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  1. I just bought a Vision S. Before I ever cooked on it I noticed that the ash tray did not sit perfectly flush when fully inserted. It looks to me like the corresponding metal plate that is fixed to the grill is not perfectly flat. I figured I would just try it and see what happened. For the trial run I was able to keep it around 225-250 but most of the time I had to keep all of the vents completely closed, or have the top vent only cracked open a hair. Once the cooking was done I made sure all the vents were closed but the temperature was not dropping, to me indicating that air was still getting sucked in. As a quick hack to shut it down for the night I taped some plastic over that whole lower section, which sealed it off completely, and within a few minutes the temperature was dropping. If I take my time I might be able to bend/tweak the outer sheet metal to better match the contour of the grill side, but I'm looking for recommendations. Even if I get that part to mate up better, it looks like the door for the electric starter isn't well sealed and will still leak air. I have read about some folks using gasket material to make the whole assembly seal better. If I do that, would it be sufficient to seal well enough to shut the grill down and not keep burning the remaining charcoal?
  2. I just picked up the lava stone and followed the advice of a review from the HD site: use two stainless hose clamps around the circumference and maybe it will help keep it from cracking. You could do that to hold the two pieces tightly together too. It takes (2) 5-7" Stainless clamps, which are about $2.20 each at HD. Time will tell if it helps keep mine intact for the long run but I figured it was worth a shot for a few extra dollars.
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