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  1. Hi you need to dry it. Like keep it on 125c like 5h
  2. Yes it is. Njuda, mozzarella and san marzano pizza
  3. 1kg flour and 1-2g dry yeast. 2h bulk RT then i cut dough to the balls and 24-48h CT fermentation then 2-3h RT and pizzas are ready to bake. This stone is awesome
  4. I made two pizzas today. King Bolete, salami and DOP Mozzarella di Buffala
  5. No it isnt, i use lot of quebracho charcoals and couple chunks of oak
  6. Yeah it is blueberry, peach, mascarpone and cream pizza. Great dessert
  7. Hi, It's from Sweden: https://www.fornostenugnar.se/store/p/biscotto-di-sorrento-314881/kamado-joe-biscotto-di-sorrento-967726
  8. When dome temp is like a 350c then stone temp is ~250c, then i close a little bit top vent and wait when stone temp gets closer to dome temp, then top vent fully open again and waiting temp reach 430-450c then i start to bake pizzas. 1-2min i use hardwood charcoals like a Qubracho with couple oak chunks so i can get flames and more dome temperature.
  9. Adler and it is common tree in Finland
  10. Friday was first time when i was using Biscotto di Sorrento pizzastone. You dont need heat deflectors with that stone and the stone keeps running on 435-450c even i opened lid approx every 25s to rotate the pizza. It takes about 1 minute to get leopard dots for the bottom. Lump charcoals and couple of oak chunks works fine wit top temperature.
  11. Home alone so i made a one pizza Cold smoked reindeer, Weinkäse cheese, mozzarella and parmesan
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