a small stand / storage cabinet for him
  2. I’ve enjoyed @Baby Back Maniac videos for a long time ... good idea as he is bbq youtube celebrity
  3. Going to release a time lapse of the BBQ table I just built with some instructions on how to do that, along with the obvious ones people have asked for already (1) how does the MiniMax and the Joe Jr compare and (2) how does the large egg and the classic 3 KJ compare .... Without a spoiler there might be a video of the eggs leaving the island lol
  4. Took a leap and started a BBQ youtube channel. First video is for how to operate the eggs, an upcoming video will be the review between the egg vs the kamado joe now that I have had some time to form my verdict. Appreciate any feedback you have as I am a newb at this, also if you have a channel share here so we can find and follow others who are crazy enough to try this thing. Channel link to YouTube
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/12/dining/the-rise-and-fall-of-turkey-brining.html I liked dry brine even before reading this lol
  6. Ya all good. But it’s something I will be doing again anyways since I won’t make it until the end of the month without doing another steak cook lol
  7. what luck lol ... it wasn’t cooked today the 5th so hopefully I can sneak in or else I will have to do it again lol
  8. Give this a read - https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/25/harvard-barbecue-desora-kamado-joe-cinder-grills/
  9. Got a little carried away with this one... 900f was on the dial when I threw these on for a few seconds per side smoked at 250 until IT was 114, rested while we got hit and then seared
  10. Got some cracks I need to repair from the concrete curing too quickly but seems like it will work
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