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  1. Hi, I'm Jason from where some people would argue is the BBQ capital of the world (it's really a friendly debate) and I've been cooking on an off set for years and just got tired of tending to the fire and struggling with temperatures all the time. So I went to my local Costco and gave them a $600 dollar bill and left with a Louisianna/ Pit Boss Kamado. Let the journey begin. Thanks for letting me aboard!
  2. Also just picked up the same model (Louisiana) for the same price ($599) seems like a solid unit compared to the rest. For the price, and being a backyard chef, I felt good about purchasing. The same problem with the lid, just figured it would loosen with time.
  3. Thanks, this is all very helpful and very appreciated! I'm going to continue lighting fires and seeing what happens.
  4. Thank you, I will give this a try and see what happens. Really appreciate the advice!
  5. It was at a small opening after it hit 200 is when I closed it to an even smaller degree. I don't have the same setup as a Kamado Joe, I can't open it super wide.
  6. Hi, my name is Jason and I have just entered the world of Kamado cooking. I have been grilling on a gasser and smoking on an offset for years. I recently purchased a Louisiana brand Kamado from Costco and I really like it. I have done a beer can chicken and left it on too long and dried it out (very disappointed) The temp spiked and I was not aware of when this occurred. I looked back at everything I did and realized that I may have left the lower vent open a bit too much (about a 1/2") I then tried the next evening to just light a fire and keep it below or at 250 deg. I lit it in just one place, let it come up slowly to about 200 and shut the vents to almost nothing. it held about 245 -255 for just under an hour and then started rising to almost 425 after about 3 hours later. What am I doing wrong? Please advise Thanks in advance, Smoke Confused.
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