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  1. Hey Jamie... What about the Broil King Keg? I bought one in Canada when we arrived here from Aus a few years ago... It has been awesome - joetisserie and other standard Kamado gadgets fit it and like the Weber it eliminates all the ceramic negatives you noted above.. I had a look online and my jaw dropped at the price in Oz... but still a few hundred cheaper than the Weber! Cheers Les
  2. No more to say really... 2 years now with the keg, no regrets - Except for the time I cleaned the outside with cleaner and ruined the finish! But it doesn’t affect the cook!!!!
  3. Sorry, I meant the factory charcoal plate (not the diffuser) with kick ash basket on top... For low and slow, I didn’t think I needed full airflow (so kept the plate in place).. Sitting above that I have the factory diffuser dry, lined with foil and then a tray sitting on the foil to catch drippings.. The factory unit looks flimsy, but does the job at that temperature.
  4. Hi @Kozik... You mentioned you had the bottom vent closed so that only air from the flame boss would come in? Where is your fan located? I have a ThermoWorks Signals and Billows... fan mounted on the rotary bottom vent... I have the vent fully open (but sealed by the fan) I also leave in the factory diffuser and sit a kick ash basket on top - Maybe this limits the air input and temperature upswings? My last cook I saw steady within 6 DegF Setpoint of 240 (239.4 up to 245) for hours. I also had the top vent almost closed the whole time.. I was thinking maybe you
  5. @&roid Agree - New app is much better - New icons (showing wifi, Bluetooth and fan status) are great, but they still need to add the fan status or speed to the graphs to please me!! They have improved the device status indication - When Signals is offline, it still displays temperatures?? But at least it now has a big red bar to say ‘Not connected to WiFi’ (don’t recall an alarm being initiated though?) Apple Watch interface would be awesome (I get alerts now on my watch if an alarm is activated in the app) and if they gave more functionality on the alarm set points for fan (
  6. Hey all.. I commented on the Fireboard / Thermoworks posts in the accessories section... Basically, I wanted the Fireboard, but ended up with the Signals due to availability and shipping in Canada.. Not happy with my final decision, but still testing the signals (and the new app). But thought I would share how the Signals and Bellows works with the Keg 5000... Now for the mounting of the fan... I cheated!! I bought a BBQ Guru adapter for the keg some time ago and I cut it down to be able to mount the square Billows fan. Note: I just received a Pit Viper fan from
  7. I remember reading this thread a few weeks ago whilst researching which controller to buy... The good advice / feedback turned me to the Fireboard, but my local shop only had the expensive ‘ultimate’ bbq pack ( 6 probes - I don’t need that many) and buying direct from website (with USD to CAD conversion and shipping) was going to cost me $531 CAD (without a fan!) I rang around locally and found the ThermoWorks Signal and Billows pack in stock for $449 CAD. - So went and picked that up! Will post a thread under Broil King a keg section with full details of my first test
  8. Hey Peter... BBQ Guru offer an adapter for the Keg 5000.... I bought the adapter the other day to see how it fits, looks like you have to remove the daisy wheel centre screw to mount the adapter - So not sure if it will be easy to take on/off (switch between controller and manual operation) Hadn’t bought the controller yet, not sure if I wanted the basic model or the cyberq... Lucky I held off as it looks like they are releasing a new controller - Not sure if I want to be a ‘tester’ of a new device - but they look pretty cool! I assume only bbq guru fans wor
  9. This is my last low and slow pork (from my Meater probe)... No temperature controller, no mods or sealant, just dumb luck!! You can see I opened the lid once to wrap it (stall had me worried at 3pm that I was a bit behind schedule).. Otherwise I never disturbed it and temperature held perfectly.. Was a small shoulder - Just under 7 hours and I would have had coals left... I’m sure I have done an 11 hour cook before..
  10. Hey Spaggy, it does take a while for the temperature to settle... my suggestion is that you had too many changes in a short time - 5-10 mins between closing to 1, temp dropping at 9:40 and then opening up to 2 again. Once I get to 50 below target, I close top to 1 and bottom almost fully (just a crack showing, can’t remember number). Then I am just moving the dials by millimetres every 20 mins or so.. Big steel keg forum has some great info, but as per my previous post is is closing down soon... So I copied some key points (sorry if that has broken any site rules):
  11. Hey all.. Just glanced over at the other forum and they have announced it will be closed down on March 3rd... if there are any good posts on modifications or recipes that you wanted to keep, better head over there and save an offline copy. I had signed up to it when I bought my Keg, but never used that site... Cheers!
  12. I bought a ‘big boy kamado’ electric stick lighter which I use if I am in a hurry, it lights up quick and then the blower helps to really kick the coals into gear - Cost around $80... But more recently I have been using Xtraflame natural firefighters.. 1-2 per cook, never had a failed start, but takes a bit longer to get the coals going.
  13. I bought the Meater+ and pretty happy with it.. Main reasons I bought it were new technology (something cooler than my igrill) and to use on rotating meats on the Joetisserie as you mentioned. Construction is solid, but you have to be careful about temperature limits and ensure the ‘internal’ part of the probe is inserted fully into the meat. I like that i can see/ trend both internal meat and external ‘pit’ temperature on low and slow with the single probe. The meater+ base is a Bluetooth extender, so the base generally has to stay beside the probe at the bbq (range fr
  14. Hey all.. Noticed a lack of activity in the Keg section of the forum... and I thought this would be good to share... I had searched around the web to confirm that the Joetisserie would fit on the BKK... A few posts said yes whilst some said no, but last month I decided to up one and try it for myself... The result..... It works but a couple of minor issues: - Handle clearance - When the motor is on the bracket, it doesn’t clear the handle on the left side (photos below). I have taken my handles off the keg which also means I lose the shelves, but that
  15. The original CI grate is the same (18.5 inches) the only issue I am having is the KJ half moon griddle has a 1" high lip around the curved edge (I guess it is that high to provide an edge on both sides - double sided plate).. That lip means it doesn't sit quite right at the lowest position in the BKK as this 1" lip hits the mounts for the top position - The KJ CI grate (half moon as well) slides in under the mounts and sits nicely, but not so the griddle. I'll use it in this configuration for a few cooks and then see if I want to mod it further for the Divide & Conq
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