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  1. DEW


    looking forward to seeing some of your cooks.
  2. Why not out the store? They’re the ones who keep screwing up with delivery so they don’t sound so innocent to me.
  3. Greetings and congratulations on your new grill.
  4. Interesting that it’s already at CostCo. I thought it was released recently. Mind me asking how much it ran there? Regardless of what Mr. Franklin says about Kamado’s, I’m interested in picking it up.
  5. More fuel, more air and light in more than one place!
  6. Looks awesome. Welcome aboard! Bummer about the lid. I’ve always been impressed with KJ’s customer service and glad you were too. Looking forward to pictures of your cooks!
  7. Greetings from Boston! I haven’t sprung for the cyber law or iKamand. I can see the appeal but I think it might also take some of the fun out of it. If you end up getting it, let me know what you think.
  8. No way - needs some pinball!!
  9. Did my first cook of Orange Crush Wings (recipe courtesy of Kamado Joe: JS’ Orange Crush Wings). Next time I’ll modify the recipe to cut the salt in half and up the orange vest. Even so, everyone was pleased. Followed up the wings with smash burgers using a seasoning blend of 1:1:0.3kosher salt, rough freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder.
  10. Well good luck with the install. Hopefully it dries out soon.
  11. Seems like a pretty good deal. Thanks for posting.
  12. Welcome and greetings from Boston. Looking forward to some pictures of your cooks and, of course, your find!
  13. Greetings from Boston. Looks like a good cook!
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