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  1. Wow - thanks for all the great responses! I was just using my built-in thermometer in the Kamado. Perhaps there is an issue with it and/or maybe I should be using probes anyways. I did cook the pizzas anyway - I elevate them with a little contraption I made so it's higher in the dome - they took about 15 minutes - really couldn't complain but was hoping for / tend to get a crispier crust when I'm aiming for more like 450. Will have to get the shop vac out and really clean it out and see if my problems are solved then... Will watch that quick fire video as well!
  2. Lately I've been struggling to reach higher temperatures on my Kamado. I keep trying different fire-making techniques with the same issues encountered each time. Last night I used a chimney and a lot of fresh lump charcoal and by all appearances (pic below) got a very nice looking fire. And yet - per the thermometer could not reach past 300 degrees (too low for the pizzas I wanted to cook) despite with the top vents and bottom vents being wide open. Is this more likely to be a cleaning issue or is there a very specific way you need to build your fire for higher temperatures? Any suggestions appreciated -
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