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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from rayzer70 in Vision Grills - Large Heat Deflector Stone   
    Not sure what size you need but I always recommend kiln shelves. If you have a local pottery store give them a call. 
    Here is an example: http://www.clay-king.com/kilns/kiln_accessories/corelite_kiln_shelves.html
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    RVA Smoker reacted to anthony21078 in Heat leaking from ashtray solved by vision?   
    Received the Home Depot version of Visions Kamado today. After reading numerous posts/reviews about air leaks around the ashtray, I was prepared to start sealing with permatex sealant but was wondering if Vision themselves solved the problem? On my unit there is a rubber gasket with black sealant around the tray area. Is this the "new fix" by Vision or has this always been the way it came from the factory and still leaks? The bottom is a little loose and I can move it so I figure it might need a little more sealant. The factory job is a little sloppy but oh well. I still plan on installing felt around the ashtray itself and the knobs
    If you zoom the pictures you can see the sealant behind the rubber gasket.

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    RVA Smoker reacted to SeaBrisket in Some guy from Georgia just taught this Pacific Northwesterner how to make perfect crispy skin salmon   
    A little background. For the past month or so I've been cooking salmon once a week with the goal of perfecting it on the grill. My wife does it great with a combination of the stovetop and broiler on cast iron but I've never been able to get it down on the grill using the CI half moon. It's always been burnt, following the recommendations of several techniques I've found online. I responded to something @John Setzlerwrote on Facebook jokingly asking him to help me perfect crispy skin salmon. To my surprise, John responded by making this video: 
    I just cooked this up tonight following his recipe by the letter except using my CI instead of soapstone and it came out absolutely perfect. I'm sitting here basking in the glow of the best salmon I've ever enjoyed. I forgot to get a skin picture but just refer to John's video to see exactly how it came out. 
    Thank you so much, John. I will be following this technique from here on out. Absolute perfection.

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    RVA Smoker reacted to John Setzler in Soapstone Seared Salmon Fillets   
    Cooking a skin-on salmon fillet and getting the skin to a nice crisp consistency is a fun and easy task on the Kamado Joe Soapstone. You can also do it on the cast iron half-moon griddle or in a cast iron skillet on the grill if you choose!
    There is only one thing you need to pay attention to on this type of cook. You need to make sure the soapstone is not TOO HOT for the cook. This technique I have shown in the video makes it easy to keep the soapstone from getting too hot. You don't want to scorch the skin on the fish while you are cooking it.
    Here's the recipe for the brine I used here:
    3/4 cup cold water
    1/4 cup whisky (optional - substitute with water if desired)
    2 T kosher salt
    1 T brown sugar
    1/2 t onion powder
    1/2 t ground black pepper
    Make sure this brine is cold before you put the fish in it. Brine for 60 to 90 minutes...
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    RVA Smoker reacted to oldfart in newboy   
    Hi. Pete from Hailsham, South England. Am newly retired old fart with shiny new Kamado Joe retirement toy. Have smoked over the years on offset / kettles with varying success ( OK lack of success ...)
    Please excuse inevitable newbie questions. 
    cheers all. 
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    RVA Smoker reacted to keeperovdeflame in Wrapping in 2 year old Kick Ash Basket   
    I have Both a gen 1 original, and a thicker beefed up gen 2 KAB. Both are bent, charred, rusty, but still perform their intended function. Hard to to imagine putting piece of gear in to a more harsh environment. Ck is right, the temp in your fire box is easily 2x the temp on your dome thermometer.  Anything, stainless or not, is going to show wear over time, the more you cook the quicker the damage appears . KAB puts out a great product, but everything including me has a life span,  I just figure on replacing my basket every 3 or 4 years. Cost of doing business.
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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from smokin_j_nc in Vision Grills - Large Heat Deflector Stone   
    Not sure what size you need but I always recommend kiln shelves. If you have a local pottery store give them a call. 
    Here is an example: http://www.clay-king.com/kilns/kiln_accessories/corelite_kiln_shelves.html
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    RVA Smoker reacted to John Setzler in Temperature differences   
    Go with the dome thermometer temp and you will never have a bad result. Every electronic probe you put in the grill is gonna read differently from the dome and every other electronic probe.  The thing is that they are all close enough that it won't make a difference in your cook.  Grate temperature results are gonna be wildly different at any given point on the grate in relation to where your food is located and where the heat may be rising from around the edges of your heat deflector.  It's wildly inconsistent.  Consistency in temperature is far more important than extreme accuracy.  
    Measure less.  Cook more.

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    RVA Smoker reacted to KJTerp in Vacuum Sealer, which one???   
    I (or my family) have had a foodsaver for 20+ years. When I moved out, I bought them the upright model, which they love, and took the oldschool white basic model with me, which I promptly broke while moving, I since replaced it about 5 years ago and its been chugging along ever since. I have minimal complaints, other than running out of bags at the worst possible time.
    Some tips! Because I'm procrastinating before a call this morning!
    I always seal the ends of the bags with two lines, about a half inch apart. That gives you some redundancy in case a seal fails for whatever reason. If its something I really really like, I'll do three.
    If you have a big pile of stuff (like a pile of chicken thighs), I make a test bag for the size i'll need for all of them, and then make all of the bags first.
    Fold the top of the bag over before you load up, so moisture doesn't get where the sealing happens, otherwise the seals will suck or fail
    Some (like my father) like to use the smallest possible amount of bag. That's all well and good, but nothing sucks more than sucking two tablespoons of chicken juice into the pump to save one inch of bag.
    Make sure whatever youre foodsaving is as dry as possible before going into the bag. See above for why thats important.
    I never foodsave liquids unless theyre frozen. I put them in tupperwares, freeze them solid, and then foodsave them. That's also good for portion control, or recipes. "I need two cups of chicken stock, oh hey look its this neat pile of stacked blocks of 1cup, 2cup and 1/2 cup chicken stock in the freezer."
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    RVA Smoker reacted to Ben S in Solo Stove Bonfire - Mrs skreef's new fire pit.   
    I am suddenly looking at these as the “stay at home” in Boston is justified by the local corvid numbers.   I seriously like the Breeo for the cook surface and year round outdoor use.  
    thanks @ckreef for starting this.   
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    RVA Smoker reacted to Chris Topher in How to cut a hole/opening in a kamado?   
    the Akorn is just steel, so some form of hole saw might do
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    RVA Smoker reacted to adauria in Cleaning a rib rack - AAARRRRRRGH   
    Alternative to rib racks (to save space and have the more vertical for cooking): stand your racks on edge and roll each of them into a circle. Poke a wooden skewer threw and bit of overlap section of each end of the rack and then all the way through the other side. I used to use this trick on my 18" Weber Smokey Mountain to get 3 racks of ribs on a single level of grill grate. Works great!
    Here's an example with images from another forum: https://eggheadforum.com/discussion/1180716/anyone-roll-their-ribs 
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    RVA Smoker reacted to ckreef in Flame Kissed Tri-tip   
    Flame Kissed Tri-tip with homemade slaw and some onion potatoes. In these trying times you might not have all the ingredients you want. Improvisation is the key to an awesome meal. It was a gorgeous day. 
    After the forward sear I slide the grate over to the side and inserted a temperature probe. About 30 minutes later I pulled it with a IT of 130*.


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    RVA Smoker reacted to Lumpy_Coal in Cast iron smoothing   
    I’ve done a huge amount of research on this topic, as someone said it’s gotta be the most debated topic in the internet.  There is a good Facebook group called Modified Cast Iron that’s good for tips and tricks.  
    My experience has been that if you sand it too sooth, seasoning won’t stick well.  It’s best to only go as high as a 60 grit or so. Basically try not to go ultra smooth and give the seasoning some time to build up and you’ll be happy. I have a Lodge pan that I use daily and it’s as smooth as can be and I didn’t do anything to it but cook eggs everyday.  It will take a long long time if you don’t use it every day so I am trying to find the best method for my other Lodge pans.  So far I think what I said above is the best.  
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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from ScoutHikerDad in New Vision Pro S and a Couple of Questions   
    Because of air leaks everyone has different settings. It will need a few smokes to seal up those but once it does it will hold great. My Pro C works great without any modifications. I thought it was leaking bad but a few smokes in and easy to control. 
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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from JeffieBoy in Crazy Run on Toilet Paper   
    My delivery of TP arrived today 

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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from Golf Griller in Crazy Run on Toilet Paper   
    My delivery of TP arrived today 

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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from LargeRedJoe in Crazy Run on Toilet Paper   
    My delivery of TP arrived today 

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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from Chris Topher in Crazy Run on Toilet Paper   
    My delivery of TP arrived today 

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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from ckreef in Crazy Run on Toilet Paper   
    My delivery of TP arrived today 

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    RVA Smoker got a reaction from K_sqrd in Crazy Run on Toilet Paper   
    My delivery of TP arrived today 

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    RVA Smoker reacted to Grill_Boy in Royal Oak at Wmart   
    Like anything in the world there are better and worse products. For the price I think Royal Oak is pretty darn good and I've been using it for years. In general I find it very consistent and for the price it can't be beat. If I were super rich I'd go with high-end stuff like Fogo but honestly for daily use I trust Royal.
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    RVA Smoker reacted to dman in Royal Oak at Wmart   
    I have used the Royal Oak for years with no problems. I do find occasional small rocks but not many. Large chunks and a good bit of medium sized chunks. I picked up a couple of bags ay Super Wally World for $8.99 a bag last week. 
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    RVA Smoker reacted to brute_strength in Used Vision Owner, Struggling w/ Temps   
    Hey, guys.  Well, I'm a much happier camper today.  When I got home yesterday (around 5:00) my fire had pretty much died and was reading about 170 on my digital thermometer.  I was not discouraged, though, as I hadn't done much in the way of refueling.  I stirred the ash and added bunch more lump, more than I think I've used in any test so far.  Got the fire going and it was sitting at 281 at around 6 or 6:30.  3 hours later, the temp had hardly budged, with all rises and drops firmly in the 280-288 range.  I let it keep rolling because at this point I wanted to see how long we could maintain the temp.  At around 11:30 it fell to 260ish, so I adjusted the top vent from the 1.5 it had been sitting at to almost 2.  30 minutes later I was just over 300 degrees, so I dialed back a bit and gave it another 30.  It was back to the 280s, at which point I went to sleep.  Woke up around 2:30 and decided to give it a check. 280s again.  Back to sleep.  4:30ish (not a great night for sleep) it had fallen to 240, I think.  I adjusted the top vent wider and fell asleep again.  When I finally got up at 7am temp was reading 190, so I figured that was it for the fuel and shut her down.
    I'm incredibly relieved, which anyone who has followed this thread can appreciate.  I think I have a baseline of settings to work with now.  I can finally start smoking with a modicum of understanding and confidence.  Still plan to try the Big Block lump and see if that gets me an even longer burn, but I'm starting to get my excitement back.  Thanks to the support of the community, as I don't think I'd have hung in there without it, lol.  Especially @Ogopogo who stayed engaged and offered tips after each update.
    Almost all of my tests have been without food, @Tarnation , but I did manage to ruin a chuck roast and half pork shoulder (stone was covered, though).  They both had really strong, almost acrid smoke profiles.  Not sure if it was because I hadn't mastered the fire or I used too many hickory chunks.  Going to try a single rack of spare ribs with one chunk of hickory and see what happens.
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