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  1. Second Update: Since I had a new lid just sitting there in case I screwed up, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Drilled a hole myself. Started with a pilot hole, necked up to a midway point to the final size, and then did a final one. Turned out pretty well.
  2. UPDATE: Got my replacement lid and thermometer. I got it a while ago but this is the first weekend I've had free. I'm incredibly disappointed in the simple fact that they provided ZERO instructions on how to replace the thing. The customer service has been pretty bare minimum. What a crap company.
  3. The effort of putting the lid on doesn't bother me that much if they throw a "we screwed up" accessory into the mix. If they just send me a replacement lid and don't offer anything else. I'll be ticked. My next email to them will say something of that nature.
  4. I have to give them the diameter of the dome first. I'm going to resist, that's a pain to ship and they want me to pack it right?
  5. I don’t have a thermometer either. They owe me one of those.
  6. As someone that manages a manufacturing plant, I was just interested. I deal with QC daily.
  7. I asked if this was the first time that had happened. I never got a response.
  8. I'm not usually one to ask for free swag but after all this is done it'd be really nice of them to throw an accessory or something my way for all this trouble. It looks like it will be a few weeks before I get the new one. I'll have to rely on my other trusty thermometers.
  9. Now she's asking me to send a photo of myself with a measuring tape across the bottom of the dome... Shouldn't all domes be the same size? She has my receipt which says I bought a Classic II. I'm puzzled. EDIT: She replied that different manufacturers make their ceramic domes so sizes can vary. Odd.
  10. Essentially: They'll send me a new dome.
  11. Just sent them my receipt. They asked if I'd contacted my dealer(Amazon). I hadn't because I don't really think this is a dealer issue. If they suggest I get out a drill and a 1/4" bit, I may get a little upset.
  12. Already checked. Not on the backside and there are no holes on the dome(except the giant one on top). At all. QC fail.
  13. without a thermometer or a hole for a thermometer in the dome. Am I missing something? I just submitted a contact email to the support department. New to the forum by the way.
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