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  1. Yes I did exactly this. I bought two 3/8" 8"X11" pieces of steel off ebay and have been using that.
  2. If you have a Souse Vide give that a try. You can make some delicious poor man's prime rib this way.
  3. I use half moon kiln shelves from the local pottery store. Works great.
  4. I have some in my freezer that I need to do as well. How did you cook these?
  5. Check out John’s video. It worked great for me
  6. If you have a vacuum sealer and a sous vide you’re all set. I make one large brisket and it usually lasts me a few months. I’m the only one who eats it sliced. My kids will do tacos, and sometimes I make chili. I love it and it tastes just like the day I made it.
  7. Can't say for sure but I do not use a water pan, season right before going on, goes on right from fridge, and I set it on my upper rack (higher in the dome). That looks like a point, and what was the temp at the thinner parts? Since a flat is more thin than thick I typically insert the probe in the middle towards the thinner ends when it is just a flat.
  8. Spatchcock it, and you will love it.
  9. Welcome! I like that cart too, unfortunately no dealers within 3 states from me.
  10. Can you open your slider and use some kind of iron to put it end? Of course you may get ashes on your food that way. Also remember, smoke is only absorbed so much. You don't need smoke the whole time, just usually the first few hours when the meat is cooler.
  11. I've performed the smoke test and do not have any leaks. Being a new kamado owner I guess I just need to learn that the coals take a bit to go completely out.
  12. Dicks has 20% off a single item now, $210 out the door for me. Thanks!
  13. I received my order yesterday and cooked a blade steak for the first time. I did about 5 minutes first side and 4 the second on cast iron with a mayo sear. Perfect medium rare, sliced it thin and took all my will power not to eat it all myself. It was wonderful and I can't wait to get into the rest of my order over the coming month.
  14. I like it! I thought I had my issue solved but after an hour I had glowing coals still.
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