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    DEW reacted to BobE in New to my grill..how to reach 700°?   
    Welcome to the Guru!  There is a "Talk about your cooker" section on this site, you may have better luck getting your question answered if you post it in the Vision segment.  Best of luck holding 700F 
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    DEW reacted to BobE in Ohio greetings   
    Welcome to the forum Z.  I started with a WSM too.  It was a great grill but a pain to clean.  Post a picture of your tag sale find, someone here is sure to have the answer you're searching for.
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    DEW reacted to d_mike in Checking in from Mississippi   
    After lurking here for a while, I decided to sign up. This just arrived so I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

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    DEW reacted to ske1eter in Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE   
    Thank you, John! With the shinanigans that FB has been participating in, I was concerned when I saw the announcement. I'm very happy to hear that the Kamado Guru site will continue.
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    DEW reacted to Charcoal Addict in Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE   
    It’s good to hear you’ve had a change of heart about keeping the site online.  I wasn’t rushing out the door to build a new forum because I felt you might change your mind after reading through comments from the KG supporters.  You have a lot of years, blood sweat and tears invested in the KG forum.  It’s you’re baby!!!
    If you have a copy of Invision’s Commerce as part of your IPS License there’s a paypal linked donation app built-into IPS Commerce with funding goals.  You can use “percentage of the goal reached” if you want to keep the numbers private. 
    Having a fund raising goal publicly will make it easier for everyone to see if the site needs help and additional funding to stay online. 
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    DEW reacted to ckreef in Reef's Lump Comparison   
    Let's take some pictures for size comparison and a volume measurement. For the size picture that is NOT the entire bag. I dumped a little less than a 5 gallon buckets worth out. Also keep in mind that is the total amount of fines and dust from the bottom of each bag but some bags contained almost twice the amount of lump as other bags so naturally they will have more fines and dust. Also lump varies a good bit between bags of the same type. Sometimes you get a really good bag and sometimes you don't. 
    For volume measurements I used this box. I measured the inside diameter, did some calculations and cut this box off so it was exactly 2 cubic feet. I then marked the box off in 1/2 a cubic foot measurements. When I poured the lump into the box I shook the box a good bit in an attempt to settle the lump down in the box to get the most accurate measurement. This whole process was very messy and I'm glad this phase is complete. 

    RO (regular) 15.44 lbs in 1.10 cf (cubic feet) 

    RO XL Cut - 16 lbs in 1.25 cf 

    B&B Oak - 20 lbs in 1.15 cf

    Cowboy - 15 lbs in 1.15 cf

    Rockwood - 20 lbs in 1.5 cf

    KJ Big Block - 20 lbs in 1.15 cf

    Fogo Premium Black Bag - 17.6 lbs in 1.25 cf

    Fogo Super Premium - 17.6 lbs in 1.25 cf

    Fogo Marabu - 33 lbs in 1.5 cf

    Fogo Quebracho - 35 lbs in 1.75 cf

    Fogo Brazilian Eucalyptus - 17.6 lbs in 1.25 cf

    Jealous Devil - 35 lbs in 1.9 cf

    Komodo Kamado CoffeeChar - 20 lbs in 1.4 cf

    For the final picture we have the fines and dust from all 10 bags. It was almost a 5 gallon bucket full and weighed about 11 lbs. No real point to this picture. 

    For comparison purposes this is the the numbers of lbs per cubic feet listed most to the least. This should give us a basic idea how dense a lump is. 
    lbs per cubic foot 
    22.00 - Fogo Marabu 
    20.00 - Fogo Quebracho 
    18.42 - Jealous Devil 
    17.39 - KJ Big Block 
    17.39 - B&B Oak 
    14.28 - Komodo Kamado CoffeeChar 
    14.08 - Fogo Brazilian Eucalyptus 
    14.08 - Fogo Super Premium 
    14.08 - Fogo Premium Black Bag 
    14.04 - RO regular 
    13.33 - Rockwood 
    13.04 - Cowboy 
    12.80 - RO XL Cut
    This next small section is my opinions and observations. Your milage may vary..... 
    If you're looking for XL lump pieces KJ Big Block was the biggest followed closely by Fogo Quebracho then Fogo Super Premium. 
    There wasn't a big size difference between RO regular and RO XL Cut but there was a lbs per cubic foot difference which leads me to believe they came from different processing facilities or at least different batches. 
    B&B Oak has a really high lbs per cubic foot considering it was made from American hardwoods. Their website mentions that they put "green" wood into the kilns. From making homemade lump in my backyard I can attest to how difficult it is to get fully carbonized lump if you start with even slightly "green" wood. I'll keep an eye on this idea during the burn tests.
    Fogo Marabu was the hardest followed closely by Fogo Quebracho. 
    A favorite of many people, Rockwood was a bit disappointing in size. 
    It will be a few weeks before I can start the burn tests. Will update the thread when they start. 
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    DEW got a reaction from KismetKamado in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Figured I’d share a before and after of one of my early pizza cooks. Basic pizza dough receipe at around 500 for 7 minutes or so. 

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    DEW reacted to Burntweenie in BGE vs KJ Argument Finally Solved   

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    DEW reacted to Beermachine in Robert Kraft should have gone here instead   
    Vero Beach, FL.......

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    DEW reacted to K_sqrd in Heading To Costco, Like Right Now!!!   
    Kinda makes you wonder how large the actual lobster was that grew that claw. Wonder if they
    caught it near a nuclear power plant. LOL! According to the article in the OP's post, the shell is
    half of the total weight.
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    DEW reacted to John Setzler in Classic 3 Arrived   
    Here's a photo sequence of the assembly of the inside of the Classic 3 with and without the SloRoller....














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    DEW reacted to John Setzler in Classic 3 Arrived   
    I need to get the inside assembled and get it going soon
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    DEW reacted to freddyjbbq in Kamado Joe "Big Joe" Table   
    Dang, that's nice! Where's your daisy wheel?
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    DEW reacted to bhnelsen in Kamado Joe "Big Joe" Table   
    I finished my table yesterday and installed the grill this morning.  Almost two months in the making, but happy with the results. With the exception of the support frame, all redwood construction.  The grill sits on four 2" granite squares, which rest on a 19" square granite base.  A matching granite inset is on the table itself.  Just in time for some final summer barbecuing!

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    DEW reacted to Scott Roberts in Ordered two accessories for KJJ   
    Smokeware cap and stainless kick ash basket on the way to complete my new ceramic grill!

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    DEW reacted to Mr Cue in Cod On The KJ   
    Looks awesome! Gonna have to try this because my wife cooked me some cod fillets in the oven the other day and she spent the next day and a half complaining about the smell. She hates fish and doesn’t eat it so I told her next time I’d cook it outside. 
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    DEW reacted to ckreef in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Pepperoni is hitting it. Great looking pizza. 
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    DEW reacted to Rob_grill_apprentice in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Nice looking pizza
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    DEW reacted to keeperovdeflame in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Pepperoni on top of the cheese, where it belongs. Fine looking pie
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    DEW reacted to BURGER MEISTER in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Mmmmmm, pepperoni, my favorite.  Looks perfect.
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    DEW reacted to Vizguy in Pepperoni Pizza   
    That is a thing of beauty!
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    DEW got a reaction from Scott Roberts in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Figured I’d share a before and after of one of my early pizza cooks. Basic pizza dough receipe at around 500 for 7 minutes or so. 

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    DEW got a reaction from Golf Griller in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Figured I’d share a before and after of one of my early pizza cooks. Basic pizza dough receipe at around 500 for 7 minutes or so. 

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    DEW got a reaction from BURGER MEISTER in Pepperoni Pizza   
    Figured I’d share a before and after of one of my early pizza cooks. Basic pizza dough receipe at around 500 for 7 minutes or so. 

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    DEW reacted to Chris Topher in BBQ Snobs?   
    Food snob here! Not that I dislike going out or ordering in, especially during weekdays when I usually have insufficient time to whip up dinner. I have good to great restaurants near me, but I much prefer making dinner for me and my wife (and the occasional guests), for a few reasons. 
    1 - the quality of ingredients
    2 - the amount of sauce - why is everything swimming in a sauce?
    3 - the amount of salt - why is everything over-salted?
    4 - I find the act of cooking therapeutic 
    5 - portion control - what’s with the humongous portions? 
    6 - much better wine
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