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  1. Thanks for all the replies, very helpful in preparing for my next cook! I have been doing most of my steaks on a reverse sear to garner the outside char that is somewhat desired. I am using the iKamand v1 and monitor the temps fairly regularly, but think I've been mistakenly cooking the steak to my desired temperature (135) and failing to account for the carryover cooking after letting them rest for 10+ minutes as I get the rest of the meal ready. I pretty much ruined a standing rib roast doing this on Christmas and served prime rib not so rare.
  2. Really can't understand why they aren't selling additional probes or including them with the iKamand. Seems like such a minor task with huge upside to monitor 3 cooks at once as it was advertised and designed to do...
  3. Fairly new, but frequent user, of the KJ Classic. I am constantly overcooking things on the grill and while this seems simple, I didn't know if there's a rule of thumb or something that could be useful to avoid overcooking. I cook a lot of steaks and standing rib roasts on the grill, but get them to the exact internal temp and then take them off, I let them sit and they're now officially overcooked. It's terrible, it's embarrassing and I need some help! So my questions for this amazing group: Do you take your meat off at a certain temperature before your desired internal temp? (Say 3-5 degrees) Do you know how much more the meat will cook after it has been removed to rest? A lot of this stems from my inability to time other sides and things that aren't working on the grill, but the continuation of the meat cooking after a reverse sear and removal is really not winning me any awards with the neighborhood. Appreciate any help or thoughts to avoid this going forward!
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