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  1. I am new to Kamado cooking. While waiting for my first Kamado Joe to be delivered, I've been reading in this forum and watching the videos, in preparation. I learn best by doing. But figure I am clueless right now about it all and need a base of information. I will be using the KJ lump charcoal. I also have a wood pile of aged white oak that I can use for smoking (I want to try and smoke salmon). I liked the smoke video and I get it that less is more. But is there another option other than using the heavy aluminum foil? I'm probably worrying about nothing here, but I've read about health risks associated with aluminum with food. I've also read where this is not the case. I want to err on the side of caution though. I figure if there is another way I'll not do the aluminum. Is it okay to just use chunks of the white oak as it is? Or is this going to make for a harsh smoke taste?
  2. I just ordered one through our local KJ dealer, "Backyard Pool and Patio" in Bloomington, IL. They have great reputation locally and they deliver and set up the grill. It will be delivered on Monday (I ordered it a few days ago). I appreciate the deliver and setup due to the Big Joe III weighing 487 pounds. My old Honda Civic wasn't gonna get the job done hauling it home :-)
  3. Welcome from one new guy to another... I just arrived yesterday to this forum :-)
  4. I just ordered the Big Joe III this morning from our local KJ dealer. This is my first Kamado grill (been wanting one for years but couldn"t afford one). I just retired and my good wife told me to go ahead and finally buy the KJ as a retirement gift. The dealer said the grill will be here early next week and they will deliver it and set it up for us. The grill weighs 487 pounds, so I am thankful for their help. I can't imagine a grill that weighs that much. I can't wait to begin learning how to cook on it.
  5. Hi, I have been hoping for years to be able to buy a Kamado grill but thought I'd keep my charcoal grill until it was worn out. It finally died last fall but I was still hesitant to invest in a Kamado due to the cost. Recently I retired and my good wife told me to go ahead and get a Kamado. How cool is that? So this morning I went ahead and ordered a Kamado Big Joe III, the 2019 model of Big Joe. We wanted a grill that could cook for groups when we entertain, so thought the bigger grill would be worth the extra cost. We love to grill out a lot but using a Kamado will be 100% new to me. That's why I joined this forum here - I'm sure I'll need advice from you folks. I am grateful for this place. - Dave
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