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  1. App State huh? Both of my kids graduated from app state. And we have a small house in Foscoe. Yosef!!
  2. Made it one afternoon out of scrap shelving wood. And it works pretty well. On the wall of my garage.
  3. My wife’s favorite and mine too. I use a mayo wasabi/soy aioli. You can find recipes for it on line. I prefer wasabi paste over powder. Spread it over thin dough and let it cook for a minute or 2 at about 400. Then add some fresh parm and Gouda. When it’s almost bubbling, add small chunks of fresh tuna. Won’t take long for it to cook. Remove. Add baby spinach over the top and serve.
  4. So I fired-up my Big Joe last night for some chicken. New firebox performed like a champ. Temp held perfectly. Easy to control. I was having issues keeping the temp consistent. Long cooks were esp frustrating. But it appears that all is well in the kingdom now.
  5. Update: KJ sent me a new ring AND a new fire box. The new fire box is a lot tighter fitting than my original fire box. So we will see thru time if this is better. I have to give 100% praise to KJ. They are standing behind their product and it’s is impressive. Great to know a company still cares about customer satisfaction
  6. I would like to add one more thing.... the paper towel method is incredible! Using this method, I got my firebox back together and hurried to add the weight of the dividers. Took maybe 5 minutes. She is humming at a beautiful 300 degrees currently.
  7. So far it has been the half moon griddle. Smooth side is perfect for smash burgers. Rough side is great for fish.
  8. So I got an email from KJ today. They are shipping me a new ring. Should have it in a week or so. Fair enough..... I’m happy with getting a new ring. Gonna try the paper towel method tonight when I get home to see if that works with my warped ring. I appreciate the input!
  9. I have removed the firebox 3 or 4 times since I bought it in March 2019. I have not had an issue putting it back together until now. Tried with 2 sets of hands holding everything in place. Once we thought we had it and we stepped back, one side of the ring popped up and all of the firebox walls fell. Very frustrating. But KJ should be in touch with me today. Will post their reply.
  10. I cook at several temps but the most has been 550 or so. And the ring was seated properly. My firebox walls (6 of them) have never really matched well. Had gaps that I really couldn’t correct.
  11. Got an issue with my Big Joe and was wandering if anyone else has seen this issue. My SS ring that holds together the fire box walls is warped. It’s warped so bad that it will no longer serve its intended purpose. Once you get one or 2 of the walls in place and move to the next, the ring pops up and the walls fall out. Took me about 4 beers to finally figure out that I was not going to win the battle. So I have sent the good folks at KJ some pictures and am waiting their reply. Has anyone else had similar issues? I believe my fire box walls aren’t true and when they heat up, it twists the SS ring. Just my humble opinion.
  12. Great mobile storage unit. I built a large mobile table for my big joe. So there are items like paper towels and aluminum trays and cooking utensils on my bottom shelf. My big joe only travels about 25 ft when it’s time to cook.
  13. Food Lion has Boston butt on sale for .99 cents a lb. Picking up about $50 worth today. I’m in the Charlotte NC area.
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