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  1. For the uninformed like myself, why is the difference between this and a lodge or amazon CI skillet?
  2. Again I follow you lol. I noticed some beef ribs today at Kroger and picked up a pack. I’m going to cook it like a brisket.
  3. I picked up one from them too. Glad to read it came out okay.
  4. Read this Not sure why it looked fine on mobile but not in the browser. Try this one
  5. Yes more time was needed. Brisket don’t care about time, it lets you know when it’s done. This isn’t a microwaveable meal, it’s a hunk of meat from a living thing. Each one is different, and goes through a process. You shouldn’t go above 275 on a brisket until you’ve had a lot of practice.
  6. BBQ brisket is never about time it’s always about when it probes like peanut butter. It reads that low and slow isn’t available to you at the moment so do other quicker cooking cuts of meat.
  7. Have you tested your thermometer to ensure it is working?
  8. No we all must know what it said before haha
  9. I understand, I’m from Cleveland but when I moved to Texas many years ago I fell in love with smoked brisket. After that I was hooked. Hello from a fellow Richmonder.
  10. Yes, the top vent will not shut off completely until about 6-8 uses. Perfectly normal.
  11. Basket is still going strong, about 9 hours in.
  12. Alright seeing yours and this one, I want the bigger basket. Too much space around it.
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