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  1. Didn't know that, mine didn't fall off but is pretty well bent thought it was normal. Thank you
  2. Each corner was pretty much the same.
  3. Cart Arrived today! looks like the packaging didn't hold up box was pretty well torn on all 4 corners and all the leg bases had some mean scratches. Had some touch up paint that came with my gun safe that matched pretty close. Didn't want to bother trying to do a warranty return as long as it doesn't rust I am okay with it. Will probably let Gary know so they can beef up packaging for future shipments. Waiting for my buddy to get off work so we can take this bad boy out to my deck.
  4. It has arrived! but without a stand Gary said it would be another week or so for the stand to come in. So for now i just keep going out to the carport and sneaking a peek.
  5. So I feel like a complete moron.. the freight company delivery showed up last week.. but it was the 12 boxes of Big block charcoal i had ordered from costco when they were having a sale..
  6. Received a text this morning from the freight company looks like im getting mine next week sometime.
  7. @John Setzler Just curious does the cover for the classic 2 still fit it well? Thank you
  8. Still waiting on mine as well, trying real hard to not be that annoying customer that emails every week
  9. I know right?! here is the reply I received "This is another West Cost Shipment. It will be Mid-April as the III’s have not arrived out there yet. Sincerely, Meghan Moose"
  10. Heard back this morning no west coast deliveries till mid or late april :(
  11. My Classic 3 should ship tomorrow from AGC will keep you guys posted.
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