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    DEW reacted to Boomer in The random pictures thread...   
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    DEW got a reaction from ckreef in Solo Stove Bonfire - Mrs skreef's new fire pit.   
    I have the same one and am very satisfied. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for a fire pit. 
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    DEW reacted to philpom in Light up your Kamado?   
    A nice bright led head lamp is the best thing there is.  Always has the light were you need it.
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    DEW reacted to QDman in Hello, My New Brothers and Sisters!   
    My Kamado Joe Classic was just delivered! My gas grill finally died (after a long and fruitful life), and in searching for a replacement, I learned about Kamado grills. I've wanted to expand my meager grilling skills for a while now, and it seems that, with the Kamado, I can do just about anything.
    It looks like there's a bit of a learning curve involved, so my plan is to move low and slow, picking up as much knowledge as I can while trying (and probably failing occasionally) to serve up some awesome dishes.
    I appreciate everyone who is submitting to this forum, and hope to be able to contribute myself someday.
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    DEW got a reaction from skreef in The random pictures thread...   
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    DEW got a reaction from BURGER MEISTER in The random pictures thread...   
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    DEW got a reaction from ICDEDTURKES in New year's Eve   
    Looks good. Happy New Year! 
    I did sweet potatoes, ny strip steak and seared scallops on the kamado joe with a side of steamed broccoli and devils food cake.  Didn’t take any pictures because of the cold New England weather. 
    Any resolutions for 2020?
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    DEW reacted to Boomer in The random pictures thread...   
    Santa's got a runway at this house!
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    DEW reacted to SmokeyBloke in Eagerly awaiting my KJ Big Joe   
    Thx everyone for the warm welcome, cannot wait to cook... 
    wil be watching everyone else’s until then
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    DEW got a reaction from SmokeyBloke in Eagerly awaiting my KJ Big Joe   
    you’re going to love it! 
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    DEW got a reaction from DerHusker in Christmas Eve Dinner 2019   
    Looks great. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Boston! 
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    DEW reacted to KismetKamado in Christmas Eve Dinner 2019   
    Looks like a wonderful holiday spread!  I have no clue how you manage to do all that. I would still be decorating at the point the Christmas dinner needed to be made.  
    Not going to show my family this photo.... they don’t need to know a ham can look pretty or they might expect me to try to pull that off.  
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    DEW reacted to Grill_Boy in Special Thanks to John Setzler   
    I think we all can give a salute and special thanks to John Setzler for his dedication to this craft. I've read and
    studied many of his posts and without them my cooks wouldn't have been as great.
    So here's a salute with spatula in hand to John Setzler.
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    DEW reacted to ShowMeSmoke in The random pictures thread...   
    Caught in the act, Easter of 2010 when she was only 2 years old.
    Her 10th birthday is this July.

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    DEW reacted to KismetKamado in The random pictures thread...   
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    DEW got a reaction from Rolls in New KJ owner   
    Welcome and greetings from Boston. Looking forward to hearing more about your cooks and use of the rotisserie!
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    DEW reacted to Owly in Fasting for Survival   
    Last year in December, I stepped on a scale, and registered 202....... which for my 5'6" (actually I've shrunk to 5'5" (age 64)).......... is far too much.   I've spent most of my life in the range or about 180... which is still to heavy.   I had taken up home brewing........ doing about one brew a week (2 - 3 gallons).   I love to brew, and I've been brewing beer and wine since I was in my early teens.  My brother loves to tell the story about me with my Louisville slugger.... and apples in a burlap sack, at age 12 pulverizing the apples to make apple jack.......... the truth is that I NEVER owned a Louisville  Slugger.... It was a cheap bat, and I was never much of a team player, but I did do fermentation from about that date forward, usually with a hydrometer and real beer or wine yeast.  And I ranged into distillation.  None of these activities were known to any adults......... I was clever and secretive...... 
         I had let things get out of control........... and it showed not only by my weight, but when I put on my electronic blood pressure cuff, the result matched the weight numbers........ or very nearly!!!
         I was going to die an early death..........or spend the rest of my life taking drugs!    I do NOT doctor, and never have, except for laceration repairs (stitches), or for antibiotics when I have something life threatening like Strep.   Neither alternative had any appeal to me.......... but death is the preferred option to joining the herd of folks who visit doctors and live on drugs........ otherwise known as poisons!
         I stopped eating that day............ and for 4 days, took a break of 48  hours, and resumed fasting.  I continued this for 110 total days of fasting, all in 3 to 4 day fasts.    The pounds melted away, and my eating habits changed.  Within a couple of months, my blood pressure was within an "acceptable range"....... Acceptable for my age.  I do not buy medical absolutes.......  roughly 130/85.   I continued my "program"........ and is is 100% mine.   I do NOT follow any defined program.   My policy was to fast, but pay attention to my body.  If the "signals" told me to break after 3 days.......... I did it.  If it was smooth sailing and I was feeling good, I might go 5 days.  Friends and relatives were horrified......."you are going to ruin your health"....... Utter nonsense!!   I do not do things with my eyes closed or ignore my body.   I reached my 50 pound target in early may, and have gained back the expected amount of about 6-7 lbs, and have been holding at that consistently....... about 158 +/-   I do have a target of about 10 lbs less, and plan to pursue it this spring.    During my fast, I walked every day......... I always have walked at least 2  miles a day through the woods on my own path.   I REFUSE TO WORK OUT OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH GYMs........  That stems from my hatred of my elementary school gym teacher I suspect.....but that is another and rather entertaining story.     "Hatred" is probably too strong a word.... I was a stubborn child, and could not be bullied either by my peers or adults.......  I never recognized a difference for all intents and purposes.    Backpacking in the mountains this summer was effortless.... I've always been strong and robust, but with the weight loss I was unstoppable.  
    ...........  I AM NOT A FASTING ADVOCATE.......  There is much benefit, and if you do your research you will find this to be true.  But it is NOT for everybody, just as Keto, or Atkins is not for everybody.  It was for me.  I was NOT willing to spend years clawing my weight down.  From what I have seen dieting does not work for most people.   Lifestyle change is critical, whatever path you take.    Fasting was for me... it may not be for you.   I have a contempt for the conventional medical "wisdom", and I am impervious to criticism when I am comfortable with my choices....... unless that criticism is based on solid facts.  It almost never is.   Folk wisdom, and the common knowledge is largely nonsense, and I've long recognized that.  This puts me at odds with most people, most of the time.    I was not willing to take years to achieve my goal... I'm strong, healthy, and determined... a survivor , who has relied on my own instinct in situations most folks never encounter, because I push the limits, and always have.    People often say "I couldn't do that".......  that's fine with me.  Do what you can.   
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    DEW reacted to JaxxQ in The random pictures thread...   
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    DEW reacted to Alejandro in Kamado joe arrived damaged - Horrible customer service   
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I've watched many of your youtube videos and you are one of the reasons I decided to purchase the Big Joe.
    My point is that whenever I make a purchase online, if the item arrives damaged, I return it and request a replacement. It should not make any difference that the damage is only cosmetic, the new item should arrive in pristine condition. Had I had the opportunity to refuse this delivery I would have. In my opinion, this damage should not be subject to the warranty policy. It did not get damaged from use but instead it was delivered like that. I believe that it should by my choice whether to accept this unit with the cosmetic damage or request a replacement. It should be no different than choosing to buy a floor display in a store at a discount, instead of a brand new item. To settle for anything less than perfect should always be the consumers choice.
    My preference was and still is to get it replaced. I have been saving money for 8 months to be able to make this purchase and should not be forced to accept a unit that arrived damaged. However, I do understand that this would translate to significant expenses for KJ. And I agree with Adam319 that it would probably be a lot easier to deal with the paint fix than replacing the base. Therefore, I never demanded a replacement nor did I ask for any specific cash compensation. What I asked them on several emails was to "make this right" which I believe is pretty reasonable. They ignored my requests and stopped responding to my emails on December 4. I find that to be poor customer service. Like Tarnation put it, it "royally sucks". And for the record, I do care for the cosmetic aspect of the grill. That's one of the reasons I chose the good looking KJ over the ugly green egg.
    Yesterday, after 2 weeks of waiting for a response, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from M. Wilkerson stating he/she is the manager for customer service at KJ and requesting to speak to me. I only saw the email after midnight and I replied with my cell phone number. I will report back once I speak with them.
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    DEW reacted to Tarnation in Kamado joe arrived damaged - Horrible customer service   
    Yeah that royally sucks that this was the way KJ decided to handle it.  The damage doesn't look too bad though.  Mostly an aesthetic thing, which again sucks bad, but at least its not a functional problem.  It doesn't look like it will affect it in any way, just make sure you keep all of your documentation and if the grill does ever crack you have proof that you tried to resolve the issue with them when you originally received the grill and this is where you are now.
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    DEW reacted to pmillen in Kamado joe arrived damaged - Horrible customer service   
    I write to companies that have treated me badly.  I send a certified letter, return receipt requested, to the company president in order to be certain that it doesn’t get delivered to some middle-management functionary.  I’m fairly confident that the address you want is–
    Bobby Brennan, President
    Kamado Joe
    5032 Milgen Court
    Columbus, GA  31907
    Be polite.
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    DEW reacted to Boomer in The random pictures thread...   
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    DEW reacted to Larrsz in Kamado Joe at Lowes   
    Confrontational, much? If it's online it has to be right, right? 
    That being said, assuming you are right, I guess that's a good thing unless they sell so many that KJ starts to cut corners in manufacturing to meet demand. Or, reduces the warranty because the mass market refuses to learn about what they bought and claims start going up.
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    DEW got a reaction from Smokingdadbbq in Started a Kamado BBQ YouTube channel ... anyone else have a channel?   
    Thank you for the plans. I watched your comparison video. It was very thorough. I think it is a good idea to vary lengths of your videos and I look forward to following your channel. 
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