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  1. Food Lion has Boston butt on sale for .99 cents a lb. Picking up about $50 worth today. I’m in the Charlotte NC area.
  2. Here is a pic of a storage unit for the accessories for my Big Joe that I built yday. Installed it on my wall in the garage. I’m fairly tall 6’ 4” so the upper shelf is still in my reach. I got tired of my stuff being scattered and unorganized.
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Will send pics of the first cook. Be next week. My beautiful bride loves mushrooms. So this cook will be a “win win”. I get to play with my new toy and she gets to enjoy a great supper!!
  4. Picked up my new Big Joe from Nichols Store in Rock Hill SC. Place is just incredible. Could spend hours in there!! New to Kamado Joe but have had 2 Akorns. Loved cooking on both. Time to step up or shut up! Been watching John Setzler YouTube videos for months so I am ready to go!! Glad to see he is a member. First cook will be bacon wrapped mushrooms.
  5. Never mind. Just picked up a brand new BigJoe from Nichols store in Rock Hill SC. So excited!
  6. Still for sale? I’m in Gastonia and been looking for Big Joe for a while. My email address is murphymike2265@gmail.com if you are still interested in selling it.
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