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  1. Another vendor is Breeo; I picked up their Phoenix last month and have been very impressed as well. They are both fine products.
  2. butterfly, smash flat, season, then around 400 on top grate and I check temp at 20 minutes. Comes out nice and juicy.
  3. Big fan of using crisco when it needs fresh start.
  4. I'm lucky that mine faces my yard. Leaf blower twice a year for me.
  5. Taking my grate out and just using a basket has really helped. I don't have any non-normal air leaks from what I can tell. The fire seems to snuff out and leave me some charcoal after I shut it down.
  6. Certain metals off gas. Take a look at this for instance. https://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17645 You’re of course able to do whatever you wish but think about anyone else that may RST the food you prepare.
  7. I'd be concerned about off gassing and other noxious metal fumes in my food as well.
  8. The moisture is normal also, it will go away.
  9. Typically they are already brined. If it says injected with % of solution it is brined already. If you do it again it will be too salty. Just inject with butter if you want to.
  10. I’ve had the normal Lodge cast iron pans for about 13 years and they works great. I think I’ve only re-seasoned it once and that was because my ex used to coat it too heavy with oil and it went rancid. I used crisco to season after that. I cook all kinds of eggs in all kids of way with it every weekend. Love them!
  11. The gloves he mentioned above, but don't forget the grill brush.
  12. Nachos are my favorite thing to eat with left over BBQ. Hell any leftover meat for that matter.
  13. I picked up some from Woot the other day. I haven't tried it in the smoker but the taste was good. I had some on eggs the other morning and enjoyed it too. Edit: just realized this is over 4 years old LOL
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