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  1. Thanks John. Website still says by April 8th and i haven't been contactes by AGC. Ill shoot them a note tonight
  2. I am buying my first kamado after years using an Oklahoma Joe. Ordered the Big Joe III from the Atlanta Grill Company. Looks like they will ship on or about April 8th.
  3. Decided on the Big Joe III from the Atlanta Grill Company. The waiting begins.......
  4. Thanks Bob. Ill look there for some advice
  5. Hi i'll be buying a kamado grill for the first time this spring. I'm going to retire my Oklahoma Joe smoker and make the switch. Hoping to learn from the kamado veterans that hang out here. Leaning toward a Kamado Joe but still trying to decide between a classic and a Big Joe
  6. No New Jersey locations yet. Looks like i'll be driving to Comack Long Island.
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