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    DEW got a reaction from Bgosnell151 in Ending a Great Day if Cooking   
    Looks great! Nice job. 
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    DEW reacted to Brick Pig in Deadwood: The Movie (2019)   
    We still haven't finished our re-watch of the series. We saw episode 10 and 11 of season three last night, and it was all we could do to NOT stay up waaaayy too late to finish it up with episode 12. It's just such a great show. And I'd forgotten how funny it is. Can't wait to get to the movie.
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    DEW reacted to FuriousGeorge in GOIN' TO THE ROADSHOW!   
    Going to the Kamado Joe roadshow in Brandon, FL tomorrow.  Any tips on how to get the best deal???
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    DEW reacted to msimon905 in Newbie attempting a brisket   
    Hi Everyone! My name is Mike from Houston, TX. I have a big joe coming Friday, and I plan to do a brisket on it Saturday. Any particular brand of oak chunks that are consistently better than others? 
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    DEW reacted to ohthehugemanatee in new Akorn, new grilling style   
    Hi everyone! I've been a compulsive griller for the year since I got a place with a balcony, using my cheapo kettle grill. This season, one neighbor actually stopped by to make sure I was OK, since I hadn't grilled all month! I was fine... I was just waiting on the delivery of my very first kamado grill!
    I've had a char griller akorn for all of a week and I love it. So far I've only used it for direct heat grilling - it's so easy to make juicy meats (chicken, burgers, and brats) and veggies... I'm in heaven! I'm saving for a deflector and a pizza stone... But one step at a time!
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    DEW reacted to donl1150 in Greeting from Northern Minnestoa   
    The ice is finally off of the lakes and time for the first cook!  I am a newby only having the Joe Classic since last fall.  Also added the CyberQ Cloud unit.  Wow....what a combo.  Now just have to get some experience under my belt.  Look forward to reading and learning!
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    DEW got a reaction from BishBashBoris in Old time slow cooker, first time Kamado   
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    DEW got a reaction from Bgosnell151 in Ending a Great Day if Cooking   
    dang that’s too bad. Sounds like it got off to a good start at least. 
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    DEW reacted to CentralTexBBQ in Show your BBQ area   
    @Chris Topher, I take the approach that what you have is what you have don't be ashamed of it. That said after I take care of the winter weeds and moss, I'll post a picture...
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    DEW reacted to grill seeker in Show your BBQ area   
    LOL.  My high school smoking club did not involve a grill - although we often got hungry and could have put it to use.  Kidding, of course. 
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    DEW reacted to Bgosnell151 in Show your BBQ area   
    Ummmmm, nope.  Not showing mine after seeing these!!!
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    DEW reacted to KismetKamado in Ending a Great Day if Cooking   
    Your Wednesday was way better than mine!  Sounds like a fun day of cooking and great way to top it off. 
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    DEW reacted to keeperovdeflame in Old resto or New - can you help ID?   
    Welcome JanRol, 
    That looks to be an older kamado to me. Just looking at the outside it is difficult to tell what kind of restoration, if any, it has had. Not really sure of make and model, but it bears some resemblance to and  older Grill Dome kamado. 
    https://www.bbqguys.com/grill-dome/infinity-series-large-kamado-grill-on-dome-mobile-copper?msclkid=cd248380e25e1ff27035df48679a83ee&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=BIN | SHP | BG | KG | Brand&utm_term=&utm_content=Ad group %231&species=shopping-ad&s_kwcid=AL!5468!10!77240752037866!4580840322899839&ef_id=XMiFxAAABSEkiVEU:20190430172836:s
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    DEW reacted to BobE in Pondering   
    Welcome to the forum Matt, I don't think you can go wrong with either of the those two.  All things being equal... go with the one that comes in your favorite color, It's a big big monument that you're going to be looking at for a while 
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    DEW reacted to keeperovdeflame in Maybe this year.   
    Welcome, glad to have you lurking or as a member. Kamados are truly amazing cooking devices and are, in truth,  much more than just a BBQ or a Smoker. Think of a kamado as a charcoal fired out door oven capable of cooking anything you can think of. It can grill, low and slow, and  bake; and the food that comes off it is so good, you will wonder what took you so long to buy one.  
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    DEW reacted to philpom in Netflix, is it worth the 15 / 16 a month?   
    I like the way y'all think!  Check out your local Library, we get tons of DVD's from ours, even movies and TV shows.  We quit buying cable/satellite nearly 20 years ago and have a good antenna on the chimney.  We do have dedicated internet at the house (I use it for work) but we also have Netflix and Prime which in my opinion are both worth it for the price.  The selection of documentaries is huge and Forensic Files! 
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    DEW reacted to Glynis in Kj3. New addition to the family   
    We did it a small chicken and some potatoes I know it’s not very adventurous but watch this space. 

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    DEW reacted to John Setzler in How to Take Care of your Kamado Joe Grill   
    Here's a video I just put together for Atlanta Grill Company on caring for your Kamado Joe Grill...
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    DEW reacted to pesto3 in Big Joe Pizza   
    Man oh man we love pizzas here. It was just myself and the kids last night so there was no need for gluten free pizzas! 

    went for a really thick base base last night. Cooked at a lower temp as we loaded our pizzas up!!

    love it!
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    DEW reacted to Teajunkie in New user   
    Welcome to the club. One word of safety advice: when opening your kamado, burp it. You can accomplish burping by opening the lid just an inch or so, holding it there for 2 seconds, then opening the lid fully. This will prevent a dangerous thing called blowback...in which you'll burn your arms and maybe your face.
    Just burp it each time and you'll be A-OK. Again, welcome to the kamado club!
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    DEW reacted to John Setzler in The Kamado Joe SLoROLLER   
    This is standard in the Classic 3, Big Joe 3, and the ProJoe models.....  
    Here's the YouTube version if you can't see the one above.....
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    DEW reacted to Golf Griller in Recently Upgraded   
    Welcome to the forum. A ceramic grill never crossed my mind until I had my 3rd grill in 10 years rust out. Delicious looking short ribs.
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    DEW reacted to shuley in Consumer Reports on Kamado's   
    I was just happy that kamados are popular enough to make consumer reports now! 
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    DEW reacted to 540perry in Consumer Reports on Kamado's   
    So Kamado Joe takes the top spot.  On the low end of the price range the Char-Broil Kamander gets honorable mention:
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    DEW got a reaction from Rob_grill_apprentice in Orange Crush Chicken Wings   
    Did my first cook of Orange Crush Wings (recipe courtesy of Kamado Joe: JS’ Orange Crush Wings). Next time I’ll modify the recipe to cut the salt in half and up the orange vest. Even so, everyone was pleased. Followed up the wings with smash burgers using a seasoning blend of 1:1:0.3kosher salt, rough freshly ground black pepper and garlic powder. 

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