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  1. The gasket on my Big Joe III is beginning to come off. Can someone reccomend a glue that i can use to reattach it.
  2. We did it easily wtih my 20 yr old son my wife and me
  3. So far my Kamado cooks have been at least as good as those on the OJ. It was difficult to maintain temps before because I would nearly always get distracted and find the OJ temp too high or too low. You may be right that a perfect cook on an offset may be slightly better but for me perfect cooks were elusive.
  4. For 10 years I smoked a brisket or a rack of ribs a few times every summer on my Oklahoma Joe and grilled burgers or chicken here and there on my Weber gas grill. I got a Big Joe III a month ago and have already done more long cooks than I did all last year. I really can't wait for the weekends so I can try a new recipe or technique. I think it's the combination versatility and simplicity that has me fired up. My wife is worried that I have found a new hobby. Hobbies are EXPENSIVE!
  5. I hope you like your classic 3 as much as I like mine. I've only done 3 cooks so far. Ribs, brisket and pork belly. All were delicious.
  6. I took one of the many pork belly burnt ends recipes and used some asian flavors....hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil etc. Might be the best thing I have ever cooked.
  7. Loopy1224

    Joe 2 or 3

    I sprung for the Big Joe 3 and am happy I did. This is my first kamado but the SloRoller works well and I like that the charcoal basket is standard. Only 3 cooks so far but all have been excellent!
  8. Here is the response from KJ on the unidentfied parts that came with my Big Joe III. Happy with the fast response. Due to the hinge being counter balance, these parts are needed for locking the hinge in the closed position. You would do this if you ever needed to replace the hinge and or outer ceramic. So sorry this is not mentioned in the manual. If you have any further questions let me know.
  9. Nice HotRod. Hope to set mine up on Saturday. How many people did it take to lift it into its cart?
  10. BJIII arrived safely and intact. Just need to recruit some neighbors to help lift it into the cart.
  11. You are correct i was contacted by a freight company directly.
  12. Big Joe III arrives between 9am and 1pm tomorrow. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! Now for the bad news....going away for the weekend darn it
  13. Thanks John. Website still says by April 8th and i haven't been contactes by AGC. Ill shoot them a note tonight
  14. I am buying my first kamado after years using an Oklahoma Joe. Ordered the Big Joe III from the Atlanta Grill Company. Looks like they will ship on or about April 8th.
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