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  1. Today I finally got around to taking my Hibachi Pot for a spin. Simple spatchcock chicken was absolutely delicious. Having followed the advice of Kepperoftheflame to dry, rub and refrigerate for a couple hours before cooking I am now a skin eating convert..boy, that is so good! I started cooking at about 350F and then tried to increase as cooking time progressed however I had to keep both vents nearly 100% open all the time though I tried a few configurations most resulted in dropping temperatures. Not sure what is happening...it seems to have poor draft control and/or I underloaded the charcoal - I loaded it up to the air holes..the first time I used it I just did a dry run with Frontier brand lump and was successful at holding it at 400 for several hours, but I thought it had too many small pieces so I got Royal Oak all natural lump which does indeed have bigger pieces but maybe burns faster. Or maybe because it was so much hotter outside this time..could that effect the draft? Anyway it seems I ran out of fuel before the end when the breast was about 150F, the temperature kept dropping and I resorted to finishing in the oven since we were pretty hungry. It was extremely tasty nonetheless! This is a #4 kamado and the grate is only 16" so I couldn't fit the dome temp probe to the grill with 3 fire bricks under the chicken...do you like my work around? I used couple of turkey trussing lacers to hold the probe
  2. Thank you! Killing me with those braises...I must now have that pot
  3. DWFII....I don’t eat skin either, I’m just looking to cook this bird successfully as I’m using this for the first time but then someone brought up the whole brining thing. Plenty of time later to learn new techniques, this time just want to focus on controlling the Kamado. keeperofdeflame....is there a heat diffuser below your veggie pot ?..I can’t quite tell.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Ok, no brining...I thought there was something I was missing in my understanding about this. It seems like folks who do all this brining are probably buying unprocessed birds but but don't say so in the videos or articles Ive seen. Maybe I'll try that someday but right now I just want to succeed at my first cook. Thanks for the spatchcocking tips. I might do it that way, what temperature do you use?
  5. Hello! I'm preparing to have my first cook in my vintage Habachi Pot this weekend. I'm doing a whole chicken and was having some discussion with a friend who suggested brining it first. I have been reading and see many peeps do brine. I am wondering what is to be gained by doing this since the birds I get seem to be quite plumped up with saline when I get them, they never dry out in the oven with correct cooking. So, why should I brine it anyway? Will it taste better? Will the sugars present in the brine do something extra...help with browning? TIA
  6. I hope you will share your new knowledge with us! I have a homemade baking steel that I’ve used with great success in the oven for pizza. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  7. Thanks I have a thermoworks t20 on the way
  8. Hi Vanole, Thank you very much for the info! I did find those manuals, very useful. I would be interested in the documentation for them...I saw one page of something in another post...someone you acquire one in unused condition..but it was only a photo one page. kamado gouge...what is gouge please? Thanks for all the greeting above!!
  9. Hi everybody! I just impulse purchased a vintage Kikuya "Hibachi Pot" from my local habitat restore. I Live in northern Maine and considered it a rare item to see up here, so I pounced! I've been reading everything I can find here about the old clay cookers and think it's actually really well suited to my tastes...low and slow cooking. I don't actually own a bbq prior to this...just a small Thai clay cooker. And of course have had small cheap weber style units until they die of rust and am fine doing burgers and steaks in cast iron on the stove. But I am excited about doing whole slow roasted chicken in this cooker and perhaps some smoking. It's in really good shape, not missing anything other than 2 feet which I don't need because it has a cart. Both firebox components are in good order as well. I will be getting a top gasket for it and am very interested in thermometer recommendations that don't require drilling into the dome. I have read about the importance of not overheating so I want to get one before use. So that's why I'm here. Hello and thanks, such a great forum!
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