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  1. Neapolitan pizza stone https://www.fornostenugnar.se/store/p/biscotto-di-sorrento-314881/kamado-joe-biscotto-di-sorrento-967726
  2. Does DoJoe works in high temperatures or does it take some damage, i mean temperatures like 450c-500/ 840F to 930F?
  3. Hi, You dont need heat deflectors with Biscotto stone, but you must dry it before first use because stone is wet. Like 5h or more in the oven with low temperature 200f or 250f. Just place the stone to the rack and it's ready to use You can use some wood chunks with charcoals to create better flames to get upper temperature
  4. Neapolitan stone: https://www.fornostenugnar.se/store/p/0/kamado-joe-biscotto-di-sorrento-967726
  5. Hi you need to dry it. Like keep it on 125c like 5h
  6. Yes it is. Njuda, mozzarella and san marzano pizza
  7. 1kg flour and 1-2g dry yeast. 2h bulk RT then i cut dough to the balls and 24-48h CT fermentation then 2-3h RT and pizzas are ready to bake. This stone is awesome
  8. I made two pizzas today. King Bolete, salami and DOP Mozzarella di Buffala
  9. No it isnt, i use lot of quebracho charcoals and couple chunks of oak
  10. Yeah it is blueberry, peach, mascarpone and cream pizza. Great dessert
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