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  1. Addertooth's post suggested use of this thread for others planning to restore a Kamado cooker. I don't know that I can add any restore information beyond what's already covered here, but I'll post some pictures of what I'm starting with and share my progress as I restore the cooker. It might be a little slow, as I'm also remodeling a bathroom, and my wife's priorities would lean in that direction. Anyway, a friend of mine saw a ceramic cooker on the side of the road with a free sign, so he loaded it up (with a little help) and took it home. He grilled on it a few times, but didn't really need this beast for grilling (he has a Weber kettle). He knows I love to BBQ, so he offered it to give it to me (and deliver). It needs some repairs, but I figured it's something I could handle. Here are some pictures of what I'm starting with. The biggest issue is the damaged top. I have the chunks that broke away, so I should be able to repair it. I'll be contacting Galaxy Outdoor soon to order a new spider kit. I'm not sure about cracks yet, but I'll get it cleaned up soon to see what it looks like. Cheers,
  2. I'll add more pictures when I start a referb thread.
  3. A friend picked up a free Kamado someone put outside their house, but he didn’t really know what to do with it. A few weeks ago, I invited him to a Seattle Seawolves Rugby game, and he had such a great time, that after the game he offered to give me the Kamado. He knows that I grill and BBQ a lot. I have 4 WSM’s, 4 Weber kettles and a 6 burner Summit gas grill. I was leery about taking a grill he picked up from the side of the road, but what the heck. I’ve always wondered about how it would be to cook on a ceramic grill, so now it’s in my garage. I did some research, and I concluded that I have a Kamado K7. It needs some TLC, but I started reading the K7 rebuild threads on this site, and I think I’ll give it a go. I’ll share pictures and details as I go. Cheers! Steve1Ski
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