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  1. Thanks. We picked up an old electric stove with non digital components yesterday. I am going to have my dad do the rewiring. He has a much more advanced understanding of electricity than I do and is confident that he understands how to do this safely.
  2. Hello I am very interested in rewiring an old oven to 120V like you have done to use in curing powdercoat as installing 220 volt outlets in the garage would be expensive and We really wouldn't need it to be that much hotter than 200 degrees. Perhaps 300 for cerrakote but I'm sure we could work with 200 and just cure for a longer time. I have had the darnedest time researching how to do so though. Half of the internet seems to believe it will burn down your house. The other half seems to think you could just wire the oven straight to 110 and it wouldn't give any problems except the lowered heat output. Could you give any more detail on the rewiring process using the old controls?
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