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  1. So you are thinking I may have one one end of the tolerances one front wheel other end? I suppose that’s plausible- will have a word with them cheers
  2. not sure how I missed this - the diameter was significantly smaller old base to new - to the extent I sent them pictures and the band wouldn’t tighten enough! They had to send me a New lid and a new band which had the smaller bolts all of which was smaller. I also have a classic about 6-7years old and the dome cracked got a new one and it’s diameter is about 10mm less than the base. Trying to live with it as I don’t want to be that guy that keeps claiming but it’s not right for sure - can send photo
  3. I use half moons and never had a problem until yesterday going to repair with kiln cement for now as never had issue
  4. Guessing the cracking is not then... with the warping how do you flatten it or will it automatically over time ?
  5. Hi all just done my twice annual tear down and deep bless and the bottom ring of the firebox has a crack between the ash tray cut out and inner ring - is this known to happen? I will contact kj tomorrow. also the metal ring is so warped it won’t sit flat now is this normal too? cheers
  6. Do you use a DoJoe or just the Joe on its own what are the pipe things you speak of can't find on Johns posts...
  7. Hi all I have an original firebox I was going to try and fix for a spare tried lots of things noting works but for other purposes I have seen water glass / sodium silicate seems to get rave reviews - anyone tried this here? thanks
  8. interesting video - and fair point about the mold - I wonder why they changed it though?
  9. The hole thing has shrunk too the bands the wall thickness the actual external diameter of base and domes
  10. Looks like the new owners are making some cost saving changes :-( my jr which is 4 yrs olds had a crack in the base must have been a firing crack as it didn’t run to an edge. Anyhow kJ replaced it but the dome and band were too big to fit. The inner dimensions were about right but the out was too small so think they’ve made it thinner. anyway new band and done aero iced today fits perfectly - also smaller/thinner but the most obvious thing was the bolts! They used to be chunky things 13mm heads they now are weedy ones 10mm heads looks like a sign of things to come :-(
  11. Hi all wanted to run this past you. earlier in the year my dome on my classic developed a spider crack. As alway I was sent a new one. Went to replace it and the diameter of the dome was about 1cm less than the old one and the bands wouldn’t do up properly and had a massive under bite. credit where it’s due they sent a new base and band and all lined up perfectly. bow fast forward 6 months (and some bad luck) my base on my jr has a crack - just went to change it... the base is 40cm diameter not 41cm of my old one now have a massive overbite
  12. Hi all I have finished building my walls and timber counter to sink the joe in. I have done it all and a buddy came over for a bbq and he mentioned o have not done it the normal way and a quick google proves him right. I have made the top of the base flush with the counter. Logic for this was easily being able to flick pizzas off onto cardboard trays - is there any issues my way?
  13. Hi all - had my jr/classic for a while now and I seem to get this problem - and it only seems to be night cooks just to mess with me :-) if I try and shoot for really low temps (the bottom to middle of low on the thermometer on the dome) I fill the baskets up with lump and make a slight pyramid I then get it set up after a few minutes and let it stabilise for 45 mins. Fast forward to 4am alarm goes off as temps are dropping go out (everytime) look at the firebox it’s still full but a core has burnt right down to the bottom and burnt out so I then have to mess about re making it up - any ideas?
  14. Yes that’s what i ended up doing makes more sense butt hen that begs the question why does it swing out at all
  15. I will indeed - side question John as you know your stuff - I have a brand new gasket fitted to the chimney and original daisy wheel setup was very tight. If I open this fully up so swing the partial venting out the weight of it tilts the hole vent as it’s not tight enough on the chimney - is that normal? I’d need to double gasket or something if so..
  16. Yes sir - above the E at the top you can see it has dipped which it hadn’t before
  17. Hi all - last week I treated myself to a new kontrol tower for my classic I. Today I thought I’d do some pizzas as the weather was nice and hot and put the kontrol tower on before I started. Anyway cooking around 700ish so fairly hot I shut the vents all down when done and notice the top warped? Surely this is a massive design fault if it’s thst thin it can do that? It not catches when I turn it which is not what I paid £70 for! Is this normal with these or should i go to kj about this? A little reluctant as I feel I may get a name for myself as just had the new firebox and the base has g
  18. Just a quick point of a smaller deflector or stone was used would you hit the temps quicker/easier? I’m thinking I have a 10inch deflector / stone setup in my jr if I put this in my classic it should easily hit those temps?
  19. Any idea when this is available for classic I/II and will it be dojoe money or more or less?
  20. I did it last year Father’s Day full bone. Google yielded no results so I did my own thing. Firstly with no deflectors and the firebox ring removed I seared it Dome up for a couple of minutes each side (maybe slightly less) I then took it off put the ring back heat deflector in and put a probe in cooked low and slow until a medium kind of temperature took about 30-40mins but that was the best tomahawk ever! I had to have the bone stick out the chimney though so I shut the daisy wheel right down and butted it up against the bone to get about the right airflow!
  21. Ok - any ideas on the best match red paint :-) thanks!
  22. Yea it seems a strange place to go - thanks and will keep you posted!
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