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  1. What is the best way to store leftover smoked meats, how long can one safely store them and what is the best way to repurpose/reheat?
  2. Wood chunks are much more expensive and harder to get. Pellets are available in a multitude of woods. I have several 10 kg bags of several woods. I was under the impression that the maze smoker should work when the Kamado is lit, it would just burn faster...? Unfortunately it keeps sniffing out. I need to find a way to make it work...
  3. The same vent opening on unlit Kamado allow for the maze smoker to function. Once the Kamado is lit, the maze smoker snuffs out. I am not sure whether airflow is a contributor... perhaps it’s the oxygen getting burned up as it comes through the Kamado charcoal pit? I guess the cooking chamber should not have much oxygen? If this is true, how do I still enable the smokinng using the maze smoker?
  4. It’s interesting because when the fire is not lit then there is no problem with sniffing out...???
  5. I can’t seem to keep the pellets alight on the A-maze-N maze pellet smoker when the Kamado is lit (~250F). The pellets keep sniffing out. Any suggestions on what am I doing wrong?
  6. Yes. So it’s a bit hard to gauge against another Kamado cook. However, based of turkey from oven this is orders of magnitude superior...
  7. No beef flavour. Lard is pork rendered fat... it seemed to have rendered all out during cooking. The turkey flavour was predominant. Nobody mentioned signs of any signs of pork flavour (I did not tell them it was injected with lard).
  8. I have not had many turkeys, but this was the best I ever had. The family all agree...
  9. I plan to melt it down and inject, as well as baste the skin... the alternative is duck fat.. people seem to to be Injecting with Butter, it only makes sense to me to try lard ...
  10. I am brineing a turkey overnight, and I plan to inject it with lard (pig fat) and then season outside lightly with salt & pepper. has anyone used lard before as an injection?
  11. Ok. Great. So there is no alteration to the d&c set-out/function with the KAB. On a second note, does removing the cast iron bottom plate as part of KAB or KJBasket accelerate degradation of the ash pan system by exposing it to higher heat?
  12. Thank you for the video John. That makes sense now regarding deflector placement as part of the d&c. Do you have a similar one showing the kick ash basket in combination with the d&c system? Is there any interference with the deflectors or the d@c system? (PS: I did find your kab video but it was not shown in combination with the d&c system ...)
  13. Can someone post a pic or two of how the deflectors sit on the kab tabs?
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