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  1. I ordered it about 2 weeks prior to getting the call from the freight company. I think mine went out with the first batch. Hopefully you'll be seeing it soon!
  2. I actually never received a shipping notice from AGC so it may already be en route. I just got a call from the freight company to schedule delivery.
  3. @BobE suggested posting some pics of my first cook in the intros so I made sure to take some pics. Over the past few weeks while I was waiting for my first kamado to arrive I discovered the Trompo King so I had to break them both in for my first cook. Fresh Thyme has some good pollo asado and carne asada which I thought might work will on the Trompo so I gave that a shot. I'm amazed at how efficient and stable the kamado is with temps. It's really a joy to cook on. After a 30 minute burn-in I got the temp down to just below 400F and it held there pretty stead for the whole cook which took a little over an hour.
  4. Took delivery of a classic iii this morning. I was too anxious to get it set up to wait for assistance. So, I ended up taking the lid off and using a wheelbarrow to get her to her resting spot. I think this would have been my best bet anyhow since I have a muddy slope in the backyard to contend with.
  5. I was in the same situation a few weeks ago. My wife actually talked me into the iii and I took delivery of it this morning. I was going to go for the deal on the i. I kinda look at it like a one and done thing. Like you, I had a Weber WSM and I always said "when this thing dies...". Well, a decade of use and aside from replacing grates, it was good as new. I expect the KJ to be no different and I really think the airlift hinge will be a joy. Of course that is also on the ii but I think the iii is worth the price difference considering the deal on Atlanta Grills right now. It comes with the charcoal basket and the smoke chamber will be a fun toy which it looks like you might appreciate looking at your grill list (I also have a WSM, Blackstone and Genesis...you have good taste )
  6. Hello Everyone, I have considered getting a Kamado for years and I finally pulled the trigger on a KJCIII from Atlanta Grills. I'm currently still waiting for it to arrive but it looks like they're starting to show up in showrooms so hopefully soon. I smoked on a WSM for about 10 years until I picked up a Mak 1-star a few years ago. I still love the Mak 1-star and have no plans on retiring it. Having that actually helped with my decision to go with the Classic instead of the Big Joe. I figure I'll still have plenty of space there for the times I want to either smoke something big or just a lot of food. Really looking forward to the versatility of the Kamado along with all the toys you can get with it. Yesterday I stumbled on the Trompo King and I said to myself "why would anyone pay $80 for a piece of metal with a rod through it?" 2 hours later, I had the $130 TK Bundle from Smokeware on order. Look forward to learning from the Kamado vets here! Tim
  7. True. But, Atlanta Grills is still offering a $230 discount on pre-orders which cuts the price difference in half. I almost picked up a v2 myself last week until I stumbled on that deal for the v3. I thought it was weird that abt has had them listed in stock for a while now even though nobody has had them. It's good to see they're showing up in showrooms though. Hopefully that means I'll see a shipping notice soon
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