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  1. Oh, I was thinking something different. Those I’d smoke for about 3 hours.
  2. 250 for 90-120 minutes. Just did that the other day and it was great.
  3. I’ve seen videos of 185 so I am guessing you an hold that for a while. Even easier with a controller.
  4. If I think about it I brush it while it’s hot. I always brush it before I light it and then may do a quick brush before I place the meat on it. I never take them off and only do a burn (no higher than 550) once a year.
  5. I would see if you can find one at a discount. I’d worry less about the model and more the price. They all work well and if you’re coming from an Akorn you’ll be fine with any slight mods you think are needed after the first dozen or so cooks.
  6. I am not exactly sure what you mean, maybe it doesn't have the slot. That does not matter, I just set mine on top and depending how hot I want it I lay other charcoal on it as well.
  7. I just do 50/50 of coarse salt and coarse black pepper. Some days I add a bit of celery seed.
  8. It’s junk and not worth it. $28 I got two half moon kiln shelves from my local pottery shop. Much better option.
  9. You made it better so it’s Cleveland style now
  10. KJ needs to burn 45-60 minutes prior to adding food. Place your hand over the top vent and then smell your hand. This is a good way to check.
  11. When I first had mine it took a bit to hold temp. After a dozen or so smokes it holds temp perfectly. The smoke helps seal everything up. Any extra airflow I assume is just compensated by me opening the dial less. My fire still goes out when all closed up. I say this just for the new people, just give it time before spending money. If you can see a gap, sure it may need fixed but give it a few months of using before going all in on extras. Of course disregard if you like having a project and something to do besides enjoying it.
  12. There is a note in the description that retail is $499, not $400.
  13. Nice price point at $400 if that is accurate.
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