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  1. Great info, thanks! I think my usage will be light — mainly freezing portions of large cooks, and maybe eventually playing around with sous vide. So, the price point of this Nesco probably makes a lot more sense than the Avid Armor.
  2. I struggled with the same question, and ultimately went with the big joe. So glad I did! It’s obviously better for large cooks. For smaller cooks, I typically set up two zones using the firebox divider (and half the coals). The only downside I see are that accessories such as ash basket and joetisserie are more expensive for big joe than classic.
  3. Can we get an update on Darrin’s thoughts on his Avid Armor? How is it holding up? Any concerns, or still a strong recommend? thanks!
  4. CSD

    Costco questions

    Thanks CentralTexBBQ!
  5. CSD

    Costco questions

    I don’t have a local Costco yet (ground has been broken, but zoning challenges have delayed construction). I’m about 3 hours away from the Memphis store (whose roadshow ends today, with me unable to attend), and about 3 hours away from the Mobile store (whose roadshow starts this Friday). But I have a few questions about buying a KJ at Costco that I have not found an answer to in other threads: * does Costco sell Kamado Joes year round, or only during roadshow events ? (I’m not seeing KJ on Costco.com website). * does Costco sell stand-alone KJ’s (ie, without the cart and side tables)? If so, what is cost for stand alone Big Joe? * I understand the demo model deal is first come only, but is there any chance a roadshow sells out of a particular model? * does any of this vary by location? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. 1. Wife, 2 teenage kids, and myself mostly. I don’t currently grill too often, but when I do I try to make the most of a the opportunity with a large cook. I feel that with the ease and pleasure Kamado users seem to enjoy, plus the ability to shut down lump after a cook, I will probably cook much more often. So maybe less incentive to make each cook a large one. 2. Mostly steaks, tri tip, and burgers. But occasionally larger hunks of protein such brisket, hams, turkeys, etc. And I certainly want to start experimenting with lots of other things, like side items in a dual zone setup. I think i’m slowly talking myself into a Big Joe....
  7. Definitely looking forward to cooking pizza, mainly due to your videos, John. Plus, i’m wanting to give the Joetisserie a whirl! Maybe I could try those things on the kettle, but you’re right, it looks like the the KJ was made for those applications. Also, I think it will definitely up my poultry game!
  8. Greetings! I must say that this forum has been an amazing resource for someone trying to research which 1st Kamado to purchase. And i’m sure it will continue to be a great resource after the purchase! i have been cooking on a Weber Performer for the past few years, and love it. I am pretty good with beef (mostly steaks, trit tip, and burgers), decent with pork (butts, chops), and usually disappointed with my poultry cooks. I’m really more of a smoker and reverse searer than a griller. For years I have ignorantly scoffed at the Big Green Eggers, mainly due cost per square inch of cooking surface. I felt my kettle could do everything I needed to do. My wife and I have recently decided to have an outdoor kitchen installed. This started out as only desiring to repair some pet damage to a small screened in porch, but the contractor upsold us significantly by convincing us to tear out the screen entirely and extend the area with a new roof over the adjacent patio, complete with kitchen area. I felt the new area was too nice for my Weber to be the centerpiece, and started doing research on Kamados. Now I see what I’m missing! I have finally decided that Kamado Joe seems to be the best fit for me, and now I must decide if the classic II is large enough, or if I need a Big Joe. I will keep the kettle, so classic will probably be enough. Thanks for being such an active, friendly, and informative forum,
  9. I'm in the early stages of having an outdoor kitchen addition designed, and after much research I've decided to include a Kamado Joe Classic II. The builder has drawn an initial design with granite topped cabinets with the KJ built in (i.e. placed in a circular hole in the granite, with a small window in the front side for ash removal. Does anyone here have experience with a similar setup, and if so any downsides? Will I regret not being on a wheeled cart I can move around? Will the radiant heat from the KJ negatively impact the surrounding cabinetry? Will I be limiting my access to anything vital? Great site, and thanks in advance for any replies.
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