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  1. Do you use the electric starter? I do find it handy, but if you remove the stock grate and use what you have shared above how does that work with the starter shield?
  2. If you want to cook things that require flipping on both racks, use only 1/2 of the top rack because it is hinged and flips up, but yes, it would be difficult because it still doesnt leave much room to reach to the far back of the lower rack. +1 on the drip pan or something to catch the grease. You will have a sizable flame from the grease dripping otherwise.
  3. Actually, what I believe fbov was getting at was all of the competitors were finished as in after they had been through a kiln. I dont believe the Primos had already been through the kiln. If that is the case, the others would reach MUCH higher temperatures than the Primo because it has to dry out all the water first. Undoubtedly they put them in for a set time that they know they are dried out. At any rate, I have no plans to put my kamado in a 28 million BTU kiln anytime soon. So, cook on!
  4. Interesting idea to hold your wok with the brake disc, but I would be worried about all that extra weight on there. I have a feeling that may have contributed to your early crack in the bowl. I have the same model and had it since March of this year. I have a crack in mine, but nowhere near as long as yours in such a short time. They will cover it, but it shouldnt be an issue until the firebox completely breaks apart.
  5. I havent looked that up yet, but I have been doing my last 2 briskets at around 300 degrees. They blow past the stall this way. I just did a 11 or 12 pound brisket in around 6 hrs. I havent ever wrapped mine, but may start that to see if that keeps them more moist. When I pulled it off the grill, I put in roasting pan and tented it with foil. This was probably my demise to being a bit dry like mentioned.
  6. I think this may have happened to me this weekend. I cooked to 203 degrees and pulled, tented under foil right away. It didnt fall apart, but it was a bit dry. I kept it in the fridge over night and added some broth to it and we had it last night and the flavor was incredible. So, not too disappointed, but initially I thought I ruined it because it seemed dry. I have lots left that will get re-used in other dishes. Still havent figured out all the nuances, but it sure is a fun process. Brisket is one of those you dont want to mess up because it hurts the wallet a lot more than many other things. :-)
  7. I am FAR from a BBQ expert, let alone a brisket expert, but the last brisket I made (granted not a packer) I separated the flat and point merely because the time prior one portion was overdone when the other finally reached 203 degrees. I wanted to get them both cooked to same temp and pull if off if one reached it before the other. Turned out very good IMO.
  8. You ever do "walleye wings"? As the slicing out the section of meat where the pectoral fins are with the fins? Ive heard its fantastic and just like cheeks. I dont keep walleyes very big so I dont tend to go after the cheeks often.
  9. That's the beauty of the kamados they dont use much fuel! I have a lot leftover after each cook and its really nice. I usually just stir around the ash before the next cook and add a little bit and some wood chunks. That is a nice looking piece of meat there!
  10. Man is it irritating the adhesive they have on those advertisements on the boards. Really makes a mess of them. Mine was the same way. Welcome and good luck! Get to cooking! You are going to love it. Mine has been used a ton since getting it in March!
  11. How high of temps are you hoping to achieve? I have had mine (same model) up to 700 when playing around. Open all vents wide open and open the electric starter port and its rolling coal in no time. I think the lump you use may play a role in it too. Smaller pieces tend to burn hotter than larger pieces, but it doesnt last as long.
  12. I was curious about this as well because I heard from another guy who removed the bottom grate that the basket wouldnt sit flat on the bottom so he had to mount another 12" grate to the bottom of the basket so it would fit flat. He didnt get the kick ash basket but another brand (half the price) and actually because of its design was still able to use the electric starter port. That is pretty slick.
  13. My buddy has me sorta convinced of the hot and fast BBQ method now. At first when I started I was doing everything at 250. He told me about the 300 and how he has really liked it. Well, after cooking 3 racks of ribs (separate cooks) and a brisket now at 300 I think I am convinced to switching to 300. Here is the other thing, he said dont take the membrane off. Now before you look at me cross eyed like I did him, it actually worked. I havent taken the membrane off the last 2 racks of ribs Ive done at 300 and you couldnt even notice. Now, I hadnt taken the membrane off one of my first cooks at 250 and I ABSOLUTELY noticed! Very strange. More exploring, but just thought I would share that. BTW, those ribs look delicious!
  14. I didnt pick up on it right away, but @mori55 posted about removing the mesh starter port, then @Larry R posted a nice idea he found on FB, but did you happen to notice who posted it on FB? LOL I had to creep a little bit to mori's FB profile, but the same avatar picture for the profile here of the hugging kids shows up on FB. I had a chuckle anyway. Looks like a nice solution Mori! That FB group has a lot of great folks posting a myriad of different things. Really helps!
  15. That brisket looks pretty amazing for a first time! I did my first as well recently. I kind of botched it a bit, but it still turned out really well I think. Forgive me because I still havent mastered all the names for the parts so I will use "my" terms. LOL The skinny part got over desired, in retrospect I probably should have cut that separate perhaps and pulled when at 203, but it got to 210 when the rest was fabulously smooth probing and around 203. I am satisfied with it, my family absolutely loved it so needless to say I am completely addicted to Kamado Cooking now. Previously ONLY gas grill. Gas grill hasnt been lit since I bought my Kamado in April. I have work to do yet to get really good at brisket, but for my first attempt I am happy.
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