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  1. Made this tonight... Absolutely fantastic!! Knew the kids (under 6yo) wouldn’t eat it, so made them a batch of fried rice and snuck a few pieces in... We had ours with rice, coleslaw and salad. I think my temperature was lower than the target 400 Deg until right at the end, so I could leave the crackling in place without overdoing it (was a small piece of meat) - Pulled it off after 90 mins at an IT of 190. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch!!!
  2. Wowser!! I’m glad the Fireboard is all good, but also glad your ok and didn’t get shocked! I have done a nine hour cook with the fireboard driving my pit viper fan running off the internal battery.. I am loving that for most cooks I don’t need to mess around with power cables like I did with my Signals/Billows.. But understand if your doing an overnight cook you would want the power connected just in case.. Very unique incident!!
  3. Hey @byee it was really good! Took around 7 hours but temperature dropped below 200 for a little when I got distracted with work emails! Probably didn’t need the wood chunks as it has enough natural flavour... I used a light coating of Hardcore Carnivore Camo seasoning - This goes really nice on shoulders or boneless lamb pieces. I don’t have any photos of the cooked shoulder... But I found a photo of a lamb rack from a few weeks ago.. Covered in mustard and a breadcrumb/garlic/rosemary combination!
  4. Love Lamb!! Good food will warm you up!! What temperature / time are you planning on?
  5. -13DegF this morning when I fired up the keg and put on a lamb shoulder! (-25DegC). I didn’t see any need to change my normal process - Just threw in some Jealous Devil lump, a single fire starter and some bourbon soaked hickory blocks. 40 mins to get the coals going and reach 210. In my defence, it was beautifully and sunny outside, but cold - It’s not gonna get much warmer than that for the next 5 days in Calgary! Anyone done a cook at colder ambient temperatures?
  6. Nice cooks Mr McG! I have been thinking about a Jnr size cooker, Shows you can do some decent size meals!
  7. Awesome cook.. I too am loving my new Fireboard! I hadn’t tried the live data share yet as I am only two cooks in... but I did find another neat little trick from this system! Automatically installed on my Apple Watch!! Saves me constantly unlocking my phone to peek at the progress of my cook!
  8. Same... Ordered direct from Fibreboard Saturday night, email confirmation with tracking details Monday morning, delivered Wednesday afternoon to Calgary, Canada!
  9. Just placed my order.. I’m super forgetful and want to be able to leave the ambient probe in my ‘Keg’ even when I crank open the vents.. Outside temperature was 0 DegC when I was cooking pizzas tonight so I wasn’t hanging round the grill! - Will be worse next week when we get down to -20 DegC!! I had my IGrill probe inbetween the pizza plate and diffuser so I could track the temperature inside whilst topping the pizzas.. Temperature hit 510 (F) before I knew it which would have been getting close to the maximum of the standard probes. From my experience in the manu
  10. Thanks @JeffieBoy - I have an igrill mini now that rarely gets used... Think I will follow your lead! I was worried that a lot of the probes on the market have limited temperature range and when I crank up the Keg to ‘el Schorcho’ mode for a clean then the probe would get forgotten & damaged. But I will try out the igrill idea for now as it has a decent temperature range (716 DegF) and it is just sitting in the drawer! If it gets damaged, I will drop a few hints to the wife for the new fireboard 2 with thermocouple probes for my birthday! Can leave one of
  11. Imagine having a Bluetooth or wifi enabled device that replaces your standard temperature gauge in the top of your Kamado. Battery powered so it can be turned on when you light the charcoal / turn off when cook is finished (no power cables to clutter the deck) and would need a local indicator as it would sit in place of your dial temperature.... Someone please build this!!!
  12. If I had a ceramic Kamado I would probably take more care.. But having the steel keg I don't really change processes with the colder weather. Cast iron accessories are stored inside the house, along with the charcoal all year round. But I leave the main CI grate, second stainless tier, tools and joetisserie outside. I do crank up the temperature for a burn off every now and then, but this would be after every 3-5 cooks. My biggest issue is grease buildup on the CI top vent, I caught my self tapping it pretty hard on day and realized I could break it, so now I just make sur
  13. Hey Brewsterb... I’m also in Calgary - Gotta clear the snow off my Keg to cook some chicken thighs tonight! I don’t think the altitude would make much difference - I’d suggest it is your temperature that has the most impact and would think if you can hold your cooker closer to 225 DegF you would get more typical cooking times. I remember a ThermoWorks blog where they compared pork butts - one at 225 which took 16 hours and one at 300 DegF which took 9 hours. Cheers!
  14. Hey Jamie... What about the Broil King Keg? I bought one in Canada when we arrived here from Aus a few years ago... It has been awesome - joetisserie and other standard Kamado gadgets fit it and like the Weber it eliminates all the ceramic negatives you noted above.. I had a look online and my jaw dropped at the price in Oz... but still a few hundred cheaper than the Weber! Cheers Les
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