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  1. and good luck. What are you planning on cooking this weekend?
  2. great looking pizzas!
  3. I am thinking about adding this to my collection but given the electronics need to figure out an outdoor storage solution (no shed)
  4. and greetings from Boston. Glad to hear you’ve got domestic bliss with respect to a grilll! If you’re looking for a good resource, check out this free primer:
  5. and greetings from Boston!
  6. What are you thinking about for your first cooks?
  7. What are you planning for your first cook?
  8. DEW


    What a cool find and a great story. Good luck with your restoration and here’s to making some new memories with it!
  9. sounds like you’re going to have to do another cook! Not a bad problem
  10. I like your attitude!
  11. DEW

    Hi folks!

    looks like a great first cook.
  12. I have the same one and am very satisfied. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fire pit.
  13. and congratulations on the house!
  14. DEW

    Fall Clean-up

    Sweet looking cool shack. Awesome.
  15. Looks good. Happy New Year! I did sweet potatoes, ny strip steak and seared scallops on the kamado joe with a side of steamed broccoli and devils food cake. Didn’t take any pictures because of the cold New England weather. Any resolutions for 2020?
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