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  1. Has anyone tried the expandable Rib-o-lator on the Classic 3?
  2. OK i just thought best to ask. He is doing Steels for the uk community and it's all well received so thought perhaps the UK community on here might like to benefit.
  3. yes bbq in general. but he is selling a product @ckreef
  4. Don't know who to contact to gain a post approval for a recommendation of a UK guy who is a steel stockholder and providing a fantastic service at a decent price which i would like to share with other UK members of KamadoGuru.
  5. The heat gun variety that is commonly used for paint stripping I guess is a lot less of an impact on the ceramic compared to some of those scary units that causes mega amounts of sparks. I can't find the YT i recently watched it was like something out of Rambo
  6. I've seen various heat gun demos on YouTube and our local store has a pretty Hot deal on a heat gun that would be perfect for igniting the coals. I did try a search as i am sure it has been discussed before but is this method of igniting lumpwood as bad as some of the scare stories i have been told about cracking the ceramic, albeit i have not witnessed any evidential damage by way of photos? I was thinking of using one to merely get a large area of coals ignited and thought it would be particularly useful when starting a fire for a high temperature cook like pizza. Would welcome your comments
  7. I am up and running with the Goose. I couldn't be more happier and today have ordered the joetisserie which arrives this coming Monday
  8. 3 for 2 on Big K 15kg restaurant grade Coal @ Ocado Also have a Waitrose code you can use on Ocado VOU8227825 - min spend £100 £30 off So, 90kg for around £72 https://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Big-K-Restaurant-Grade-Barbecue-Charcoal/266898011
  9. Couriers have indicated that there is a large consignment arriving at their depot for my area, today or tomorrow, failing any development, i will go back to the Goose. btw, it has been sort of confirmed that the Aldi kamado is broadly the same as "thebastard" so it is with much elation that buyers of the Aldi/La Hacienda solution may just have found a 3rd party rotisserie solution. https://www.vuurenrook.nl/en/spit-on-fire-kamado-rotisserie-ring.html Good price considering opinion that the UK Joetisserie is extortion.
  10. They have been doing this for a while now but i have some good news for you! Goose does indeed take the stock Joetisserie This picture was taken from the Wild Goose Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1914574768821333/
  11. On the FB Group one of the new members today reported that when she decided to go ahead and order, the Aldi link was showing as Sold Out. Some 20 minutes later on a revisit, it was back on-sale again. Worries me if it does turn up finally and damaged whether they will have ample enough replacements if needed. There have been several instances of partial refunds for cosmetic damage (up to £100) and more importantly the 3 year warranty is left intact. The courier can be contacted via this number @MarkG 01724 897360‬ If it all goes tits up, i will have to go for the Goose again.
  12. MarkG, there have been numerous reports of both transit/courier damage and perhaps more worrying manufacture process enamel chips. Aldi policy is to replace however the majority of this FB user group dedicated to the Aldi Kamado who ordered on or around release date (28th April) are still awaiting delivery. https://www.facebook.com/groups/407489356750953/ https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/540-aldi-kamado/page/5/#comments The Aldi 3 year no quibble warranty should also be taken into consideration but i agree, the Goose is an outstanding deal for the size and as you say, the accessories included you have the perfect solution.
  13. Just in case anyone is interested, the Aldi Kamado goes on sale this morning. Ships 2nd May. https://www.aldi.co.uk/kamado-bbq-%26-ceramic-grill/p/011107254798500
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