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  1. I bought the Pro C about a month ago and I do not have any complaints. I've done a brisket, multiple steaks, burgers, pizza, and vegetables. I've found it extremely easy to control temperature and get out of it what I expect. I used a dremel to cut the notches off the upper rack so that it easily removes. I purchased the Vision Spider from the Ceramic Store and then two 1/2 moon kiln shelves from a local pottery store to use as a deflector. I also purchased two 8"X11" plates of 3/8" steel to use for pizza, veggies, searing, etc. I moved to this from an Original Bradley Smoker and while that was nice, I would never go back.
  2. I bought the Vision spider to hold the kiln shelves. I thought about making something but decided it wasn’t worth it to me.
  3. I went to my pottery shop and purchased two 1/2 moon kiln shelves.
  4. Thanks, I learned did not fill it up enough. Rookie mistake!
  5. Will do that next time, thanks. I wasn’t sure how high I could go.
  6. Yeah, the reviews look good and it seems heavy duty. I’ll update next spring!
  7. I know it was a bit ago, but how did you setup your charcoal? I just posted a brisket smoke and I ran out after 9 hours/225-250 and I thought I should be able to get more. If you made it 12 then there is something different I can do. Thanks
  8. 2nd time using my new Vision C today to do a brisket. What is the best way setup the charcoal for a long smoke? I filled it a bit above the air holes and then lit it using an electric charcoal starter. It held temp great, 225-250 very easily, but I ran out of heat after about 9 hours. Is this normal or should it have lasted longer? Should I light a small pile in the center and then move it to a side and then fill more around it? Just wondering if there is another option. I used RO lump with about 8 chunks of hickory. I have the Vision spider and two half moon kiln shelves for deflectors. As mentioned temp was spot on but I ran out. It’s finishing in the oven.
  9. I’m new to the Vision and only had this on a few weeks but so far it’s working out. We’ll see next year how it held up. Classic Accessories Ravenna... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R4J5APU?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  10. Hello, I have a Vision C and I’m in Richmond Virginia. My first kamado, since 2007 or so I’ve been using an original Bradley.
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