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  1. I did at first and then after a few smokes it was sealed up.
  2. Mine has that as well and it is from late 2018.
  3. I made some too yesterday and it was delicious. Since I just needed heat I used my gasser. Results were fantastic and I will definitely do again.
  4. Doing this tonight, thanks for the recipe.
  5. Was the prime a packer and the choice a flat?
  6. The fire bowl is holding the fire, it will not be hotter up top than at the bottom.
  7. I use a divider too, works great for lots of different meals. I don’t have a good one though. Just a bent stainless drip tray. Someday may find a better version.
  8. Not sure what size you need but I always recommend kiln shelves. If you have a local pottery store give them a call. Here is an example: http://www.clay-king.com/kilns/kiln_accessories/corelite_kiln_shelves.html
  9. I don't use mine. I bought a basket off Amazon for around $35 I think. I posted it somewhere on here and it works great, or rather grate!
  10. Spray with Pam before cooking, high heat burn, weed torch, let the dogs have a go at them, oven cleaner, soaking, dispose and buy new.
  11. I cook asparagus all the time in my CI. Never had an issue. I always clean the pan hot right after cooking too. I find it’s the easiest when hot and quickest too. Can usually get the whole process done and reoiled in 2 minutes or less.
  12. To update my cover still looks like it did when I bought it. Hard to realize I've had this over a year now.
  13. That would be the standard version. so reading other reviews it may have an issue with the latch and not fit. I’m sure I’ve read about others using it though. honest opinion: most people don’t think it is worth it. Kamado makes great pizza without it and doesn’t use up all your coal.
  14. I thought the DoJoe fits just fine.
  15. Because of air leaks everyone has different settings. It will need a few smokes to seal up those but once it does it will hold great. My Pro C works great without any modifications. I thought it was leaking bad but a few smokes in and easy to control.
  16. My delivery of TP arrived today
  17. There are at least three of us from Richmond now. Welcome!
  18. It is the standard size, not the big Joe one.
  19. Another vendor is Breeo; I picked up their Phoenix last month and have been very impressed as well. They are both fine products.
  20. butterfly, smash flat, season, then around 400 on top grate and I check temp at 20 minutes. Comes out nice and juicy.
  21. Big fan of using crisco when it needs fresh start.
  22. I'm lucky that mine faces my yard. Leaf blower twice a year for me.
  23. Taking my grate out and just using a basket has really helped. I don't have any non-normal air leaks from what I can tell. The fire seems to snuff out and leave me some charcoal after I shut it down.
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