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  1. virtualshelly


    Hello Sporo! I'm a new owner of a Kamado Joe Classic and had the same concerns because I live in a high crime neighborhood, but I have a back yard and cameras, so I went for it. Can you install cameras? You'll have proof to back up the police report and insurance claim if it comes to that. I agree with some replies saying the theives will take it if they want it (you can only slow them down) or destroy just because. Which security plan did you land on? When will you be making the purchase? What are you planning for your first cook?
  2. Howdy neighbor! Yes, that is my favorite thing about kamados - low & slow, regular grill and pizzas. I wish I had purchased the Kamado Joe from the start after seeing how easy it is.
  3. Thank you, TexasBlues! I wish I had a Santa like that!
  4. Thank you, Golf Griller. I didn't let a little salt stop me, they were delicious!
  5. Thank you for the welcome. I see you have a Komodo Kamado listed as your grill. That is my after I win the lottery kamado. It will be blue lol.
  6. Hello! My name is Shelly and I've wanted a Big Green Egg as long as I can remember, but couldn't justify $1000 for a 'grill'. Fast forward to a few years ago when I saw the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado in Home Depot. I went home to do a bunch of research and decided it was a good start to be sure I could even cook on a kamado and figured if I liked it, I'd eventually upgrade to a Big Green Egg. The Akorn was a lot of work, especially on windy days. I added the Big Green Egg gasket to the ash tray, which made a huge difference and found myself looking forward to planning cooks on the kamado. It never let me down! Recently decided I was ready for ceramic. After doing a bunch of research I fell in love with the Kamado Joe. It was so close to the Large Big Green Egg I thought I would own and had a great reputation. I went to Lowe's to play with it to be sure I could handle the weight of the lid on the classic model and it was delivered at the end of March. My first cook was chicken wings. It had to be something quick because it was cold the day after it was delivered in Rochester, NY. Yesterday, we had a nice sunny day with 30mph winds and gusts up to 45mph, so I wanted to see how my new baby held temps. It was amazing! I followed John Setzler's youtube video for short ribs. I dialed the salt back because I am salt sensitive, but was still too much, but loved the idea of using worcestershire sauce as a binder on the beef. My KJ held 250 perfectly and I can't wait to do ribs, pork shoulder and brisket.
  7. @dathzo I'm strongly leaning toward the Fireboard with Pit Viper fan setup, so appreciate the share. I don't see Vanole's reply suggesting the Pit Viper damper adjustment to half way open/close, so this might have already been explained... So you have the fan damper at 50%, but then say the fan is set to 30%. Is the fan setting of 30% something you are able to set in the Fireboard dashboard?
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