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  1. Would someone be able to measure the distance in CM between the two front castors/wheels. TIA
  2. Looking at the two different models, i can barely see any difference between the two. Makes me wonder if it's more just a question of The GreenHouse People having to keep Kamado Joe accessories unsupported for 3rd party makes. I am also wondering if the JoeTisserie would fit the Goose? I see The GreenHouse People have an event (UK) shortly on April 6th showcasing KJ products. Too far from me sadly but a good opportunity for anyone in the UK thinking of making the investment in the KJ range and sounds like an even better opportunity to see the Accessories and Chefs' in action. https://www.kamadoevents.com/
  3. I found the user guide in PDF format here which has some good info. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/a71bb1_1c3eccc327114c3abd706fd52e24dcb8.pdf Also a good close up picture of the racking design
  4. Thanks guys. The Goose will be here this coming week all being well. Nice to be here.
  5. Since joining last week Ive spent a lot of time doing research taking into account the limited options we have in the UK for known name Kamado solutions. If you have an unlimited budget in the UK sure, then that's not a problem, sourcing all those attractive accessories that take the KJ range to the next level, it just leaves a bitter taste knowing the Joe-Tisserie is circa $300 in USA and £350 in the UK. That's of course if you can find stock of those accessories. The Pizza Porta is not even available in the UK. If i went for the KJ it would be like owning Taking into account the limited range of KJ accessories available in the UK and the ridiculous pricing when you can find them, Ive decided to opt for something that will hopefully do the job without having to break the bank and with the associated savings home-develop innovations and ideas to expand the cooking methods accordingly. All good fun! So in that vein, Ive decided to opt for the Wild Goose 18 Currently £549 minus £20 Newsletter Signup so £529 delivered. ($689) 4 months Paypal interest free credit as well
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