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  1. I have the 24" LG Ceramic Grill from Costco and have been looking for an alternative to the stock vent topper. I've found a bunch of options that are 6" and fit BGE and Kamado Joe, but can't find anything at all for the larger 8" topper on these grills. The vents on the stock cap just don't cut it for upping the temperature on this grill.
  2. I have a LG 24" from Costco last year. Smoked a pork shoulder yesterday, also have a smart fire controller I purchased recently. Typically haven't had too much trouble controlling temp, but was my first smoke in a while. I set the controller for 240, but the temp kept creeping up to 250-260ish, basically unless I had the top vent open only the slightest little crack, the temp would creep up. Not the biggest deal in the world, I can deal with 250ish, but has anyone seen these larger kamados run on the hot side? I've used the controller a couple other times late last year and didn't have any issues just setting it. I also recently got an ash basket and this was my first time using that rather than the built in ash plate and filling the whole firebox. Possible the increased air flow in the firebox could have something to do with it?
  3. yep, i leave all the vents open, but i do also have a cover, so now that i think about it that is probably nullifying the open vents. my gas grill is still working so my kamado use is usually just for bbq every few weeks or so at this point.
  4. just tried out a smartfire controller was and very pleased: https://smartfirebbq.com/
  5. For those who keep their cookers outdoors full time, do you typically take your grates and deflector plate inside to fight mold? I've noticed pretty much every time I've gone to use the cooker after a handful of weeks there is a good buildup of mold. Nothing some fire can't burn off, but I only ran into that once or twice with my WSM, although that stayed in the garage between cooks.
  6. that mix of lump sizes may have something to do with it, i was using mostly large lump from premium fogo and certainly noticed that if i poked the charcoal chamber, it would drop down quite a bit.
  7. I purchased a 24" blue Louisiana Grills ceramic kamado this spring. Have cooked with it a handful of times and while I really like the grill for the most part, have found it a bit flakier with temperature than I expected. I'm trying out a new temperature controller today and figured it would be a set it and forget it experience, but I've had some hot and cold pockets i've had to fight through. Temp got 10 degrees higher at one point so I closed all vents and opened back up when it was at temp. Later in the cook went about 10-15 degrees lower than I wanted, so I moved some of the lump charcoal around and opened the vent wide to get it climbing. Seems steady now, but still way more work than I expected for even using a temp controller. Anyone have this experience? Is this why the Pit Boss is so much cheaper than an egg or kamado joe?
  8. so essentially, not seeing a ton of white smoke isnt necessarily a bad thing and doesn't mean that you aren't getting any smoky goodness to the meat?
  9. yeah i will see mostly from not seeing it and then opening the lid and really having any watery eyes / smell i would typically get from having all that escape.
  10. just had my first cook this weekend, put a couple larger wood chunks in on top of the lump charcoal and got a lot of good smoke for the first 90 min or so. after that it died out, i took everything including the deflector plate and flipped the wood over and got more smoke for a bit again. with my old smoker it was easy to add new wood, but since i dont have easy access with the kamado and the deflector plate in, what is the best way to do this? is it better to just hide some wood within the charcoal in layers to let it naturally burn down without messing after initially getting everything lit?
  11. i had some left over nomex i put on the base of the vent hole around the felt that was already there. seems to be super snug now, i actually had to kind of mess with it to get the vent cover to fit over. do you recommend any specific controllers? i did a brief search and everything was coming up more in the $200+ range.
  12. i had some nomex left over from my old weber smokey mountain. i took the top vent off today, attached the nomex to the base of the vent hole on over the existing felt. I was able to get the vent cover back on, just barely though, it was a perfect fit and super snug once i got it back on there.
  13. Testing out the new cooker today. Going pretty well so far! I've had a Weber Smokey Mountain for about 4 years now and had to modify it a little, but even with that fought temperature issues more than I wanted. I noticed with the new LG I have that there is a tiny bit of smoke coming out of the bottom of the top vent where it connects to the ceramic lid. I have some leftover nomex from my WSM, I'm wondering if it may be a good idea to take that top vent off and put a loop of nomex around the base before reattaching the vent? Also noticed there is a smaller metallic bottom vent that has some drill holes, seems like it is to be used for more fine tuned temperature control, versus say just leaving the entire vent open 10%. The doesn't show anything about using that inner vent slider at all, just wondering if anyone has experience with using that versus just forgetting that is even there. I also noticed a tiny bit of condensation at the bottom of that metallic vent as it has been running this morning, not sure if that is normal or a sign of something else that may need plugged up? So far it is held pretty well, it seems to jump around about +/- 4 degrees with slight modifications. Nothing drastic like my WSM so I'm not babysitting it, but enough that I don't feel like I can just walk away for a few hours without checking.
  14. Thank you! I've been looking for some pointers on methods of lighting and keeping temp. Is it pretty much the same idea as the WSM, just light it, let it come up to 215 or so and then shut the vents halfway and eventually a little more to keep it steady once it hits 230-25?
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