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  1. Man you've seen right through it. You know me better than I know myself. I think you may be right!
  2. I did but they don't have that sliding deal going on. Is it possible that BGE lapped the competition with their grate system??
  3. Hi all, first of all, apologies if this belongs more in the BGE forum than here. I've been looking high and low for this and I'm not sure it exists. Of course you can do multi level cooking on the KJ D&C and can add a raised grate. But what I can't find is a top grate that slides out of the way like the BGE EGGspander. Has anyone seen one before? For reference: (about 1:40 in this video) I feel like the sliding feature would make a world of difference in workflow. I've used the raised grate on Weber kettles and found it to be a pain, having to remove it from the grill entirely to access the food below, then replacing it precariously. Perhaps I'm overthinking it but right now, because I'm on the market for my first kamado, this feature could be what sways me away from KJ to BGE... change my mind?
  4. Thank you! And yes I have. I'm pretty confident that if I went the kamado route, I'd go for a shiny new KJ Classic III, although I keep getting tempted by the BGE Eggspander system (that sliding upper grate just looks too handy to ignore). I had a look at some 24" kamados and found them too large for my taste. They'd dominate the back yard as it's not a very big space (the "grill area" is only about 60 sq. ft and needs to accommodate a small dining table and chairs as well). For that reason, the Weber Summit Charcoal would also be out of the running, as much as it pains me to say so, because the videos make it look very enticing. At the same time, I keep circling back to the Weber Performer. Not so much an issue of cost, because I've budgeted enough for a KJ. Just the convenience and workflow--gas assisted lighting, work table, charcoal bin, plus all the extra gadgets available like the slow n' sear and the vortex make it a pretty attractive option that would seem on paper to be able to do everything I want to do quite well (low n slow, roasting, searing, but no pizza or baking). One day in the next month I'm going to make up my mind with firm conviction and wonder what took me so long, but for now I'm trying to soak up as many opinions as I can!
  5. Hey folks--how rude of me! I made a post last week without introducing myself! I found Kamado Guru while debating what size of kamado to get. I take it you've all heard that one by now! Not just that--I've been wondering whether I really need a kamado or whether a well-utilized kettle with a few fun gadgets (slow n' sear, vortex, rotisserie, etc) would be the right move. I'm loving the looks of the royal blue Weber Performers that Crate and Barrel carries.... Anyway, that's neither here nor there. The reason I'm poking around these parts is because I've been grilling infrequently since I was a kid and am *finally* getting access to a back yard of my own... a small green oasis in the middle of a big city. I've been lurking for a while but only started posting recently, and I look forward to hanging out with all the experts and enthusiasts here as I pick my gear and start cranking out some mighty fine meat. Happy grilling!
  6. You know what... Seeing all this, I'm beginning to understand what to do here. I want enough room for mains and sides and/or a two zone cook. In either case, based on all your input, a larger grill isn't necessarily going to be the answer, since the temps inside the grill won't be that localized. I'd look at a MM or KJ Jr on the side but I don't know if I really need to spend all that extra cash on a second kamado if all I'm looking for is a way to do direct cooking while I'm smoking or roasting something else. Right now I'm leaning towards a KJ classic with a cheap Weber Smokey Joe on the side when I want to sear things or expand out onto a second grate. The way I figure it, a Big Joe gets me just north of 1.5 square feet per zone when doing two zone cooking. A 14" Smokey Joe on the side affords about 1 square foot of searing space, which should be enough for my needs.
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies. @ckreef, very helpful insight. You're right, I'm thinking about putting everything on at once when in reality that will rarely work. I went to a store today and checked out the L and XL BGE side by side. While the L grate did feel a bit compact, the size of the XL felt way too imposing. The salesman said he'd push me towards the large as well. Interestingly, while that store is an authorized BGE retailer and he's the BGE guy at the store, he also said he'd push me towards the kamado joe even though he's technically not supposed to say that. This is a tough call!
  8. @Bgosnell151 @dirty6 this is exactly what I wanted to see! Thank you. Particularly the pics of cast iron on the grill alongside the meat. Just for a sense of scale, are those 10" pieces? It's interesting to note that I do all the cooking in my household, so I won't have the convenience of (soon to be) momma prepping the sides inside. So these pics are super helpful. It might be that I feel more comfortable operating on a 24" after all, even though a full meal seems to be totally possible on an 18"
  9. @keeperovdeflame This is great info and a nice warm welcome, thank you! I definitely see how personal a decision it can be to choose a grill. Similarly, context around how other folks make creative use of their grill space helps me get my head around the options. It sounds like an 18-incher is the more responsible choice, logistically speaking. One follow-up question for you: I can probably fit more meat on a Large than I’m likely to need for the size of gathering that my back yard can support. But what sorts of combinations of meat + sides have you pulled off on your LBGE before? It’s the ability to handle a full meal on a single cooker that I’m most interested in (INB4 “just get a L and a MM” — unfortunately I just don’t have the space for that!). Lastly, one of the first things I checked was my condo by-laws and thankfully there’s nothing in there that prohibits outdoor cooking. Outdoor fire pits/fire places are specifically prohibited, but not charcoal grills; the current owners of the place have a Weber kettle out there so I should be fine on that front (thank god!)
  10. Hey everyone, long-time lurker and first-time poster here. I’ve been reading these forums and watching the super-helpful videos posted by several KG members for the past few weeks (y’all sure are a helpful bunch!), and I still feel like I could use a tiny push in one direction or another. Here’s my situation: I’m moving to a place in the summer that has a small back yard. It’s a townhouse in a big city so you can imagine that quarters are cramped back there. I’ve grilled a lot before but mainly direct/high heat. Fully confident that getting a kamado (BGE, KJ or WSC) is going to give me the kick in the backside I’ve been looking for to get *really* good at working a pit and pulling off low & slow cooks. For the most part, I’ll be cooking for just my wife and myself. Before too long, a third little human will be in the mix. Outside of that, I won’t be cooking for more than 8 people *maximum*, because that’s probably the biggest crowd that can fit in my apartment! I’ve been to Lowes to check out a KJ classic, and even that felt pretty beefy for how small a grate you get. Haven’t seen a BJ or XLBGE near me to compare, but will keep looking. In general, I would spring for a 24” kamado without a second thought except for two things: Space is at a premium in this small apartment and that extra 6” diameter / 3 square feet or so makes a difference in how cramped the cooking area will be, alongside a small table to seat people I have no idea how I’m going to get the bigger kamado delivered in this city, strapped to a pallet and maneuvered through the building to get to my back yard. The 18” size would be more manageable. I would man up and deal with the above if it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to cook a full meal for three on a large-sized kamado without relying on another cooker (i.e. the kitchen inside). What I’m really looking for validation on is: can I cook a whole meal for my family on a KJ classic / LBGE sized grill? I’ve seen the pictures and videos, and I know that an expansion grate / EGGspander etc. would be a must, but even with that, could I fit something like two whole chickens *and* a cast iron skillet for sides? A butt or two and a pile of veggies? Maybe somehow add a second side and a second butt if I’m entertaining?? Thanks in advance for your insight!!
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