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  1. I'm British. We have to jump between metric and imperial all the time :D Proper measuring equipment at work. I'll bring it home with me when I remember. Thanks again for your help
  2. That's a huge help, thank you. It pretty much rules out a using a Joe Jr daisy wheel. I only used a tape rather than a set of digital calipers as you have done, but the top of my chimney was 110mm. Smokeware looks like it will work, though I will measure more accurately before I decide what to do
  3. Hi, Could anyone whip a tape measure across the both the vent and chimney itself on a Joe Jr for me please? I am struggling to find the information online. I have a Jr sized La Hacienda with a pretty poor top vent and fancy either finding a decent daisy wheel from a Joe Jr or BGE minimax, or buying a smokeware cap and reducer if it looks like they will fit. Thanks
  4. I would imagine so. It's a surprisingly good size. Same grill size as a Joe Jr, so anything that will go on that should go. Plenty of posts on that to compare. You have stock left near you?! There's nothing left at all around me.
  5. I have had an issue almost identical to this, though with two UK brands of what we would refer to as 'restaurant grade' charcoal. One was simply much more forgiving of starting to cook too soon and didn't produce any off flavours before it was up to temperature and the other required proper lighting and stabilising of the grill before you got started. It didn't need to have all caught, but the increased temperature of the firebox must have driven off some volatile compounds. I wonder if that is what is happening here. For the benefit of UK readers the forgiving one was CPL and the one that took extra care was B&Q blue bag.
  6. I thought it may be of interest that popularity of kamados is really starting to pick up now in the UK. Two supermarkets were selling them special offers last year, and a third has joined them this year. This was priced at £175 a few weeks ago then the price got dropped a couple times to make way for the next wave of offers. I managed to get this one for £90. It has the same size grill as a Joe Jr (which sells here for just over £400), came with a deflector, expander grill and an ash tool. It has been sold by Morrisons, and is from UK importer La Hacienda but La Hacienda aren't supporting this supermarket model as far as I am aware. Does anyone recognise what it may be sold as elsewhere in order that I can source a firebox when the inevitable happens?
  7. Thank you. Having looked again since taking the food off, I can see that I basically left a gap in the deflectors because of really big pieces of charcoal making them sit out of line. The probe was initially placed near a gap
  8. I think I have answered my own question on this. Moved the probe closer to an area with less convection and the temp dropped by about 30°c, and is now within 10-15°c of the dome temp.
  9. Kamado Joe Classic 2, Inkbird IBT-4XS I'm smoking some pork shoulder at the moment and I don't think my grill grate probe placement is right. I have a smallish piece of pork sat fairly centrally and the probe for measuring grill temperature behind that- not too close to either the meat or the edge. This is the first time I have used it, previously being reliant on dome temperature. The issue is the probe seems to be too almost too accurate. With the dome thermometer, I can glance and know it's roughly where it needs to be, but the probe is picking up every fluctuation with the natural convection of the fire and I reckon is reading higher than it should as a result. Where is the best place to put it? Nearer the meat? More centrally over the deflectors so it doesn't catch as much of the convection? I think I will check the calibration of everything after this cook as well. Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks guys. After a chance exchange with Kamado Joe's official Instagram account earlier today it brought home exactly why I was considering them in spite of the higher price. That level of support, innovation and available accessories are worth it for me on a purchase that will hopefully last me decades. I put an order in earlier today.
  11. I had it down to a KJ Classic 2 and the Monolith Classic. Monolith works out about 300gbp cheaper, with comparable quality, slightly better spec. However, I have much more faith in dealing with KJ as a company should anything go wrong. A chance bit of customer engagement from the official Komado Joe Instagram account today tipped the balance and I have now placed my order in spite of the Monolith appearing to be the better deal.
  12. I'm in the market for my first kamado and have it basically narrowed down to either the KJ Classic 2 or a Monolith Classic. There's so much information about the Kamado Joe but relatively little about Monolith. On paper, the Monolith is a better buy. It's cheaper by about £300 (I'm in the UK), comes with more accessories and has stainless hardware. The KJ beats it on the fancy hinge and gasket. My concern with going with the Monolith is that Kamado Joe appear to be a much more firmly established company and I feel that I will be better supported in terms of warranty and aftermarket. This is a hunch rather than based on fact, but I feel more 'consumer confidence' with KJ. I'd love it if anybody could weigh in either way with regard to the Monolith and their after sales support. I have no real concern about product quality with either choice. Thanks, Ben
  13. Morning, Just found this forum. It's great to see such a wealth of information. I'm looking to buy my first kamado in the next few days and I am hoping that this forum will help me narrow down my choice. Cheers!
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