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  1. Congratulations, and great job on the video. Can't wait to see more cooks heading into spring. My unsolicited advice / learning if you don't mind my $0.02.... consider making a channel for the cooking videos if you plan to do more. if someone subscribes for pork butt and cooking and then your next video is cub cadet mower repair part 2 they are not likely to click on it, especially early on which causes the algorithm to throttle showing it to people (people who perhaps might be really interested in part 2 on the cub cadet) and visa versa. So long as you're having fun doesn't really matter what you do, but thought i'd share what i've learned on trial and error (mostly error)
  2. Been in a few of these discussions as of late and there is not much in the way of video support on how to tackle simple to the full monty of dome adjustments so i put together this KJ dome alignment 101 as a resource to help show the adjustments and process.
  3. Not sure why it’s taken me so long to try this, but simple chestnuts roasting over an open fire just like the Christmas song is actually delicious. Video for complete details - https://youtu.be/axCtbq2IZMk I went with the rotisserie and basket but you can do it in a cast iron pan over the coals just as well. Aim for about 400f/203c direct Score the nuts with a pairing knife putting an X on the flat side. This will prevent them from exploding Cook for 12 min. Serve immediately with some smoked sea salt. Enjoy
  4. The series 3" is 4" taller which gives space for the new SloRoller (included) and 3 tier divide and conquer rack. So you get two indirect options, a new cart with storage under and metal side shelves that don't melt with hot stuff on them.
  5. yep, that or the BGE MiniMax slider version are your options if not wanting the stock daisy
  6. i started using the 30lbs bags and its like what i remember, had one too many triple bags different experience on the 20
  7. Here is how to make a DIY Pumpkin Kamado. This is my test pumpkin Kamado ahead of Halloween this weekend where the game plan is to do something like pumpkin seeds as a treat for guests 1) Split the pumpkin into 1/3 dome, 2/3 base to allow space for charcoal, air gaps, cooking grids etc. and hollow out the pumpkin 2) I didn't find a shape that would accept the charcoal basket so I used the OEM KJ Jr charcoal plate propped up on two crushed pop cans to keep the hot coals off the flesh of the pumpkin. The minimax fire grate is about the same size 3) cut out draft door cubes. I did three, two I put back with toothpicks so that I could adjust how much air was available since we don't have a sliding door option 4) For the dome, you can do the same as the base and leave the stem as a handle to open the dome which makes it easier, or you can trace the daisy wheel and cut it out. The daisy looked more like a Kamado style grill so I chose that option 5) install a temp gauge and cooking grid after adding some small pieces of charcoal onto the grate below. Light it up and let it come to temp. Everything you need to know is above, but for more detail on the build and how it cooked enclosed is the supporting video i released today on YouTube - https://youtu.be/txQ4yQOrvg4
  8. amazon lost a listing i used to use, i am just getting furtado farms oak wood from dicksons online lately
  9. ended up going 30 across instead of 29 to be safe and allow for the granite counter top to have an overhang. the distance between the granite openings is 28.5 which allows just over 1/2" or more on either side of the big joe. here is the video with the reveal -
  10. Ever had your grill stable for an overnight cook and then woke up with the fire out? The wind can play a deceiving role when dialling in your vents, I replicate some wind with a leaf blower to test the two most common approaches to stabilizing your grill to find out which is the best at maintaining temps https://youtu.be/E-URQmawckk
  11. As some remember, I built my table for my Kamado Joe classic but am getting some help with cabinets from an outdoor kitchen cabinet company this go around. I haven't decided if the second spot on the right will be a big joe, a classic or something else so for now the boxes are spaced for a Big Joe series 3. I want to confirm the: 1) width of the box at 29" 2) depth so that the joe can open against a wall at 36.5" 3) the depth from the counter down to the platform that will allow the JoeTisserie to protrude out without hitting / sitting on the counter top at 21" i haven't included the feet so likely 20" Anyone with a cut out table like this have some dimensions handy you could validate what I am thinking here before deposits are made and construction starts lol? Much appreciated
  12. i would make sure your grill gauge has been recently calibrated to make sure you're not working off bad information. Second, sugar burns... try less sugar
  13. I turn the heat up to 400f once i remove the food and wait until the white smoke is gone and shut it down so its ready to go for the next cook. As John said, an drip pan (ounce of prevention) goes a long way to making this easier
  14. I wonder why all the BBQ retailers have the same text which says its coated in teflon? https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/slo-roller-hyperbolic-insert-for-24-inch-big-joe-grills-bj-hyper Enhance your smoking and grilling capability with the SloRoller Hyperbolic Insert for Kamado Joe Big Joe III series kamados. The SloRoller hyperbolic insert fits inside your kamado in place of a heat deflector and is constructed of Teflon coated cast aluminum offering incredible durability. The hyperbolic design of this insert allows smoke and heat to be distributed through the kamado in rolling and recirculating waves resulting in enhanced flavor and fewer hot spots inside the kamado. Developed at Harvard, this product provides 20 times more smoke circulation than standard heat deflectors, increases air flow for a cleaner burn, and is engineered to slow cook from 150 - 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This hyperbolic insert will fit all Kamado Joe Big Joe III series kamados.
  15. I've been wanting to try this for a while where doing ribs without needing to cut them in half so that I could present a full rack like normal when the cook is done and it worked perfectly. So happy with how this turns out I will be doing it again and trying to fit a third rack next time. In short the method I used was to roll and skewer together so that we cooked them with space for smoke to pass through all surface areas. Here is the video I did if you want to see the magic happen
  16. It’s coated in Teflon which becomes unsafe around 600f
  17. Hope this helps, after a decade of trial and mostly error this is how i get the right result every time
  18. I ran out of starters for a month so did the same thing in August lol
  19. I like the starters, they feel more campfire to me than some of the other methods. my one grill torch makes me giggle so we can have some fun with that (and I suspect it will be the fastest to come up to temp)
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