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  1. There is a Bison farm in Urbana Ohio that sells meat direct. I haven't purchased from them yet, but I am sure if you are up for the drive and can make the timing work, you probably can pick up fresh (I'm guessing that much of it is frozen, I haven't been there yet). https://pencilbisonranch.com/about-us/ I'm planning on making the trek over to see them in the next couple of weeks to pick up some meat and will have a better feel then. I'm maybe 20ish miles from them.
  2. It took 3 of us, my mother and sister helped me pop it into the stand - the biggest issue is they are short (5 foot on a good day) - but since we are all still active farmers when not at our day jobs, throwing a bit of weight around isn't a big deal for us.
  3. Big Joe III in the wild. Just delivered yesterday.
  4. Hey all - I've been lurking and reading on here off and on for a while. Yesterday I took delivery of my brand new Big Joe III - so I figured it was best if I signed up and became a bit more active as I learn how to (and how not to) use my new cooker first hand. I probably won't be doing my first fire up for another day or so because of adulting (work and other plans already scheduled), but I am anxious and eager to get started. Jason
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