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Hello, my name is James Mack and I am chief fire cooking story teller at Smoking Dad BBQ which is a social media BBQ channel I’ve launched this year (youtube coming soon) to help share my love cooking over fire with others.  I love how food interacts with live fire, how BBQ brings people together and hope to be able to encourage more backyard chefs to feel comfortable trying different grilling techniques.


My cooking style is all about making great food more accessible in an approachable and casual environment.  As I travelled more with my work I had amazing culinary experiences that I wanted to share with friends and family; I was sad to find out for many that there can be an anxiety with these types of experiences.  As a home cook, I am best known for family style BBQ that’s welcoming and also surprises and delights the taste buds.


Through great experiences with travel, work, friends & neighbours I quickly realized the unique gift food has to bring community together and began practicing to not be Canada’s worst cooking husband.  Nearly a decade ago I cooked my first meal over charcoal and an already budding culinary passion ignited to the point where our backyard is now a mini shrine for fire cooked food with a fire pit and two charcoal smokers.  Now evenings, weekends, parties and special gatherings nearly everything on our menu has been flame kissed and I couldn’t be more excited to help more backyard home cooking enthusiasts bring their game to the next level.


In winter I cook in a Burlington dinner jacket (lumberjack plaid) and in summer most often you’ll find me tending the fires in a Hawaiian print shirt; said another way I like to have fun and enjoy the experience of cooking just as much as the food I create for the people I am cooking for.  I’m not a professional chef, I’m a just a guy  hoping to create great memories for friends and family and share what I’ve learned with others who have yet to catch the flame cooking bug.


SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube: https://bit.ly/2WamEu4


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