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  1. Thanks everyone! Today they asked that I send pictures of what I received. I imagine they will send me a new gasket to install over the felt or another dome. I am confident they will correct it. Golf Griller, there is a thin strip of felt that runs under the outer edge of the wire mesh gasket, but it is not nearly as thick as the felt gasket. I would be concerned that it may be too thick to latch if I install the wire gasket over the felt. Can’t wait to use it!
  2. I feel like a kid waiting for the toy store to open. I bought a Kamado Big Joe two weeks ago at a Costco roadshow. I researched Kamado’s for months and decided to buy one when I saw that a Costco a couple hours away was having a roadshow. I rented a van and brought the bad boy home. Sadly, the dome was cracked. I contacted Kamado Joe customer service and they sent me a new dome that arrived on Friday. The dome they sent me has a felt gasket, not the wire mesh gasket that is on the base of mine. I’m concerned this won’t provide the appropriate seal. I sent an inquiry to customer service this weekend in hopes that they will sent me a dome with the correct gasket. I hope they correct it. Am I asking too much that the gaskets match on a brand new grill?
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