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  1. The original CI grate is the same (18.5 inches) the only issue I am having is the KJ half moon griddle has a 1" high lip around the curved edge (I guess it is that high to provide an edge on both sides - double sided plate).. That lip means it doesn't sit quite right at the lowest position in the BKK as this 1" lip hits the mounts for the top position - The KJ CI grate (half moon as well) slides in under the mounts and sits nicely, but not so the griddle. I'll use it in this configuration for a few cooks and then see if I want to mod it further for the Divide & Conquer frame. Will post photos tonight or tomorrow of how the KJ parts fit... Can't right now as I am warming it up for a set of Beef Ribs I found at the supermarket this morning!!!
  2. Hi all.. I’m an Aussie who is living in Canada with the family for the next few years... My old charcoal cooker in Oz was pretty rusted and in no shape to be shipped to Canada when we moved, so it’s in storage over there. Last spring I went down to the local BBQ store in Calgary to buy a replacement Weber and after drooling over ceramic Kamado’s on the showroom floor, I walked past the Broil King Keg... The two key features of the material/build that opened my wallet were: 1. There was no way a ceramic cooker was gonna survive the trip back to Oz (eventually) 2. External temperature - The sales guy mentioned it and he was spot on - I have had the coals roaring and kids (both under 4) can run around the deck whilst I am cooking with the only risk being that they spill my beer! When I got home, Wifey wasn’t impressed with the increased spend... But oh well! Stumbled across this site when looking for ideas on setting up the BKK for indirect cooking (only thing that stock Keg doesn’t do well) I bought a KJ half griddle last week, but I keep going back to the photos of the D&C setup on ‘SmallBBQr’s keg - think I’ll be back to the local store soon for more parts.. Cheers all - Also looking forward to trialling some recipe ideas from this site and the community!
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