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  1. If anyone is planning on ordering one, keep in mind there are multiple sales reps so contact a few different ones to shop the best price.
  2. No, it'll be too small for the K24. 23.5" is the way to go.
  3. $226 total. Shipping is ridiculous at $136. But you can contact multiple agents and negotiate the price especially if someone organized a group purchase.
  4. Had a feeling. Now it would be nice if Louisiana/Pitt Boss would import the accessories Auplex offers for their kamado. Along side the rotisserie they also have divide & conquer.
  5. It has a 30 day purchase protection through Alibaba Trade Assurance.
  6. I own a Louisiana K24 which is the same as a Pit Boss K24 and was searching for a rotisserie. Unfortunately as we all know there isn't one available here in the states. I found a kamado manufacturer in China who also makes different size rotisseries. I took a chance and ordered a 23.5" rotisserie from them and it fit! I gave it a test run today cooking a duck and it came out ridiculously good! Now for my criticism. It's constructed out of very thin steel which I can imagine will rust away if left out in the elements. The fitment isn't a perfect seal but I did the test run without adding any felt gasket and it held temp. Finally the spit rod can get hung up a little by the turning, probably needs a good break in and it shouldn't be an issue anymore. For anyone interested, the company that manufactures this is Fujian Auplex Kamado Grill Co., Ltd. I found them on Alibaba.
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