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  1. Okay...now I'm really confused. By the way, love your videos. I've already made some great pizza after watching you do it.
  2. I have had very good luck with briskets using the methods I learned from Malcom Reed at How to BBQ Right. He does wrap in the middle of the cook. I think the one I tried on the Big Joe was overdone because I was going by the dome thermometer and so I wound up cooking it way to fast. I appreciate the advice and I'll have to try again using the probe temp at the grate.
  3. I don't think it will make a big difference on high temp cooks, but I do a lot of low and slow and the difference 339 and 275 is quite a bit there. One of the reasons I asked is because when I tried my first brisket on the Joe last week, it had a good flavor but I definitely felt like it was overdone. The internal temp was on target, but I felt like it cooked too fast. I really bought this grill for higher temp cooks, but I'm just trying to figure out how it does on the low and slow.
  4. I have been smoking for a while and have several grills, but I'm fairly new to Kamado Joe. I am including some photos of the difference in temperature between my dome thermometer and the Thermapro that I am using to monitor the grill. Is this difference normal? Which one is more likely to be correct? This is not the largest difference I've seen and it makes a big difference on how the meat will cook depending on which one is correct. The Thermapro probe is attached to the grill just in front of the meat.
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