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  1. Brisket starting early this morning. Post your pics.
  2. I saw yesterday, Costco now has the price at $499 down from 599. I already have mine but if any of you are looking to pull the trigger, it’s a great time.
  3. I picked mine up in Austin, TX for $599. I sealed top vent and it holds temps now. Loving it and I’ve cooked brisket, burgers, steaks, ribs, and smoked salmon. I will say I completely got temps too high for first couple of cooks but now it’s on point. Looking to add table at some point.
  4. Picked mine up back in Late February. I think I am going to add some felt to the top vent. I have smoke sleeping out. Any recommendation on the felt. I assume I can fine something on amazon?
  5. Just picked mine up last week and cooking on it for first time this weekend.
  6. Just got my first Kamado. Going to try first burn tomorrow. I’m so excited. I went with Louisiana Grill 24inch from Costco. Any advice or tips?
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