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  1. I got the ribs from a restaurant supply guy that has switched to home delivery. They were described as Chuck Ribs. I did this cook with my iKamand so think that the temp was accurate. Thanks for the tip on Leavoy Rowe. Will check them out!
  2. I did not probe until almost the final temp. Try that next time!
  3. Thanks Endou. Do you recommend wrapping at 160F as it stalls?
  4. I tried my hand again at Beef Ribs - they turned out good - very tender, nice flavour but a little dry. I need some help on how to keep them more moist. Here is what I did - left membrane on, SPG rub, put on KJ at 275F. Left them uncovered for the entire time spritzing after a couple of hours every 45 min. I took them off when they reached 204F and probed tender (6.5 hrs) Rested in foil for 45 min. Any tips on how I can make them more moist? Perhaps smoking at a lower temp? Wrapping? Appreciate any tips you can provide.
  5. Greetings Gurus! I am in Toronto, Canada. I have had my KJ Classic for about a year. Love it! I have tried a lot of different cooks ranging from low and slow to pizzas. - a lot (but not all:) have been successful. No issues keeping temp through the long Canadian winter. Looking forward to learning from each other.
  6. Unexpectedly, I received an iKamand V2 as a gift. I am trying to decide whether to keep it. I have read lots of terrible reviews on V1, but I only found limited number of reviews on V2. It appears that many of the issues in V1 have been fixed. Anyone able to share their experience with V2?
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